Hugs, handshakes across the aisle mark passage of bill banning conversion therapy 1

Hugs, handshakes across the aisle mark passage of bill banning conversion therapy


The House of Commons unanimously agreed to pass Bill C-4, the legislation to ban conversion therapy, through all stages without study or amendment after a Conservative motion, making it the first bill to pass the House in the 44th Parliament.

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  1. How many times has the house expressed a bill to passing, and do so unanimously from all political parties and all members across Canada. This has to be a very rare event in politics.

    1. ‘Consentual’ conversion therapy? Is that where parents force/coerce a child to have this heinous procedure?

    2. No fool,this is dangerous,and it’s common whenever profit for both parties is on the line,read the bill,this gives the government the authority to lock up parents who refuse transgender medical procedures to little kids as young as 5

  2. With all the terrible stuff going on in this Country, with it becoming too expensive to afford living etc, it is a joke that a topic such as this is even being discussed at the moment. Our Governments priorities are a** backwards. Nice “social distancing” practices going on in Parliament as well.

    1. @Adam Perry it’s usually voluntary and consensual adults that are religious. That’s their business. We’re authoritarians

    1. @Nucky Gulliver It does not work, regardless of consent. It is well established that it is ineffective and harmful. Do you suppose we also make all drugs legal for those that wish to take it consensually in the fight against authoritarianism, or legalise lobotomies for those that request it, despite the harmful effects of either of those also being extremely well-documented?

    2. @Nucky Gulliver saying consensual conversation therapy is like saying consensual concentration camps, you can’t consent to torture

    1. You don’t know anything about the new variant obviously even the woman who found it said it’s not deadlier than Delta there have been no deaths in South Africa due to this variant you freak

    2. Peole they don’t have the same law as you do.

      Just last year, when they say stay at home! Liberal was found outside country in vacation.

    3. @Luc Dallaire that’s because only the special traveling Canadian politicians have the special immunity. The failed slang speaking drama teacher that believes he is Mr Dress up, stayed I believe a night in quarantine.

    1. Why is it obvious to make it a crime for consenting adults to get conversion therapy? What business is that of the government’s?

    2. Sure ….. but it does end all the complaining there is no law. I’m Okay giving them this moment. Afterall, its a moment.

    1. Conversion therapy is where someone forces an lgbt person to undergo psychological torture to make them something they’re not, straight and or cis.

    2. @Rosie G Force of any kind is wrong. Forcing you to accept my opinion through LAW is wrong and vis versa.

    1. @Mani well the Government is pushing immunization to the public and you are being immunized in Walmart a social setting .I did not realize this was a difficult concept.

    2. @Mani 30,000 deaths in Canada a country with 37.5 million in over a year and a half. Average age of death is 80 living in LTC facilities. So as no children in Canada are or have been filling hundreds of emergency vehicles hauling the sick and dead away day and night ?Now unvaccinated children will not be able to attend schools.

  3. Okay now let’s revert all COVID restrictions and put in sound economic measures to stop inflation from going out of control, reduce government size then I’ll clap too

    1. Conversion therapy is where someone forces an lgbt person to undergo psychological torture to make them something they’re not, straight and or cis.

    2. @Rosie G What if it’s the other way around: Trying to make a straight/cis person LGBTQ? Is that also being banned?

    3. @Halbinoni Hey, you find a single instance of it and let your MP know, and it will be banned.

      There’s also no banning of destroying the sun, because no one’s ever tried.

    4. @Halbinoni Its impossible either way to force someone to be something they are not, but yes conversion therapy of any kind is banned.

  4. Wow !! Out of everything and of all the difficulties we face today, you guys focus on this complete nonsense!! Where is the moral compass??? This is just disgusting!


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