I Don’t Agree: Barr Questioned By Rep. Jackson Lee On Systemic Racism In Police departments | MSNBC


    1. @Rudy Penza
      That’s all Pam DeShane knows how to do 😂😂😂 But it’s good to have a skill, even one of such limited value.

    2. Trump is trying to conflate several issues. VANDALISM AT PROTESTS IS SEPARATE FROM OTHER CRIMES!

      It’s obvious he wants to lump them into the same category and blame all crime on Dems. He wants us to think they ALL support every BLM demand, rioting, anarchy, and communism. The most bizarre suggestion is that those who oppose police brutality and racism are racists themselves. Really? Anyone who opposes racism must be a Democrat?

      It’s absurd to say all vandals are Dems. Most don’t care at all about government or politics.

      Has Trump tried to find out WHY crime is spiking? What are they supposedly doing wrong in Dem cities as opposed to Republican cities?

      Crime always spikes in the summer. COVID is causing economic distress, and crime spikes. Authorities are trying not to fill the jails and spread the virus. That’s EVERYWHERE, not just in “Dem cities.” That’s a ridiculous term in the first place. “Dem cities”? Where the Mayor is a Dem? What about the Governor? The state AG? Congressmen? Senators? The PRESIDENT? Republicans cry, “You can’t keep your [city, district, state, county] clean and safe!” to attack any Dem lawmaker. There are MANY factors.

      Murders require detectives. Gang crimes, gang units. Riots, riot police. There are criteria for charging state and federal crimes. Has Trump addressed ANY of this?? He’s not even asking what these mayors and local cops need. THIS IS A LOW-DOWN POLITICAL PLOY. It smacks of fascism and it’s reminiscent of the civil unrest of the 1960s.

    1. @D MAN Have you ever met a full proof system? Even Google and Apple gets hacked. Some Hollywood blockbusters fail in the box office. Scholastic tests and SATs are designed to test intelligence, but quite often many intelligent people don’t do well in those tests. Systemic racism is about keeping black people in their place, but that doesn’t mean it’s 100% effective lol

    2. There is not one law in this country keeping the black man down.
      On the contrary affermitive action laws force businesses to hire blacks before more qualified workers. Colleges to enroll black students before more qualified students. Only thing holding them down is incompetence , laziness and playing that fraud of a victim race card.

    3. Lawrence Harris I lived through those Trickle Down Economic years and only thing happened was the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. And let’s not forget his Crown achievement the Iran/Contra thing. He’s one of the reasons the black neighborhoods were overrun with Crack. So if you’re gonna tout Reagan speak on everything

    4. @Rodney Smart – since most Flu’s do, it would be reasonable to think that

  1. When you “Drain the Swamp”, it’s people like William Barr that come slithering out. 🙂

  2. Looks like the Democrats learned how to question someone who will never answer a question honestly. Grill, grill, grill, until he slips.

    1. *Democrats will*

      Depress the Economy

      Depress the Stock Market

      Depress the Jobs Market

      – that’s called SABOTAGE

    2. @Rydastyle 98 We found out that Pam is good at copy and paste. She posted that same comment 4 times already.

  3. Qualified Immunity no longer exists, regardless of what Traitor Barr or Oligarch Trump thinks; they have to be Americans for their opinions to matter and they can never be citizens again. Treason has its costs.

  4. That m’f’er is the farthest from honorable I’ve ever seen. He does not deserve that title.

    1. @ozzrob MILLIONS of Americans saw that this was no more than a political attack on the current administration and this behavior will not be rewarded on election day!

    2. @ozzrob Did you watch the lead in video of the RIOT VIOLENCE from these anarchists? I guess not, these were not sent in by Trump, you are dellusional and America will not take the side of lawlessness.

    3. @Richard McKinney Your cousin is a dumb as you are. They shouldn’t be arresting the rioters and looters, they should be spraying them with bullets so the Democratic streets can run with blood like their mayors and governors want.

    4. @Kayleigh Paige too bad that you DO NOT GET that the agents are breaking the 4th AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION. Now if you don’t want to abide by the Constitution THEN LEAVE go to North Korea where no one has any rights what so ever.

    1. @jm z The Liars’ Club says – “republiKKKcons only”…🤣🤣🤣
      … filthy MAGA dog🤮👎

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Was that somebody else who said he didn’t see systematic racism by police departments in America???
      Nope, that was AG Barr… same guy who lied about the Mueller report… ordered ‘little green men’ using force on peaceful protesters in DC… tried to sabotage Roger Stone sentencing…🤮👎 republiKKKcon fat toad!

  5. SpaceX could fuel their rockets for years with the methane from all the b.s. coming out of Washington

    1. @melted cheetah Actually, methane was responsible for the single worst mass extinction in the entire history of life on Earth.

  6. This is the Attorney General of the United States of America and he answers this question here would another question there is white supremacist in the police department white supremacist in the Justice Department clearly he leaves that up and white supremacist in the military how do we stop this he don’t have an answer when you are part of the problem and you uphold white supremacist and you deny there is a problem and you are the problem of course you’re not going to say yes

  7. “I’m opposed to eliminating Qualified Immunity” that right there tells you that Barr could care less about protecting citizens from the cops, and that “all men are created equally” according to the law🤬

    1. Sorry but it should be ‘barr couldn’t care less about protecting citizens’, your statement is incorrect in that it implies barr cares, even if only a very small amount, by claiming barr couldn’t care less I am saying it is impossible for barr to care less about citizens because he doesn’t care at all about citizens. I know it may seem pedantic by lawyers like barr misuse semantics to get away with crimes.

  8. Ask him how many African American and Latinos on jails working on production lines as slaves to made rich some companies as China does in their country.Now the whole world knows the reality of racism on USA.

  9. Barr knows how those hearings go, and yet he interrupted repeatedly, rarely gave a straight answer and was outright disdainful of the system.

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