‘Huge tragedy for us’: Kremlin admits ‘significant’ Russian troop losses in Ukraine

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov briefly admitted that Russia had suffered a "significant" loss of its troops in Ukraine, calling the casualties "a huge tragedy" for the country in an interview with Sky News. CNN's Nic Robertson and former CIA Chief of Russia Operations Steve Hall discuss. #CNN #News


  1. Russian cop a few days later : We would like to report that Dmitry Peskov died peacfully in his sleep by accidentally falling out the window of his apartment and suffering 2 gunshot wounds

  2. “What could force Putin to turn his troops around?” Killing most of them.

    1. @The King Of Waffles To me all murder is wrong but if it is done to the sounds of trumpets and done in the thousands then it is moral?
      Were the allies right to bomb Dresdon or drop nuclear weapons in Japan because the moral cause was right?
      Before we digress, I completely believe with my whole heart that Russia is wrong, my point is do you think the Russian soldiers do? Or do you think they believe they are fighting for a better future for their children’s children? Or do you think they are just evil?

    2. @Qwoax Correct, maiming them and sending them home is actually far more effective. The message lasts a lifetime and it is a constant reminder of what was done and the prices paid.

    3. @Philip Merewood First off, Murder is definitely wrong. In all accounts. But, I wouldn’t exactly be using the word *morals* to emphasize the actions of it. Second, This is the civilized modern 21st. century. There’s a reason why we elect leaders and have governments. It’s their appointed job to enact policies and make the hard decisions that once elected we uphold them to a *high moral standard* for their actions. Besides, If they do good job we simply re-elect them for another term. If not, Then they can hit the road. Last of all, What country in the entire world would want to revert back to a failed policy of empire building of economic isolation and global condemnation.

  3. According to the Russians, the women r4paed themselves, the buildings have fallen apart by themselves, dudes tied their own hands behind their backs and then shot themselves to discredit Russia, and the streets just auto-combusted. All of this happened a second after the Russian Army left.

  4. When I thinking of Russia and Putin, I only think of war crimes and barbarians. It’s so sad to be a Russian today and this will be for decades to come. Nazi and Putin Russia are two exact same faces just the time is different.

  5. Russian goodwill to de-Nazify Ukraine is like the surgeon saying “The operation was a complete success, but the patient died……”.

    1. США всегда терпимо относились к нацистам, благодаря некоторым нацистам по имени Фон Браун или Оппенгеймер США смогли отправить астронавтов на Луну.

    2. Not the same.
      More like “The Operation was a complete success. I bombed the patient with 32 rounds of ammo. He will not speak again. Now I should call my wife and see what goods from the this patient I can bring with me (laptop for Sofia, washer and dryer, fridge, tv, sweaters, wine, vodka, cigarettes, money, credit cards, etc.)

    3. @R Torres I like that. There wasn’t anything that happened in 2014. What is he talking about?

  6. For a official spokesmen from a dictatorship to admit that his country’s army losses are “significant” and “tragic” imagine what the toll must really be.

  7. So they laid landmines on their way out to further “good faith” negotiations. Hmmmm…sounds like a bunch of cowards retreating and planting mines trying to slow down a much more agile force from running them down from behind.

  8. An act of goodwill: withdrawing from a place you should have never been to in the first place and promising to stop murdering innocent people for the time being. .

    1. Well, there was really no need to remain there as the task was completed of pinning down Ukranian military in the north while operations were sweeping through Marioupol. There never was enough troops to storm Kiev to begin with and it was simple manoeuvre warfare to achieve certain strategic aims.

    1. Exactly! …Ukraine just wanted to be left alone! …tell that to your people! But they won’t!

  9. What a shame to say that this is a tragedy for his country. What about Ukraine where more civilians are killed than soldiers? What I’m sure of is that he won’t answer because he’s unable to answer…

    1. @Michael Best Yes they do know that possiblity the only difference is that are conscripts. Conscription and those who advocate for it should burn in hell.

    2. Фвкт в том, что украинская армия прикрывается мирным населением. А вообще мне противно читать представителя страны, которая убила сотни тысяч мирного населения в Ираке или Югославии, а теперь плачет по событиям на Украине. Лицемерие.

  10. If the official line is that the withdrawal from Kyiv was an “act of goodwill”, that immediately confirms that the attack on Kyiv was not a feint to distract Ukrainian forces from the primary focus of Donbas, as some have argued. Moreover, if Kyiv was a feint, surely Russia would have pushed harder in Donbas as soon as Ukraine became heavily committed around Kyiv, but that doesn’t appear to have happened. Instead, they’re having to redeploy from the north to the east.

    The only analysis that appears to be consistent with all the facts is that Russia expected a quick win, along the lines of the 1968 invasion of then Czechoslovakia, and was completely unprepared for the Ukrainian response.

    1. If it was a feint, they wouldn’t have risked leaving behind paratroopers at Antonov Airport and other facilities that they needed to create and air corridor. They tried a Shock and Awe attack. Russia probably thought they would have the capital city center under control within the first week

    2. @236 Wargaming Propaganda works from two sides. I’m sorry that you look only one way and believe like naive children. Please read the information from different sources, then draw conclusions. The truth is always, roughly, in the middle, a modern person is obliged to understand the news.

  11. This is not a tragedy – it is a self inflicted injury
    It also showed the world the incompetence and vulnerability if their army

    1. @Игорь Сергеев Насколько невежественны люди, чтобы принять российского лидера, который убьет вас или посадит за решетку за слова? Русский народ слаб.

    1. вы верите, что армия России просто так убила мирное население, которое было под их контролем? Зачем, какая выгода?

    2. @Игорь Сергеев чтобы показать какие мы крутые буряты против стариков и детей…. Вспомни буданова из Чечни….перед украинскими солдатами так обосрались по полной, позорище а не армия..

    3. @Update Name логично это было сделать в Херсоне, тем более там были частичные протесты. Буча это маленькое предместье Киева для зажиточных людей. Это совершил Киевский преступный нацистский режим, сомнений нет.

    4. @Update Name меня до сих пор волнует тот факт, что проукраинские аккаунты пасутся как навозные жуки тут. Совпадение? Не думаю 🤔

  12. “An act of a good will” is something the Russians commit only when they loose! Greetings from Bulgaria!

  13. “Does Mr Putin worry about ending up in a war crimes court?”
    “No, he always carries is cyanide pills with him.”😬

    1. This Pisskov character did an interview with Christianne Amanpour, said Russia “Murder” Federation does not recognize ICC. So, need to capture Putout another way.

    2. @Alex Shin that would be good. Hes not interested in money now. This is all for his ego and nothing else.

  14. It was a fantastic interview if anyone hasn’t watched it. The amount of excuses and obfuscation was just ridiculous.

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