I Absolutely Support A Federal Assault Weapons Ban: Colorado State Rep. Judy Amabile | Craig Melvin

Colorado state representative Judy Amabile joins MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to discuss Boulder grocery store shooting victim Jody Waters and what she thinks can be done to prevent future gun violence. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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About Craig Melvin: Craig Melvin is an MSNBC Anchor and NBC News Correspondent. He currently anchors “MSNBC Live” on Saturdays and Sundays, contributes reports for “TODAY,” and fills in as host for Lester Holt on “Weekend TODAY.”

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I Absolutely Support A Federal Assault Weapons Ban: Colorado State Rep. Judy Amabile | Craig Melvin


    1. And when Conservatives are back in power you will gnash your teeth. The same thing happened a few years back when Harry Reid approved the nuclear option. That didn’t work out so well, did it?

    1. @Shawn Corbin Honey, you blindly followed Q-Anon for over three years. You do not know what it means to “think critically”.

    2. @CasinoVa Beach “It’s the one facet of his personality that lacks reason”. Guessin’ you drank the kool-aid and are utterly brainwashed by so-called conservatism.

    3. @Constituent A Oh, but I do. At least I love my country and the freedom and liberty we have. Why do you work for those who wish to enslave the world? In short, why do you support evil? You really need some introspection and self actualization. You have already lost, a dead man walking so to speak. Reconcile, your corruption will fall and the world will be free.

    4. @Shawn Corbin Putim, Xi and Kim wish to enslave the world, and you actually voted for the guy who’s been handing our country to them on a silver platter for enslavement. That, dear boy, is evil.

    5. @Constituent A That’s Mr. BOY to you. That narrative is entirely false and you KNOW it. Regrettably for you, your war upon the truth is running out of ammo and the good people are awakening. A population awake is the greatest fear of your masters. And oh, you condescend with your smarmy words, if you want to engage in meaningful dialogue, at least have the class to show respect of your opponent in debate. Just know that propaganda never endures when confronted by truth. GAME OVER.

  1. People need to pass some sort of test to own a gun. Prove you are responsible and know what you are doing. You do it to drive a car .

    1. @Nick Franco Your argument is void – that’s rich. Y’all sulphur huffers are under some evil mind force that makes you have “number 2” for brains.

    2. @Jimmy Jimmy ps i can and do shoot a shotgun (a child sized model) to protect my flock of sheep. i am not against guns period, they can be tools but in america you people use them as a comfort blanket.

      i regularly used to go to the range with an ex friend.

    3. @Llynnyia Very cool young shepardess. However I cannot personally acquiesce willingly to more restrictions on our right to bear arms. For the short of it, evil people do evil deeds and I cannot and will not leave my family nor myself defenseless. There are many positive examples here on YouTube where an AR15 saved lives. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t other weapons that could be used in a defensive manner, just that many have used ARs. Godspeed with the flock.

    1. @David O Donohoe Since 1993 the gun homicide rate has gone down by 49% while gun ownership has gone up by 56%. More guns actually equals less killing. The fragile dems ignore facts yet again.

    2. @Adamson line array speakers have kevlar woofer cone Since 1993 the gun homicide rate has gone down by 49% while gun ownership has gone up by 56%. More guns actually equals less killing. The fragile dems ignore facts yet again.

    3. @Shawn Corbin I know some functional democrats and I love them, but I wouldn’t exactly call them levelheaded.

    4. @CasinoVa Beach Iwas referring to Democrat hate, bud. I am with you on your point of view. Heart disease kills 400,000 Americans each year, using their logic, we should just remove hearts at birth to stop the death toll? Bahahahaha. It makes as much sense as landing on the sun at night time. 🤣

  2. They say guns protect people and keep them safe.
    But thousands and thousands and thousands of innocent people are killed by them in America each year.
    Judging by the scant handful of gun deaths in other countries each year,
    it can be concluded that the ABSENCE of guns does a better job at protecting people and keeping them safe.

    1. @Nick Franco I have found that criminals are packing heat more because of other criminals than for “law abiding citizens”. I think we might re-instate civil lawsuits against manufacturers – and of course, they would have no defense except to pay up … like Purdue Pharmaceutical. It would drive them out of business. Over time, there’d be like noone left able to take on the burden of manufacture except for police contracts. I don’t know truthfully – surely looks like we’ve backed ourselves into a corner on all of it.

    2. @James Waters guess you don’t know what to say …. yet you have an idea of a world where we are all at peace ☮️ frolicking through meadows .let me tell you something Do you know what the definition of peace is … it’s the cessation of War.. so peace cannot exist without War and vice versa.

    3. @James Waters and James unless you alone can stop Foreign armies from having there own political norm and their own vicious tendencies I suggest you stfu and help us save our constitution.

    4. @James Waters packing more heat? James you cannot be serious… I’m not sure what why you felt the need to bring in Purdue pharmaceuticals but that is not a solution it is nothing theoretically you saved no one with that suggestion.

    5. @James Waters let me suggest imagine James is in a store someone walks in with an “assault style weapon” and starts shooting…..James has practiced for this moment to save others and himself his whole life and he draws his weapon along with many others to stop that individual. James is a Hero and people live. Guess what James ? a Gun Reform Bill won’t do that in fact it would make it easier for someone to walk in and have no resistance.

    1. Sure thing criminals will follow the law someone that is mentally incapable of handling a weapon won’t find a way to buy one illegally your so right you have all the answers

  3. The innocent development unusually undress because cabinet progressively tame aside a imaginary break. common, equal withdrawal

  4. Biden 🤷🏼‍♀️ you weren’t elected in record numbers to let republicans hold Americans legislatively hostage.. Do Something!

    1. Sure thing criminals will follow the law someone that is mentally incapable of handling a weapon won’t find a way to buy one illegally your so right you have all the answers

    2. @autumn rainyou literally asked if someone else could do something and offered no solution yourself lol 😂 please learn about guns so we can protect each other ,..for you are my Fellow American Neighbor and guns exist everywhere ..and there is those who choose to live by the sword we must protect ourselves..

    1. They always say that. They know about every one of us in the country. They even have a file on you.

  5. The Second Amendment doesn’t mean what Gun Nuts believe it means. It doesn’t.
    You don’t have a Right to possess a Weapon of War. You don’t.

    1. @Freedom Bow-ner USCG S.A.R. swimmer/Miami.USCG- Intel/Investigations. USN – combat swimmer, Sea Air Land, Team II – dis./dis.. Miami-Dade Police Dept. and LAPD, L.A. County Sheriffs Dept. CU . Quantico with several 187s solved.

    2. @Freedom Bow-ner Thanks. Still working on some crazy things from years ago. It’s a hard slog, this life- especially for service.

  6. First it was a stone then it was swords , bows and arrows, then it was guns and bombs. I don’t think guns are the problem unfortunately they are here and the only solution

    1. I don’t think you understand… what makes you think criminals will give up a gun that doesn’t exist… BECAUSE THEY BOUGHT IT ILLEGALLY… Do you think Guns will just disappear? Do you think Foreign militaries that hate America will just give up their “AR’s” too … GUNS EXIST YOU IGNORAMUS! Sit down be humble and open minded and learn stop being so ignorant.

  7. Owning a gun its ok BUT! assault weapons ? justify it the the one’s who have lost love one’s

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  9. Our hearts go out to Boulder families and friends of victims gunned down by a lost young man who was able to purchase an assault weapon too easily in Colorado. Mental health care needs attention in the USA.

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  11. Maybe politicians should create a law that migrants from hostel areas in the middle eastern countries that are on an FBI watch list should NOT be allowed to purchase firearms. Leave law abiding citizens alone! Hmmmm Common Sense…… GET SOME!

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