If Not For A Teenager’s Recording Of Floyd’s Murder, The World Would Have Believed The Police Lie 1

If Not For A Teenager’s Recording Of Floyd’s Murder, The World Would Have Believed The Police Lie


Lawrence O’Donnell says then 17-year old Darnella Frazier knew something had to be done to help George Floyd and recording his murder was the only thing she could do. Aired on 04/20/2021.
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If Not For A Teenager’s Recording Of Floyd’s Murder, The World Would Have Believed The Police Lie



    1. @Em Andem I said unarmed but I guess you didn’t catch that part and there are studies out by the doj and the Harvard institute fir my facts not yours.

    2. @Tracy Rowe counterfeit would have been investigated by the secret service. He fought because he knew not only was he going to go to jail for passing a counterfeit bill, he had drugs with him as well. He fought the whole time hence the reason so many police were there and in the video I witnessed him struggle until he basically didn’t. For people to push racism into this is ridiculous. I was a juror for a trial of a black man won’t say the charges against him but had a black DA, 10 of the jurors were black a white lady and myself. We were the only 2 jurors saying he was innocent. How’s that for justice and racism.

    1. Only police get the short end of the stick. Chauvin should have been charged only with manslaughter. So much interference in the trial before trial even started.

    2. @Daniel Pickrell You left off the /s at the end of your post. Police ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt, that is, unless it is a Black cop who shoots a white suspect.

  2. Today’s verdict was a huge relief. I hope that the justice finally afforded the black community today is only the beginning. I pray for a better, more just, equal society going forward.

    1. Police brutality and lies affect the entire society negatively. This verdict is the opinion of the whole diverse society, as was the brave jury….. Police, take note

    2. @RS W we can only hope. But with clowns like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and racists mouthpieces like Tucker Carlson…. I just don’t now.

    3. I sure hope those other officers who did to stop chauvin (his name does deserve capitalization because there is and never was anything in him that made him worthy of even a Sir). The police department’s not only need to be retrained but they need to have their bloated budgets cut and some money allocated to health workers that can help people who need mental health care not brutes with bullets! I’m referring more to the 73 year old woman who was thrown to the ground 2 days ago where she was so small and under weight that a brown skinnned was brave enough to walk up & question the officer who was being so brutal to her because he thought she was a child. I know this is not about George but it touches on the crimes commit on too much levels and get away far too often. The whole system is rotten and we have WAY to many cops and police divisions. Ice should have never been created (U can Bush Jr for implementing that in 2002 I believe was the year, so let’s abolish! Tired of hard earned tax dollars not only paying these people’s salaries when there are too many of them we either DO not need or want for that matter and then there is the military costs we pay for which amounts to 51% of taxes but it is okay that companies don’t pay us a living wage nor do too politicians give a crap us!

    1. @Terry Boot if that dirty cop was decent he would of let Mr. Floyd live. Then he would still be a cop and you would be more respectful of our Creator.

    2. I am not a religious person, but I cannot find a better way to say it. She should be recognized for her heroism. I hope she knows how proud we are if her.

    3. Did Ben Dump and the Floyd crime family give her a few hundred thousand. This modern day mistrial show trial will be overturned and Derek Chauvin will be charged with no more then manslaughter with a 10 year max and with his good record he may serve 3 at the most. In the meantime I wish you whiners would just STHU!

    4. @Lawngue Blackduke Amen! She was braver than the police officers that stood by and did nothing. That’s the problem with our police, they let the rotten apples do whatever they want and soon the whole tree is poisoned and dead. A teenage girl had more guts and character than any of those cops and that’s sad.

  3. Sweet Darnella, I’m so sorry for the trauma you had suffered and still suffering from but thank you for exposing the truth to the entire world. Sending love and healing to you.

    1. Thank you Miss Frazier, you are wise beyond your years. A nation applauds your actions and bravery. Hopefully the multitude of recording devices used by everyone, everywhere, inspire lawful actions from those who have sworn oaths.

    2. I hope George Family with all the money they received from the settlement can pay for security for her. It is being reported that she is receiving death threats.

    3. @Liline DarRic yes, let’s bash the family of the victim who was brutally murdered for all to see.
      You’re a sweetheart you are.

  4. This reporter, man.. Tearing up in every word he says and I’m thousands of miles away here in the Philippines. This news is awesome. Bless You, sir and your team.

    1. Lawrence is an ok interviewer, rambles alot and can make uncomfortable conversation.

      But he’s one of the few who actually gets it beyond a political view. He understands american history. And he understands people. I was hoping he his last word segment was good and he didn’t disappoint.

    2. o really? so you are so compassionate about huge male with muscles occasionally robbering people being high from weed…what about the pregnant woman he offended? you faricees . that male could work daytime unloading trucks. and evenings..praying to God and reading usefull deep books. but in that case he wouldn’t cause your pity

    1. @Roland Turner Please stop this “I will add you to my prayer list” crap. You’re just virtue signaling, and you’re not fooling anyone but yourself.

    2. @Jon Stone This is where you are making the intellectual mistake. No one on this earth can truly convince another human of something God is not willing to do beyond the means He already has provided. You are expecting a Man to prove to you God’s existence. It doesn’t work that way. This is exactly why you are having such a difficult time figuring this out. I don’t mean to seem evasive, but there is no evidence I will be able to produce to persuade you of something you already know in your heart yet deny. The responsibility of this is not on me. It is on you. You will never be able to turn that around and make it anyone else’s responsibility as each of us is held accountable of our own decisions and actions. The evidence you seek has been staring you in the face your whole life. The question is are you willing to ask for help from Him to decipher it. If you walk into that action thinking you already know the answer you will be lead astray.

      While you may not agree today, one day you will.

    3. @Roland Turner With this latest comment, you can now be officially crowned the queen of intellectual dishonesty. You falsely claim that you don’t mean to be evasive, but that’s exactly what you mean to do. You’ve made no attempt to produce a shred of evidence to prove the existence of your god, and now you’ve shirked all responsibility to do so. Enough is enough. Enough lies. Enough evasion. Enough phoniness. Enough. Enough. