How Women Voters Will Impact The 2020 Election | Morning Joe | MSNBC

How Women Voters Will Impact The 2020 Election | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Lauren Leader of All In Together discusses how women voters will make a difference in the 2020 election. Aired on 09/14/2020.
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How Women Voters Will Impact The 2020 Election | Morning Joe | MSNBC

106 Comments on "How Women Voters Will Impact The 2020 Election | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Donald Trump is killing this country

    • @Dan Dan The country is already dead. Welcome to the United Shitholes of America. Brought to you by Mango Mussolini and his band of merry thugs.

    • @John Gray – ??? Have you Liberal DOLTS noticed that the Troubled areas of America are ALL Democrat-controlled?

      1) Massive California & Oregon Fires – Democrat-controlled States
      2) Rioting and Mob Violence in Seattle – Democrat-controlled City
      3) Rioting and Mob Violence in Portland – Democrat-controlled City
      4) Rioting and Mob Violence in Chicago – Democrat-controlled City
      5) Rioting and Mob Violence in NYC – Democrat-controlled Citiy

      Do you Liberal DOLTS see a pattern here? These DEMOCRAT areas are being Exposed and Punished!

    • @Bear – ??? End you Liberal Group-think Stupidity you Liberal DOLT.

    • @Viki Perry – We are now looking toward 2024 and beyond. We the GOOD People of America will keep the White House Free of Corrupt Democrat Political HACKS.

    • Really? Stock market is doing well and there are plenty of job opportunities. If Trump is killing this country, then please keep doing it.

  2. Trump has already destroyed our country and our constitution. He wants to be a dictator, we as Americans can stop that Now.

  3. “I love stupid people and stupid people love me.”

    – President Clorox

  4. Dictatorship at it’s warm up.

  5. The uneducated are going to bring down America.

    • @Leonie Romanes
      🔊Trump had DHS deputize State Police in Oregon which allowed them to charge rioters with federal crimes. This shut down the agitators. Again Trump resolved the problem that Democrat Mayors were unable to do. And now the protests are peaceful, not violent.

    • @Leonie Romanes
      🎯 Blame Democrat Mayors for failing to request help from Trump when he offered and tying police hands. Forcing citizens to defend their own cities. Democrat Mayors are calling these peaceful protests until protesters show up on their own Street. Chicago mayor banned protesting on her own street but it’s okay everywhere else. Portland mayor called the police when they showed up on his street. But it’s okay everywhere else. We need to blame democrats for lying about BLM violence and forcing citizens to defend their cities because they failed to ask Trump for help.

    • @Leonie Romanes
      🔵 if this was Trump’s fault, then there would be a problem in Republican cities too. But there aren’t any problems in Republican cities. Democrat ruined cities are being blown up and destroyed right now through BLM. Republican cities remain violence-free. What a difference good leadership makes.

    • Let them please. America deserves them.

    • Let them please. America deserves them

  6. #45 – a wrecking ball of a potus.

  7. Those who don’t see that this guy is PSYCHO need their heads examined before November 3rd.

    • @Leonie Romanes works well with others? Lol. That means he can be controlled! Can’t wait to see Trump roll that Alzheimer’s patient

    • Trump supporters are idiots, they suffer heavily of dunning Kruger syndrome. You can’t help someone who has no idea they are stupid.

    • @HOME TEAM love how you did exactly what you hate democrats doing to trump. Its amazing how divinely hilariously stupid and ironic this comment is.

    • He is one of many. Yay! America turn over control to Billionaires. How are things going? George Soros says hello.

    • Hana Ayo Alemayehu | September 16, 2020 at 9:29 AM | Reply

      BIDEN GANG SCARED Of Joe Rogan debate ! Scared of EVERYTHING 😂🤷🏾‍♀️Bring up stuff he has addressed. .. The Greatest Joe Rogan Interview .. With The Greatest Living American Intellectual . Dr Cornel West .Dont die without watching this Read the comments .

  8. All the dirty shish he’s doing he has the nerve to say the Dems are rigging the election…. What a joke

  9. Arthur Bletterman | September 14, 2020 at 11:50 AM | Reply

    Looking at this poll, it seems like a really good idea to put as many black and latina women in charge as possible in America. They seem to be the smartest people in the country.

