How Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast Remarks Compare To Obama And Bush | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

During his post-impeachment remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast attacked the faiths of both Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Mitt Romney. We look back at the remarks of presidents past at the same event. Aired on 02/6/20.
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How Trump's National Prayer Breakfast Remarks Compare To Obama And Bush | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. This guy doesn’t what the inside of a church looks like.the only reason he does a combover is to hide the 666

    1. @Dale Davis lol, who are you to say who is or isnt a christian? have you read the bible at all or just an atheist using the moment to push an agenda

    2. @Caribbean Girl its not even two or second was never explained how to pronounce it in english in the first place, what you are doing is nitpicking irrelevant things

    3. @Dale Davis In the original draft of the Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America, it was noted that “Christianity was no religion for a free people.”
      In fact it said, “… we believed in the Law of Nature and Nature’s God.”

      Look it up

    1. @88Gibson LesPaul says the soyboy who belongs to the party that says pedophelia isn’t a crime, it’s a sexual orientation. People who live in glass houses…….

    2. @brian gardner technically, Democrats are now considered the Hate Party. Screaming, spitting on people, vandalizing property, etc. Most African Americans, Asians and Latinos have gone Independent because of the annoying hate. Bernie 2020

    1. I think Arthur learned this the hard way. Trump is goi g to do something drastic. You wait and see. He is NOT stable.

    1. Anthony Hafciojoni what a brilliant comment… It is great to know how’’clean’’ and honest is the other side. I wander how long are you going to enjoy your DACA privileges ?

    1. Yet, everyone wants to live here, and nobody will move out of here. You’re the laughing stock. 🇺🇸 is #1

  2. Trump is angry because he knows he’s guilty. Most American public cant stand the sight of him and he knows that we know he’s guilty.
    It was a fake and a sham trail.
    He can stay angry maybe his blood pressure will go so high, we might not have to put up with come 2020.
    He should sniff more adderall. Hes a fake wannabe president.
    And the biggest loser

  3. D. trump has NO RIGHT to be ANGRY at ANYONE BUT HIMSELF. It is fact that trump broke the law many times and has lied, stolen, hide documents pertaining to his IMPEACHMENT that he will have to live with forever and yes trump has abused his power many times each day as to what suit him. So no he lost the right to be angry at the truly innocent people that came forward to tell the truth and do what is right for the country. We the people are the ones that are angry and rightfully so after the weak republican senators for not doing there duty that they SWORE TO UPHOLD. Instead we have to listen to this WINDBAG lying over & over on how he was found innocent but only by most not all of the republican senators. So deliver the truth or shut up for ever.

    1. Yes he is. Some innocent person will probably pay for his hate with their life….like the Kurds did.

  4. he knows how ashamed his family is of him and he has to walk around with that!!! He is a loser in so many ways. All the riches in the world can’t change who he is!!! He’s a shameful and pathetic being void of humanity!!!!

  5. It is easy to predict what he will be like because he repeats himself over and over and over and over again ad nauseum.

  6. ForgotTo mention, about the evangelicals that were actually going to stand behind this man… You need to find religion

    1. He will soon find out there is only ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD! Trump is but a mortal man and like all pharoahs, dictators and oligarchs they all fell!!

  7. Hopefully that anger will manifest itself in the form of a full stroke instead of the mini ones he have during his rants, heck I’ll settle for a heart attack, maybe both. LMFAO 😆

    1. Could you not decide what you wanted to be so you chose both Army Ranger and a Marine, I wasn’t aware there was a “Ranger Marine”

  8. He’s not focused on the election nearly as much as he’s focused on revenge. We already knew that trump was incredibly vindictive. Lol It’s part of his sociopathic mentality.

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