Ibram X. Kendi On What It Means To Be Antiracist In America | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Best-selling author and Boston University professor Ibram X.Kendi joins to react to the civil unrest and protests across America and explain what it means to be an antiracist. Aired on 6/10/2020.
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Ibram X. Kendi On What It Means To Be Antiracist In America | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. The american constitution was explicitly racist. It took a war and the domination of the hate-filled south to change it.

  1. In an internal FBI situation report, the FBI’s Washington Field Office found no intel or evidence indicating Antifa involvement or presence in the violence that occurred on May 31 during the D.C.-area protests. That same day, Trump announced on Twitter that he would designate “Antifa” a terrorist organization, even though antifa is not an organized group.

    But not surprisingly, the report did warn that individuals from far-right social media groups had called for far-right provocateurs to attack federal agents, and use automatic weapons against protesters. A Department of Homeland Security intelligence note warned law-enforcement officials that a white supremacist channel on the encrypted messaging app Telegram encouraged its followers to incite violence to start a race war during the protests.

    Don the Con’s beef with @ntifa is very simple, and predictable.
    @ntifa stands for anti-f@s.cist. It’s name is pretty self-explanatory. Well DJT happens to be an unapologetic self-avowed f@s.cist, as well as a traitor and a con-man. 

    So It’s only natural that a fas.cist would view any anti-facist group has his enemy. Adolf did the same thing to opponents of his fas.cist regime. A f@s.cist is someone whose insatiable greed for money and obsession for power, is combined with an intense in.tolerance towards people of other rac.es, classes, parties, re.ligions, regions or nations, that it makes him ruth.less in his use of deceit and vio.lence to attain his ends. Most f@s.cists can easily be identified by their deliberate per.version of truth and facts. Yup, that definitely sounds like Trump.

    1. @Tera Tokomi That was my point, you obviously *can’t tell* a lie from the truth, but humor me, what, exactly is David J lying about, be specific.

    2. @Utha Then you missed the point. And his entire post is a huge lie. If you cant see that, then you are an ignorant fool.

  2. I can’t imagine the strength it took for George Floyd’s brother to speak to Congress the day after he laid his brother to rest. My heart goes out to the family ♥️

  3. NASCAR: Yup. No more Confederate Flags.
    Donald: We are not even gong to consider changing the names of military bases.
    NASCAR: Whats wrong w that dude

    1. Because some people from the confederate side, like robert e lee, were great war generals regardless of their side. Why change these names, that’s just pushing the civil war under the rug

    2. @V1NNY This isn’t a logical argument, and the people saying it know it isn’t. Changing the names has no impact on the existence of history, and it has no negative impact on anyone except people who want to idealize the confederacy, which existed solely to keep slavery alive. Changing the name does, however, bring some feeling of comfort and justice to people who still feel like they aren’t safe or free in this country. Any true American who loves liberty and freedom will acknowledge it’s long past due for the south to declare, with conviction, “we despise the legacy of the civil war and all those traitors who fought against their own people for the sake of irrational hatred and oppression.” It’s time for white supremacists to understand they are marginalized and their opinions are no longer tolerated. If it doesn’t bring a smile to your face to imagine the utter defeat they will feel as their monuments come falling down around them, and reforms sweep the country as their heroes in the media are shamed and fired, then it’s time to examine what kind of person you are. There is no reasonable argument for them to still exist on public display in places of honor or respect.

  4. . Everyone is quick to shout racism. Its a tragedy what happens to so manny human beings everyday. But it will unfortunately keep happining until everyone of us look into are hearts and start the change. May God Bless all the humans of this Little blue planet. If you want justice. Then seek it for all man kind. Look at the miions of Falon Gong members still inslaved , to this day, in consintration champs. Forced to lobar on the goods we buy every day in the USA. Many of these are also the same poeple having there ogins harvested alive. As really just another way for them to be persicuted for there beliefs. IN JUSTICE for ALL!!!!!!

  5. (0:58) *”…they know it’s dangerous to be black in America, because racist Americans see blacks as dangerous”*
    Well, ain’t that true? Racists view any black person by default as a threat to their lives…and (white) judges and juries agree with that, every time another white guy gets away with the defense: “I feared for my life!”

    1. I feared for my life or it was self defense is available to be used by any and all races. It works unless its brutally obvious you are the attacker. Also no, its not just white juries, its all juries. Get over this idea of im not the majority so i must be oppressed

    2. @V1NNY “Get over this idea of im not the majority so i must be oppressed”

      Hey hon, sorry to disappoint you – but I am indeed part of the majority, and therefore I am not oppressed.
      Do you feel oppressed? Poor baby.

    3. @V1NNY Trayvon martin was unarmed and running away, screaming for help. He was stalked and killed intentionally, and the shooter was not convicted of any crime. This is America.

  6. I think there is some confusion here.
    I guess some racist are scared of those that are not their race. (You don’t have to be caucasian to be racist).
    What we are dealing with here is law enforcement officials that don’t have any fear about taking out their aggression and frustration on those that are not like them – and this goes all the way up the enforcement chain-of-command to the top – you guessed it – Barr and Trump.
    We all know how Trump operates “If you aren’t with me, you are my enemy” + “…and I’ll make up some childish nickname and cyber-bully you on Twitter”.
    You know what they say “Twitter is for twits.”

  7. Calling rioting and looting mere civil unrest downplays its evil. If the real cause behind all the violence and destruction was combating racism, why were racist tactics used? Why were Jewish and Korean stores targeted for theft? Why were synagogues vandalized and smeared with racist graffiti. If you want people to stop being racist towards you, look to the racism in your own people against others first.

  8. 100 years from now, this place will be totally different from the world we know now. Our great grandchildren will be thrust back into an age of hunting & foraging as a means of survival. Our history & entertainment will consist of tiny groups telling stories around a small fire after the sun goes down. We won’t even be aware of the distant castles, where nobility has sequestered themselves with the vast spoils of civilization. The human race will be devoured by cancer from within…

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