Hundreds attend East Palestine town hall after Ohio train derailment | USA TODAY

The Norfolk Southern railway company was a no-show at a town hall and told the mayor of East Palestine, Ohio the corporation didn’t feel safe.

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Nearly two weeks after a toxic train derailment carrying hazardous materials near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border that led to evacuations, authorities still say testing has not detected anything of concern.

Officials decided to do a controlled release of that gas, allowing it to burn to prevent an explosion. The burn caused toxic fumes to be released into the area, which alarmed residents about possible long-term effects after the explosion, including the occasionally strong odorous air they breathe and whether the water is safe to drink.

Environmental officials say continuing air monitoring done for the railroad and by government agencies — including testing inside nearly 400 homes — hasn’t detected dangerous levels in the area since residents were allowed to return. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has shared air monitoring results online.

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    1. Malicious intent disguised as greed/incompetence/ignorance just poisoned a good portion of the US and a bit of Canada, but clearly those guns are the major problem aren’t they sweety?

    2. @deathvault definitely not my guns problem. It has yet to harm anyone. Sometimes I hear it from the closet conspiring to shoot up the place but it never does. My government however gives it’s citizens poison in their arms, air and water.

    3. And 96% of the shooters are probably black, just like the
      picture of the mass shooters from last year were.
      So you just called out the africans as being the problem
      behind the gun violence. Nice going, but we already knew what the problem
      was, and it’s not black guns.

  1. They didn’t show up because they know the air and water is not safe to use. And they don’t want to get sick by coming to the town.

  2. All NS employees should bring their families, children , grand children to that town , let them walk around a few days, play in the playgrounds, play in the dirt/ sand , go down a slide or two. And of course it’s safe to do so as they say.

  3. If the water is safe, Governor Mike Dewine and RailRoad execitive officers need to prove it by drinking the water.

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