ICU nurse's take on 'How It Started ...' meme goes viral 1

ICU nurse’s take on ‘How It Started …’ meme goes viral


Kathryn, a 28-year-old ICU nurse whose take on the "How It Started … How It's Going" meme went viral, tells CNN's Brooke Baldwin about the toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on health care workers.

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    1. @AGYEMANG EUNICE I am copying well it been a great. What I have seen of then pandemic has been very little but then over reaction of the media needs addressing.
      Enemy of the people using fear to control people with fake news

    2. I dont know they ask .. CNN witness are always unknown source or someone from a very small hospital.
      But the theme of looking after line worked should alway be appreciated. CNN and the serpant using them as pawns in this fear and hate campaign to control people .
      Unplug from the matrix watch the real news newsmax, CNN, oan.
      Parler uncensored platform.
      Must a reason big tech dont want you to see the sidney Powell evidence

  1. Those people harassing her, wtf

    1. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact their attitudes will likely change when they can blame a democratic president for the failing of the epidemic. Then we will finally unite.

    2. @Jonathan Rodriguez You do realize that people can lie about receiving harassing comments on twitter, right? Nah I guess you don’t.

    1. I remember a South Dakota nurse saying a Trumpist spent some of his last moments denying he had Covid instead of asking her to convey last words to his family.

  2. You can Thank Trump for the dark death and misery he’s causing with his intentional inaction against COVID-19 including his superspreader events infecting his own supporters.

    1. I’m sure you’re fine with the communist mobs that have been rioting for 5 months though.

    2. @NPC Non Binary Demigender Pansexual Two Spirit Are you referring to the assault rifle carrying mobs entering statehouses upset because they don’t want to protect fellow Americans by wearing mask?

    3. @Dani Yes Trump and republicans have been behind it and other election for years. That’s why Trump put DeJoy heading the postal system to sabotage delivery of mail in ballots. Get it?

    4. donald j trump LIED People To DEATH, by the thousands.
      He used his ‘bully pulpit’ to get his simple minded followers to engage in Death Causing Actions. trump did this with malignancy and premeditation.

  3. She looks very very tired. I thank her for her service and risking her life to save ours.
    Thank you. If only our government would help us… If only.

    1. @Zho Hui govt can make a national plan for all states to work together using same rules rather than governors piecemeal plan we have now

    2. @UCgFKYGgJ7uFc-ShIwqFYa-g agreed simple solution??? Dont live in fear over a cold and by the way just like you have the right not to fear death i have the right to refuse a cold vaccine check and mate

    3. @Andrea Phillips but can’t forced people to get a cold shot if they don’t want to if it against there will thats is belive it or not taking away there freedom i know i know

    4. @Andrea Phillips move to North korea is u hate people have the right to be forced to not wear a mask over a cold

    1. Well said you must be the responsible type of man.Well said and how are you coping with the pandemic at your end

    2. @Aleese McGrew my wife, my sister, my sister in law and my 3 daughters are all NURSES and all but 1 of them are assigned to COVID patients…..I’ll go by what they & my eyes tell me before LYING, Agenda pushing, political hack, propaganda MSM says!!!!

  4. Trump claimed credit for everything when it was all good but now none of this health and economic disaster is his fault. Obviously

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman Bullshit. The economy is not “booming”. The Federal Reserve and the Treasury have pumped trillions of dollars into the economy. The only reason the stock market hasn’t dived already is because the Jerome Powell has made it clear he will keep interest rates at zero and literally print any amount of money necessary to keep banks liquid. You have no understanding of basic economic principles. Trump took the longest running economic recovery in American history he inherited from Barack Obama and turned it into what will undoubtedly be a double dip recession if Moscow Mitch McConnell doesn’t pass a significant stimulus package that Pelosi and Jerome Powell are both demanding. McConnell is more interested like trump and manuchin in crippling the economy for their political reasons than worrying about how people effected by the coronavirus pandemic are suffering. Go away. You’re a fool

    2. @Jimmy Jones I’m not gonna go away. You know just as well as I do that Pelosi is the one who is blocking the stimulus bill to make Trump look bad. It also explained why the Republicans gained 14 seats in the house. You are a fool for believing otherwise. Also, I know basic economic principles. When the stock market is up, that means that the economy is up. I may be 16 years old, but even I know that when the DOW is above 30,000, then that means that good things are happening.

