I Want The Federal Government To Substantially Ramp Up Vaccine Distribution To Michigan | Katy Tur


  1. “I want more vaccinations in Michigan.” How about, “The rest of us want more mask-wearing and social distancing?” Frankly we’re all waiting for the surge in Texas after the packed baseball game, and the Governor to try and blame illegal immigrants.

  2. “…recent spike in covid Cases…” motivates us, the people of America, to redouble our efforts to rapidly find out at any given moment, including even while On-Line, who among us are unwittingly contagious (i.e. pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic) in order to “Convince It Forward” for them to call their doctor and to self-quarantine per CDC guidelines in hopes of stopping this pandemic instead of having more “Mourning In America.” Thus, we’re hoping for the best while preparing for the worse-case scenario of the “UK variant” strain(s) mutations and others like the South African, Brazilian, Californian & “Cluster 5 Mink” mutations rendering current vaccines no longer effective.

    1. @PUNKMYVIDEO , I am simply wonderfully hungry and hope you, PMV, and others reading my comment at the top, also have a healthy appetite too. So how are you ?

    2. @HeartDoc Andrew A good majority are hungry now. Most are suffering from food insecurities, and people are finding food more expensive than normal after the lockdowns. 1 in 3 restrants had to close too.

  3. Idiots: “Floyd was talking so that means he could also breathe!”
    Same idiots: “I can’t breathe with a mask! They’re too constricting!”

    1. Floyd’s family would not trade the $ to get him back- would you? 😂 Crying over spilled milk you are

    2. And your a pulmonary expert? Where did you get your degree? If your calling people idiots and dont have a degree in this field what does that make you?

  4. President Biden said he would veto any Medicare for all bill put on his desk..let that sink in for a moment.

    1. You pretty much say the same thing in every MSNBC video. You are a pathetic loser..let that sink in for a moment.

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