‘I Have Never Seen The Amount Of Suffering’: Doctor Stresses Severity Of New Covid Surge | MSNBC

'I Have Never Seen The Amount Of Suffering': Doctor Stresses Severity Of New Covid Surge | MSNBC 1


Dr. Paul Casey, emergency department medical director at Bellin Hospital in Wisconsin, remarks on how extreme the surge in new Covid-19 cases has been at his hospital. Aired on 10/19/2020.
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'I Have Never Seen The Amount Of Suffering': Doctor Stresses Severity Of New Covid Surge | MSNBC

51 Comments on "‘I Have Never Seen The Amount Of Suffering’: Doctor Stresses Severity Of New Covid Surge | MSNBC"

  1. Donald Trump is killing America

    • nolinaGirlasia.link

    • @Endre Fidje Just want to remind you that as the president he has access to lots of top secret info. That many will pay good money for. Also even if he lose the election as former president he will still cont to receive daily intelligence briefing from CIA. That i am most certain many will pay for too. Lets just say trump do seems to frequently have a leakage problem. What i am trying to say that the problem wont go away even if trump is voted out. Also many of his true believers are standing back and standing by. I do not think they will accept an election result where their chosen one lost well.

    • @TooMany Discs still cannot compare to 4 years of severe damage.

    • @Ash Roskell LOL 😂 that’s exactly why Bitcoin was created. Distrust of Obama’s government. Bitcoin will be #1 currency of the world soon. Give it 5 years.

    • @macbeth moray Hmmm, scary stuff…

  2. enrique tanguma | October 20, 2020 at 2:05 AM | Reply

    COVID is real don’t mess around

  3. OCCUPANDI TEMPORIS | October 20, 2020 at 2:14 AM | Reply


    Donald J Trump CULT GOP………….*DANGEROUS💀*

  4. Damian Quintana | October 20, 2020 at 2:20 AM | Reply

    If you see that other countries have less than 1000 cases, it’s disheartening to know America, is so divided that we’re willing to sacrifice each other, for an orange buffoon

    • Vietnam has 30% of the population of the US, borders China, 35 deaths, 1046 cases. One national lockdown, one reginal. Masks worn without fuss. This isn’t the ‘China Virus’, only the first 16 came from China, most came from Europe and the states.

    • We have population of unhealthy carb and sugar drones. They cant fight a cold

    • Check out http://www.antifa.com all donations go to the Democratic Party. A vote for the Demon rats 🐀 is a vote for domestic terror🤮

    • @Dave amd this relates to this conversation about Coronavirus exactly HOW?
      This is the problem the US has had with this pandemic from the outset… politicising a health event. Making it us against them instead of US against the virus

    • @Dave go home Dave.

  5. if America listened to Dr. Fauci Epidemiologist Professor 🤷🏼‍♀️America wouldn’t be stuck in the first wave

    • That could still happen? . . . Perhaps all we need to do is get unstuck? With a vast Blue Wave? . . . 🌊 VOTE! 👍✌️

  6. Save America, vote Blue, vote Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!

    • I VOTED 100% BLUE ticket. Thank you Joe BIDEN 2020

    • I am a longtim conservative Republican and I voted 100% BLUE for the first time in my life and at this point with how corrupt the Republican party has become I cannot imagine ever voting for a Republican again in my lifetime.

  7. I sincerely wish everyone the best. Good luck & stay safe😷🙏

  8. “[Tyrants] injure and oppress the people under their administration, provoking them to cry out and complain, and then make that very outcry the foundation for new oppressions and persecutions.”~Andrew Hamilton, 1735 (NOT Alexander Hamilton)

    The Trial of John Peter Zenger for Libeling the Colonial Government in 1735 is why we have free speech and free press on this continent, a transcript of the trial, which was a popular little book at the time, was in possession of Thomas Jefferson when drafting the Declaration of Independence and inspired the First Amendment to the Constitution.