    3. @The End Right, because 6 million votes and 306 to 232 is totally a “barely” win. Remember, Trump himself called that margin an “electoral landslide” when he beat Clinton. Might wanna update your talking points, you’re not persuading anyone here.

    1. @MD JG Take care my friend & that brave lady That loves life & understands the human condition. Adio. Amechi. Arnold Bourbon Amaral

    2. @Signals of Virtue Being in the front lines during a pandemic for 12 hour shifts everyday is being a hero. Without them others wouldn’t live. You need to learn your place.

    3. @Robert Telles Yes we do. Thats called humanitarian. Especially if there lives could of been spared by a lying president being honest from beginning. My God I pray you do not reap what you sow.

    1. @Stan Wilson Plague is a joke. No more death this year overall than any year. Let’s get real, Trump, Obama, Bush, your leader is NOT responsible for your health. GROW UP.

    1. @Denis I couldn’t care less what you or anyone else thinks. I’ll give you a little pass since you don’t live here…..You don’t understand our laws nor our Constitution….our election is not over…..the electorates have NOT met and the Supreme Court has not had a say. Wait on it . Biden is going to prison for accepting his son’s paid for access to a government official. I do not lie….you or anyone else is not worth my efforts to support a lie. Truth belongs to everyone at no cost….It makes it easy to share.

    2. @Dani No dear, I asked you if you meant like the republican voter who was caught using his dead mother’s id.

  5. Didn’t our Liar-in-Chief say that the case number would dwindle to nothing after 11/3?

    And what is that POS doing nowadays? Playing golf!!!

    1. @Steve K I was trump who politisized masks, his pathetic stance from the onset has effected us in the UK and around the world too.

    2. @Doug H This why people see your type as ” The Trump Cult ” Any leader with the resourses would have moved heaven and earth to get a vaccine ASP, you attribute it to your almighty trump, a cretin who couldn’t even put on an effing mask !

  6. Wow, These people are literally giving up their own lives to help and save others, While the lunatics still call the virus a lie and a hoax, Thanks to Don and his ignorant cult followers !

    1. @Thyalwaysseek my god keep you & bless you always. My his light shine bright when your looking to find your way through the dark!
      Stay safe & stay well!

    2. @Susanne Grabowski God will keep me and bless me if He sees fit has nothing to do with you or your insincere and empty words.

    3. @jake piemme Yes the lemmings all think they’re right as they go off the cliff together, if that’s your measure of what is correct then all the best. I also never said the virus was a hoax and I am not a Trumper but not surprised you would be so dishonest as a way to try and discredit me.

    4. @Grant Houle Personal insults are always a good gauge on the quality of information one has to add to a discussion.

    1. Blame China for the virus!
      They infected the world, and if it wasn’t for Trump and Warp speed ..
      there would be no vaccine…
      So much for the educated so called woke!

    2. Remember the TDS epidemic and all the delicious libtard tears that resulted

    3. @L China doesnt control Americas reaponce to the pandemic. You realize trump has zero doing with the vaccine right? You really are stupid

    4. @NPC Non Binary Demigender Pansexual Two Spirit too bad yall already cried a river and will again come January 20th

    1. @The End If I could, I would look at the characteristics of the asymptotic group (age, geography, activities before contracting COVID, etc.) compared to the hospitalized cases and see if the majority of the hospitalized ones got it from close contact with the asymptotic people with no masks on or some other activity. If it’s the former it will mean people should wear masks. If it’s the latter, we have to see more details.

    2. @Susanne Grabowski I’m so sorry for not recognizing your name. I so enjoyed our earlier chat, and it was great to see you again. If I think of anything else folks could do to help, I’ll let you know as soon as possible! But for now, I’d just be happy to see more people wearing masks; it’s the best tool we’ve got at the moment, and would spare tens of thousands of lives if people would just do it. It’s so easy, and can help so many.

  7. She, a nurse on the “front-line”, is getting abuse? Meanwhile the guy, who’s telling his people to “gather” for thanksgiving is the “warrior”?


    1. @tia acosta thyalwaysseek,is a troll
      Ignore them or shower them w/ blessings. (They don’t know how to respond to that)

    2. @Fatima Mirza thyalwaysseek is a troll. Just bless it’s little heart (they don’t know how to respond)

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