'If It's Not Legislative Change It Will Only Be Temporary': Sharpton Presses Policing Bill 1

‘If It’s Not Legislative Change It Will Only Be Temporary’: Sharpton Presses Policing Bill


Rev. Al Sharpton talks with Rachel Maddow about how the size and diversity of the support that has coalesced around the call for accountability for George Floyd's murder has made him hopeful for the passage of the federal George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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'If It's Not Legislative Change It Will Only Be Temporary': Sharpton Presses Policing Bill


  1. You can’t just pass laws you have to have a means to enforce them when law enforcement are the ones breaking the law.

    1. That’s why root and branch reform is the key. If they spend generously on VETTING, and only take people who want a, “vocation,” and not just a, “job,” that’s where it counts. You can’t train a thug in how not to be a thug, so Chauvin had no place in policing. Spend a fortune on expert vetting, THEN training, and the tax payer will thank you, when it costs far less than regular million dollar settlements.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera : Look at every video of police brutality (or failure) you’ve seen lately and ask, what do they all have in common? In every case, there are other cops present who know this is all getting way out of hand, but are not willing to assert that in real time with their colleague/s. THAT’S the, “culture,” right there. The single, “rotten apple,” is facilitated by the branches of the rotten tree. If it were up to me, I’d be setting up stringent new training programs, with a, “Pass or Fail,” outcome, for every cop on the force; run by outsiders with police training, from totally different states. And, they should use anything (physical fitness, psych evals, whatever) to root out the racists and the thugs, with brutal efficiency. All reinforced by the measures outlined in my comment above. . . But then, it’s not up to me is it . . .

    3. @Elizabeth Madison : The problem there, is similar to Gun Control issues. Good people are having to battle, just to get everyone at a base level and on the same page! Those measures are the starting point for progress. So, while I fully support them, they represent a beginning, nothing more. If only the GOP was less concerned about preventing this administration from succeeding at anything, and gave a sh*t about the people they get paid to represent, they wouldn’t have to rig the voting system to keep in power, and maybe (just MAYBE!) they could, “win,” votes?

    4. @Ash Roskell It’s up to all of us. We need to stand together and oppose this corrupt and oppressive system.

    5. @Ash Roskell yeah I agree, that’s why I called the bill a start. I love your pass/fail idea. When someone’s in a position where they’re equipped to end someone’s life within seconds, that brutal efficiency you mentioned is necessary. The origins of American policing are egregious enough to demand complete reform. 1312

  2. Guilty Guilty Guilty do like Darnella!! her courage & testimony made accountability possible! continue to fight against criminal policing! Pass the George Floyd Bill!

    1. Honestly, I had no idea from watching this guy on TV. I always liked the guy, but when I heard his funeral oration for George Floyd, I started looking up other examples of his pastoral speaking. “Eloquent,” just doesn’t cover what he does. I think he really is blessed? When he comforts those grieving families, he’s on fire! Just love the guy now

  3. You have to do more then just change the laws of policing. You have to change everything about the society.

    1. Exactly! I can be trained to not shoot you but I can’t be trained to care about you. More love – fewer guns!

  4. A Federal Version of the UCMJ for ALL law enforcement forces; prosecution can no longer be left to the locals… Federal investigation/prosecution should be universal SOP (who’s watching the hen house??) …not entirely dissimilar to select precepts of the 14th Amendment (once the “Interstate Commerce” principle was enabled…)

  5. I was looking forward to hearing from Al Shrapton. You wouldn’t know it from his TV persona, but his funeral orations BURN with passion and righteousness. Love this guy. Eloquence just doesn’t cover it.

  6. No point in police authorities identifying “BAD APPLES” if they keep putting them back in the barrel to create more of the same

  7. That’s the next goal and let’s not grow weary in well doing for we shall reap a harvest if we faint not! Stay prayerful and get to work family!!!!

  8. Cops are trained to be hostile in urban or black communities. They come in like anti social enemy troops. Bad apples is a talking point created to sidetrack our minds

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