How Trump and Biden will affect midterm elections in swing states | USA TODAY

What impact does Trump and Biden's presence have on the campaign trail? Pollsters weigh in on key midterm races.

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  1. God asks Bush: “What do you believe in?”
    Bush answers: “I believe in the free market, and the strong American nation!”
    “Very well,” says God. “Come sit to my right.”
    Next, God asks Obama: “What do you believe in?”
    Obama answers: “I believe in the power of democracy, and equal rights for all.”
    “Good, says God. “You shall sit to my left.”
    Finally, God asks Trump: “What do you believe in?”
    Trump answers: “I believe you’re sitting in my chair.”

  2. A girl walks into a bar near Trump Tower in Manhattan, sits down, and says: “Give me a beer. I’ve had a rough day at work.”
    The bartender asks: “Oh? What do you do?”
    The girl replies: “I take care of the Trump children and the dogs of the Trump family.”
    The bartender asks: “Tough job, huh?
    The girl says: “Yeah. All that inbreeding has led to low intelligence and bad temperaments.
    And the dogs aren’t too smart, either.

  3. Being president is very powerful and amazing no matter when people like you or not. The fact is that you will always be popular among the ones who voted you and those who didn’t

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