ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin on suspicion of war crimes such as unlawful deportation of children and unlawful transfer of people from the territory of Ukraine to Russia. CNN senior international correspondents Ivan Watson and David McKenzie report from Ukraine.
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  1. The ICC has no police force and require member nations to enforce its warrants. However, member nations have been reluctant to enforce ICC warrants especially on national leaders or top government officials due to potential diplomatic issues and escalation in conflict.

    1. @Bonnie No, it’s only really the Philippines and Japan in Asia. Even Indonesia isn’t in it.
      About half of Africa. All of South America and Canada. With of course pretty much all of Europe making the EU the only member who has any real say.
      Out of them 33 are African States, 19 are Asia-Pacific States, 18 are from Eastern Europe, 28 are from Latin American and Caribbean States, and 25 are from Western European and other States. “ICC website”

    1. Doesn’t really matter. If your question is to imply that someone is outside even the pretense of law and justice if they hold some particular office powerful enough; that’s not how justice systems work. Nobody is immune to the intention of justice being done even if there isn’t a practical way to accomplish it in the moment. It also makes it easier to force him out in a revolution or coup, since the question of what is to be done with him now has a clean and tidy answer. Turn him over to the ICC. Putin’s life is now a little more dangerous.

    1. @storm shadow They said the same type of thing about Slobodan Milosevic. And yet, he died of a heart attack in a prison cell.

  2. As impotent as this may seem at the moment, officially identifying civilisation-level crimes and criminals is profound and fundamental framing for policy and the historical record.

    1. To be fair there should be a number of arrest warrants to US and the like, only that they happen to be the custodians of righteousness in this world.

  3. How long has this taken? This is something that should’ve been done along time ago.

    Isn’t it unbelievable how a handful of men in the world control the lives and fate of billions but yet nothing is done.

  4. Wow… the plot thickens. How exactly are they gonna “apprehend” him? And are we gonna see this aired on the “cops” tv show?? 😂

    1. If he tries to leave Russia and flies over any ICC nation they legally can force his plane to land or down it. Im hoping for them to down it though.

    1. The UN member guilty of slander and libel is the one you should be MOST concerned about…please feel free to ask for clarification!

  5. And from these holidays and wars, my soul hurts more and more, like a country that does not have a built-in mechanism for the rotation of elites

    1. #freerussia
      American people don’t blame the Russian people, they blame the government officials… there is,,, the calm before the storm.

    2. @Crouching Tiger ironic your name is Crouching Tiger, when in reality, you’re a paper tiger, just like the Soviet Russian Army😂😂
      Please kindly don’t spread propaganda in the comments, 🙏🏾

    1. “For numerous reasons, *the United States decided that the ICC had unacceptable consequences for our national sovereignty. Specifically, the ICC is an organization that runs contrary to fundamental American precepts and basic Constitutional principles of popular sovereignty, checks and balances, and national independence* .”

      — *American Justice and the International Criminal Court*
      John R. Bolton, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security
      Remarks at the American Enterprise Institute
      Washington, DC
      November 3, 2003

  6. I know some people are saying no bite to this warrant but I’m curious to see how this will work in the future as this war will sadly escalate.

    1. ​@Tatiana LYULKIN Tom hanks is an actor, but the possibility of astronauts fighting pigeons is a slim 99% chance therefore if you predominantly escalate the situation in the configuration of anything that emotionally detaches itself from the time continuum you will not be satisfied..

  7. the second correspondent is deffinately russian, he pronounced her russian name without accent :)😂

    1. I dont feel sorry for putin never again being able to travel everywhere he wants to and instead be limited to such nice destinations as Chechnya, Belarus, North Kore and maybe China to feel safe. 😂

      Because in most other places he would definitely face the risk of being snatched.

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