  10. “Ugly” wont cover this fall. Its going to be a tough time.

    • Progressive Humanist | September 14, 2020 at 2:38 PM | Reply

      And we have to be prepared to take to the streets in numbers that can not be ignored (millions) and STAY in the streets if 45*/Barr/the GOP try to literally ignore the election results and perform a bloodless coup making 45* potus for life and purging dems from Congress.

    • We Christians are a gentle race of people; our only humble goal is to change your mind about everything you know is true, so you can be one of us Trumpers. We Christians show our love just like God did; we will efn’ destroy you if you don’t see things our way with Trump The Bible is 100% clear about these truths. Jesus told us to quit our jobs, leave our families, go fishing, crash weddings, drink all the wine, eat a fish or two and hang out giving each other Holy kisses. This is the Gospel. (Good news) Can I hear an AMEN?

    • Stand tough America and remember this election is for our democracy.

    • Lest we forget that Trump is a misogynistic pig, here’s a recent article that covers the accounts of some of trump’s accusers who’ve come forward.
      “I Moved on Her Very Heavily… Grab Them By the P**sy” – The Atlantic

    • Fasten yer seatbelts folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


  12. How do get the female trump supporters to see the truth about trump. As most, I am amazed by any woman tolerating him

    • Lightning strikes twice | September 14, 2020 at 7:58 PM | Reply

      @Alex Hamilton there’s no doubt that Bill Clinton was a dog! But he had some charm to some women. Trump has no charm to anyone except his base. History will treat the clintons a lot better than the trumps. And no, I’m not a big fan of a Clinton’s they did get sort of tiresome. But it took them a much longer time to get tiresome. Trump’s been tiresome since he was born.

    • @Lightning strikes twice I just want Trump to win. Keep the real fun for 2024.As for what History says for anyone the left has their own brand of History and the right has another.

    • they are not women

    • Michael O'Donnell | September 15, 2020 at 5:28 PM | Reply

      This is a question that MUST be broken down by Race. Despite White Feminist claims, White Women INEVITABLY vote for the Republicans.
      The last time a majority of White Women voted for a Democrat was 1996.
      Before that it was 1976. Before that it was 1964.
      As the Republicans became More Racist, White Women became ever more loyal to the Republicans.
      On the other hand, in EVERY single election, Minority (Black, Hispanic and Native Americans) voters, Men AND Women always, always, ALWAYS vote Democrat.
      This racial divide is something White Feminists NEVER address!!!

    • Antonio Rodriguez | September 16, 2020 at 2:24 AM | Reply

      @Alex Hamilton these women don’t understand anything, and have no self-espect!

  13. Don’t you wonder why ONLY WHITE NON COLLEGE educated are the only area where Trump is a little ahead?

  14. Anyone that’s gonna rig the election is his buddy Putin.

    • They are already planning it. Look at what the GOP did on February 7th 2017. Trump is allowing the Russians to hack our walk-in voting machines. This is why he is having the war against mail-in ballots as they are the only ones he cannot change

  15. The only way Trump wins this election is if it’s rigged.

    • Katherine Jones | September 14, 2020 at 4:25 PM | Reply

      By him & GOP. Corrupt, creepy, crooked!

    • Connie sue adams Adams | September 14, 2020 at 6:47 PM | Reply

      With Russias help.

    • @Michael Neal all BLM money goes to biden….sound better than taking money from a cancer fund raiser…..or what about taking money from the wall funds??? Hmmm?

    • @Noneya Prepare yourself, Biden/Harris will win by a landslide, Popular vote and Electoral College. Has happened before. Trump, zero votes.


  16. I live in a battleground state — every woman in my extended family, those with degrees and those without would crawl over broken glass to vote Trump out.

  17. So Trump is openly admitting his plan of Dictatorship of USA and re-defining the constitution.

  18. Trump keeps calling for a third term! Despite his failures! His incompetence and pure corruption!

  19. “We’re probably entitled to another 4 years after that.” If that doesn’t scare you, WAKE UP!
    This man wants to be the King of America.. he just told you that!! He must be stopped NOW!!

  20. I’ve had enough of Trump’s ignorance. His voters are no better.

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