1. @Graeme Roberts only idiots and those brainwashed believe biden recieved the most votes in history 😅🤣 🤣😅 biden wasn’t elected he was selected by the elites who hate trump and Americans.

      You ever wonder why Americans are doing soo much better under bidens 1st yr as president? 😅🤣😅🤣 wake up and smell the frauds.
      How quick democrats made America’s pay higher taxes and record inflation, record gas prices and they blame everyone but themselves 🤣😅🤣

  1. My god. I’m finishing up school to be a journalist…and wow, this hits hard. I can’t even imagine. Another journalist being interviewed very skillfully, recounting how his friend died. Holy crap. Much love for him and for Brent, may he Rest In Peace along with the other journalists who have died or been injured over there. Best wishes for the safety of those who remain — it’s important work, not much glamour, but a lot of significance.

    1. @Thirst 4 Life Yes, truly terrible. Imagine being obnoxious to others on the internet…know anyone who does that?

    2. @Fish Tank Tales 🐠 Generally yeah — especially if it’s investigative work! Sometimes documentary work blurs the lines because you may be narrating or using your own experiences to introduce others and tell a story. “Narrative” journalism is a little fuzzy like that. The way I like to think about it is that it’s not about what you think or feel, but what you honestly find to be true. You can start with a hypothesis, but you better be ready to be wrong or find out that the truth is quite the opposite!

    3. @Phish Phood never use your own experience, it’s the experience of the people in the story, but as we know it’s a me me me world

    4. @Phish Phood thank you for that response … You will g o places if you never reveal your slant on things and tell it as you see it without putting a slant..Good luck.

    1. @Mary Rodger the school of commonsense which most of you lack.
      Why did my comment get deleted ? Thats right fake news doesn’t want you to hear real news

    2. @TRUMP JR I asked you a question so why would I delete your stupid comment? Your sort is truly special.

    3. @TRUMP JR Why would you ask me. (see that period at the end and not a question mark…take a hint)

  2. So much bravery. So many deaths. As Jimi Hendrix said “When The Power of Love replaces The Love of Power, there will be Peace”.

  3. You have my prayers Jaun Arredondo. I prayed when the news came out you had been hurt. I prayed for a much different outcome. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend Brent Renaud.
    God Bless you and keep you.

  4. I’ve been in a near death experience, and he’s right. You don’t have fear, you just given in to it.

    I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. You have PTSD and you’re reliving the event. take time to heal.

    Anderson asks very good questions he connects with the person and us always considerate to the individual.

    1. @GTO CHE` I don’t know who you were writing to, but that was a very beautiful and uplifting paragraph that you wrote. Thank you!

    2. Healing can take years and sometimes it’s hard to ever heal I’m a product of that I was stalking by a serial killer who constantly with obsessions trend to kill me I was in his grips twice and luckily escaped he was targeting anyone people think it’s just people on the Fringe of social it’s not I was a nurse with a normal life until that point I’m still struggling. It’s sad what other sadistic psychopathic Hunan’s can inflict on innocent people I’m in counseling which helps and practice Reiki and yoga Because medicine doesn’t work for me I’m allergic to it so I take sleepiness medicine for insomnia. I feel for anyone suffering with this condition hopefully In the future we can find a solution to it’s that’s permanent but it’s unlikely or find one to prevent psychopaths, sociopaths and any other despot and racist to stop this horror and live in peace we need for our future generations to come war is backwards and uncivilized. Hope you’re doing well managing your condition you give me confirmation because I survived death more than once.

    3. @Christine Ribone
      To whom ever may benefit from its posting I’ve been through alot in this existence from childhood to current day . Including near death and it definitely changed me for the worst at first but after much needed time alone I was able to slowly work through somethings

  5. Journalists are required for democracy and should as revered for their service and sometimes ultimate sacrifice as those serving any armed services branch.

    1. @cD?fmn203 you still need the media to find out what’s going on. Because a situation like what they have in Russia where Putin outlaws all media that isn’t official state propaganda is somehow so much better 🙄

    2. @Belly Dancer Em Which means we should go the same route and only trust one narrative also? It’s not as if monopolistic media giants like Facebook and Google aren’t silencing voices on behest of the western status quo, right? That extra middle man makes it okay I guess, since big corperations & the goverment working together is accepted as normal these days.. for SOME reason.

