'Idiotic': Watch lawyers react to Trump's new lawsuit 1

‘Idiotic’: Watch lawyers react to Trump’s new lawsuit


Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday filed proposed class-action lawsuits targeting Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey, as well as YouTube and its parent company's CEO Sundar Pichai, in a Hail Mary move after being removed from their platforms. Courts have typically dismissed similar suits, and these are likely doomed from the start as well.

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    1. @Daniel Nehdar Can I come to your house and say the vilest things about you, your wife and your children without you showing me the door?

    1. @My Boy Cyrus
      You are educated people; poorly educated…you don’t know WTF is going on. You are just like all the other dumb Republicans.

    2. @My Boy Cyrus he is a big looser , even his own family,wife are not supporting him , thats a looser symptom!

    3. @All Praise Goddess Monika Most of the Vaccinated wouldn’t mind having a way to separate ourselves from the unvaccinated. And wouldn’t mind,,a Passport at all. I hate having to wear a mask just because a unvaccinated decides to be in the same restaurant with Vaccinated people. Some are going to get sick! But if we had a Passport, and only people with the Passport was allowed inside,We would feel safer. After all the things the unvaccinated have said about the” trama” of getting the shot, dangerous and “what’s in it”and so on, We have put Our lives in Jeopardy!! For the people of the USA, to make the world safer for us All. Yeah,a Passport wouldn’t hurt to get one. And if it is all about”Tracking” (geeez) Then get rid of all your phones!! Even your TV’s. Just about all tech!

    1. @Xmas ..Whatever makes you happy and keeps you inside your bubble..God have mercy on your soul

    2. @jojolouis ..Why don’t you just join some hater notorious groups and burn some flags so the level of your anxiety might get better?
      You haven’t been to the Middle East nor known it’s history.. Moses was there thousands of years before Jesus and way before even people called “ Arab”..!

      I’m not surprised by the ignorance of some liberals as these haters are the ones who elected Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar..the most shallow haters I’ve ever known of..

    3. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe You literally use talking points that are only in the rightie bubble and you say I’m in a bubble? LMAO, that’s because your bubble says anyone that disagrees with your bubble masters are in a bubble. Wake up. You’re on the wrong side of history.

    4. @ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED Joe “was viewed by 3.6Million while live on YouTube”
      This might come as a surprise to you, but that is not a “prohibiting a person’s freedom of speech” issue.

      “some channel that I don’t recall it’s name-.. YouTube/Liberals got scared so they banned that channel”
      This might come as a surprise to you, but that *STILL* is not a “prohibiting a person’s freedom of speech” issue, even IF your statement was true. You communists think that private companies shouldn’t have the ability to make their own terms of service.

      Trump held a rally. That by itself demonstrates that he DOES have freedom of speech. What he DOESN’T have is some inherent right to be hosted on every social media platform even when he’s violating their terms of service.

  1. The way he says their names…he’s so awful. No canceling says the guy who wants SNL canceled for making fun of him. It never ends with this maniac.

    1. Yeah, I just had someone respond to my statement that the orange man can barely read the teleprompter. He tells me I’m wrong, the orange one doesn’t use a teleprompter, that’s Biden. These people are so uninformed it’s pitiful. While true that Biden uses a teleprompter, so does every other politician which includes the orange man

    1. The probe that proved the orange traitor’s Russian collusion? Seems like money well spent.

    2. I mean it’s not hard to listen to multiple sources. Trumps campaign fund alone has a couple hundred million since the election.

  2. I love how these people can go speak on a national stage and complain they are being censored. They are so quick to argue businesses are free to operate how they want when they are refusing service to the lgbtq+ community, or any other disenfranchised community, but when someone cuts them off suddenly they sing a different tune.

    1. @joewayne Actually if you subscribe to Trumps alternative facts you are either very ignorant or delusional yourself. The fact is he doesn’t care about you though. He loves ignorant people because they blindly follow him. Why do you think he had to give all of those people their money back who donated massive amounts to his so called campaign when in actuality it was lining his pockets. You gotta read the fine print. Lol Enjoy the kool-aid.

    2. @joewayne there was 139M registered voters on November 1st. 156M ballots where counted. November 4th they claimed 75M people same day registered to vote bringing the total up to 220M registered votes. Why would 75M people register to vote at the voting both then 52M decided to go home instead of vote on same day registration? These numbers are so brazen an 8 year old could figure out this doesn’t make a bit of sense. Please indulge me on how this make any sense with all your lefty galaxy brain wisdom as I am truly lost on my first grade math skills.

    3. @J S chill out bro. If it doesn’t fit the narrative you’re a trumpter or conspiracy theorist.

  3. “Senator” Hawley, the Declaration is not law of the land, the Constitution forbids legal establishment of religion, and Google is not part of the government as restricted by the 1st Amendment. I’m saying this as a religious, Southern, white male, logged in with my Google account. The Senator’s argument is broadly misinformed.

    1. “Our laws come from God – not Google!”

      WHELP he seems to liken himself as God! Because he’s part of Gouvernement which makes US-Law… And his brain-dead followers applaud him for it…

  4. Key words
    “If this lawsuit goes forward”
    45 not getting enough attention. Slowly fading into oblivion

    1. IDK Trump announced his presidential campaign for 2024 but nobody from the associated press will report it. Are you sure you are not being gas lit by cuck nation news? Because you seem to not even know he is running for president. It’s almost like CNN is fascist propaganda and NOT news. How could they miss that bombshell?

    1. He actually is being censored though. While yes he’s on a podium speaking, in this day and age a large portion of reaching out is done over social media. Given that he quite literally is censored from that, his statement isn’t false. Just because he’s being shown on CNN (which means nothing because they’ve proven they’ll cut out whatever doesn’t fit their narrative) doesn’t mean he isn’t being censored.

    2. @John Bob I think we all know he’s being censored which the tech companies are allowed to do. After all, when you incite an Insurrection, you deserve it. He’s actually a menace.

    3. @Mark and Sandie In Motion. I agree, theyre private companies however saying he incited an insurrection is asinine. If you believe what they’re censoring him for is legit while you don’t have the same energy about censoring Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar and AOC, then you’re nothing but a hypocrite and don’t hate Trump because what he did. You hate him because you were told to.

  5. I’d be disgusted if the courts actually heard the case, let alone bring it to a verdict in his favor. This man is insane!

  6. Funny that the very man that wants to trash and destroy the Constitution, is now quoting it. Ironic.

  7. The Loser will lose like always. He’s played this game his whole life, and loses about everytime.

    1. except for all the political lawsuits, 2016 election and Russian hoaxes against him lmao

    2. He won on Nov 8, 2016. He defeated the smartest woman alive along with the smarted outgoing president alive.

    3. Trump hasn’t been convicted in a single court house yet. Don’t you find it strange how the world loved Trump til he ran for president? Rappers use to write songs about being like Trump and even Obama said “It’s the American dream to be like Trump”. But in 24 hours all of a sudden, he was a rapist, tax evading criminal… Can you remember back to when you thought for yourself before the 6 years of reckless fascist hate speech propaganda towards our president and country? Everyone wanted to be Trump living the life of ritchie rich.

    1. since when are lefty democrats like you supporting big business & billionaires silencing free speech & meddling in our elections????

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