    This is a short section of the full transcript:

  9. The saddest part is that people will get this, from being near other people who think this is a hoax.

    • Crystal Giddens | October 20, 2020 at 3:15 PM | Reply

      @Sterling Pound Yes, the hoax is worldwide! *UK Death Toll Figures Falsified* https://archive.org/details/bs-19-death-toll-figures-falsified

    • Crystal Giddens | October 20, 2020 at 3:16 PM | Reply

      @Sterling Pound Yes, it is a worldwide hoax Grow up! They lie! https://www.bitchute.com/video/ExMFZ2VoUxNx/

    • Crystal Giddens | October 20, 2020 at 3:32 PM | Reply

      @Sterling Pound Yes, in fact, the scam is worldwide! http://www.reuters.com › article › president-queries-tanzania-…
      May 3, 2020 – Coronavirus *test kits used in Tanzania were dismissed as faulty by President John Magufuli on Sunday, because he said they had returned false positive results…*
      The president said he had instructed Tanzanian security forces to check the quality of the kits. *They had randomly obtained several non-human samples, including from a pawpaw, a goat and a sheep, but had assigned them human names and ages.* These samples were then submitted to Tanzania’s laboratory to test for the coronavirus, with the lab technicians left deliberately unaware of their origins.
      *Samples from the pawpaw and the goat tested positive for COVID-19, the president said,* adding this meant it was likely that some people were being tested positive when in fact they were not infected by the coronavirus.
      *“There is something happening. I said before we should not accept that every aid is meant to be good for this nation,” Magufuli said, adding the kits should be investigated.*

    • @Crystal Giddens Being able to form words may give you a false impression of being intelligent. They all say that.

    • Crystal Giddens | October 20, 2020 at 5:17 PM | Reply

      @Shin not sure about that! intelligence is what one who posses it does with it. It is more a matter of how one uses their intelligence. evil is evil and good is good but true some are ignorant and many are naive. not sure what you are trying to say?

  10. Voting for Trump is a dereliction of duty and criminal negligence. Please vote for the continuation of America and the furtherance of humanity’s ideals. Vote blue.

  11. Trump there will be an accounting, make no mistake, your lack of action has brought this down on the people, you will be judged by the highest authority in the land. Time is not on your side we want an accounting.

  12. Trump should visit one of those Wards, if he really cares about American People.

  13. brilliantly said, ty dr casey and dr maddow. too few people are hearing the reality of our dire situation here in this country over covid19. many listen but few hear. mask up and practice social distancing, please everyone! willful ignorance must not continue! it is suicide! vote!!!

  14. America is the world’s covid epicentre and it’s economy amongst the hardest hit. The rampant infection, economic devastation and complete lack of planning are inexcusable. Trump’s lies and incompetence have cost America dearly!
    Vote this disaster out …and the spineless cowards who enable him!

  15. Donald Trump has killed 4.6x the number of US soldier that died in the entire Vietnam war in less than a year. After the election DEMAND justics

  16. Note to Biden / Harris : The aftermath of this cannot be like after the 2008 Banking Crisis? Too many anonymous bankers got to walk away from their reckless, life destroying, criminality and enabling, leaving America with a bitter taste in its mouth, and an increasing distrust of American institutions. We KNOW ALL of the GOP members’ NAMES; and we KNOW WHAT they’ve done! They must ALL PAY! They must ACCOUNT for what they’ve DONE! I’m looking at YOU, Bill Barr, Moscow Mitch and Lindsay Graham . . . VOTE! ✌️

  17. *We remember 220,000 innocent American lives lost because of Trump and Republicans! We will never forget! Ever!*

  18. Angela Hamlett | October 20, 2020 at 5:30 AM | Reply

    This is the side EFFECTS of racism.
    Can we all just get along and love one another? Please???…

  19. It’s accelerating, there’s no stopping it. The only way to slow it down is a hard national lockdown and a nationwide mask mandate.

  20. And yet this science-denying administration continues to push herd immunity

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