Iconic Jeff Koons dog balloon sculpture shattered at Miami art fair | USA TODAY

An attendee at Art Wynwood, a contemporary art fair in Miami, accidentally knocked over an iconic Jeff Koons "Balloon Dog (Blue)" sculpture.

A balloon sculpture valued at more than $40,000 and made by famous artist Jeff Koons was reduced to scraps when an art fair attendee accidentally knocked it over.

Koons’ 2021 piece entitled "Balloon Dog (Blue)" was on display at Art Wynwood, a contemporary art fair in Miami, when it was broken last Thursday. Koons' animal figures are some of the most well-known, expensive sculptures in the contemporary art world.

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  1. He has 800 of these things. They aren’t rare. If you have 800 of something that is called an overstock. Overstock is discount stuff. Like thrift store specials. A buck and a half for a shard. I bid a buck and a half for a shard of the one broken dog Ballon thing.

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