      If “the” media only presents one biased angle & constantly oversimplifies complicated issues, it’s not suprising that ppl start to look for alternatives, where more nuance can be found.

  6. This is an important story to put out. It speaks to people in many ways. It’s sad, it’s informative, it uplifting and it’s encouraging. But it also lets you know that even though you think you know, you don’t really know. You never know when it’s your time to go. And you never know how you will react in a given situation until you are in it. You can see everything in Juan’s eyes and face. You can see his struggle. He lost his friend. Not only that he saw the ugliness of his death. He thought he was going to pass away too. He struggles to sleep and fights NOT to relive those moments in his dreams. He has a determination not to allow this to control him. It has changed him, but it won’t control him. I won’t call him a hero. He probably wouldn’t like that. But I respect him very much. People can say what they want about journalists but the ones that are war reporters are putting themselves in a very dangerous place to get the word out to the rest of us. You have to respect that. I hope Juan is able to recover and receive some sort of peace. He will never forget but I hope it doesn’t “haunt” him. I know it bothers him that he couldn’t be there for his friends funeral. I’m sure there is a little survivor’s guilt mixed in as well. God bless him, he has a lot to overcome. He may walk fine after this but it’s not his physical recovery I’m concerned with. He seems to be an intelligent man with his head on straight. I pray he has a great support system to back him up for a very long time. Journalists aren’t trained like soldiers, but no amount of training can prepare you for what you witness in the battlefield.

    1. @Casey who spends weeks in the hospital because of a gun shot wound to the butt? Dont believe everything you see on TV (tell-a-vision)
      Question everything you see.

    2. @TRUMP JR i have a friend who got shot in the buttocks, it’s normal for one to not receive IV or be stable in general 😀 but thank you for making me check and confirm what i watched is real buddy

    3. @memoefe I bet your friend didn’t spend more than 2 days in hospital let alone 1 week.
      You don’t know if what you watched was real or true, you assume that it is.

    4. It’s clear you have spoken from your heart..for someone like me that dosn’t put much stock in human beings..thank you…

  7. “You don’t follow a schedule you follow a story.” Same for the work of artists & many other fields with a focus on existence, evolution, longevity.

  8. I have so much respect for war correspondents. They are so brave to go towards the danger to bring to truth to the world. RIP Brent Renaud. I pray for Mr. Renaud’s family, Juan’s recovery and everyones safety.

  9. So sorry Juan for the loss of your beloved friend and colleague. You are both heroes in the face of humanity. May your dreams soon be filled with fond memories of the wonderful friendship you and Brent shared together. War may break apart people but a friendship is the cement that holds our world together. Get better soon Juan 🙏🏼🌷

  10. I am a Kenyan, I don’t understand the politics of this war, but I understand the precious value of life. I have always wondered why journalists risk their lives to share stories. Your story has made me cry, it has changed my perspective. Now I know without journalists risking their lives, people would never know the atrocities of war. My prayers goes to you & Brent family. I pray for all those affected too.

    1. Those are some very respectable words. You seem to be a very caring and thoughtful person. I don’t know much about Kenya if I’m being honest, but if I may say, your writing and grammar is better than even most native english speakers that I know. I’m curious, is english your first language? If not, when did you learn, and how did you become so good at it?

  11. Poor guy. I’m glad he’s physically ok, but mentally he’s devastated. I wish I could give him a hug and tell him that it’ll be ok.

  12. “we don’t follow a schedule we follow a story”. What a powerful remark and philosophy for those journalists who far from trying to sensationalize; instead hope to impart, educate and humanize the adversity of humankind. CNN and its fellow reporters, Cooper, Lemon, Ward to name a few have my admiration for your strength and reporting skills. Unlike the propaganda fed to the masses in Russia and right-wing media here in the US, the reality of this atrocity to end democracy must not be stifled. And to these traumatized and broken souls, may you someday realize peace and healing in your hearts and minds.

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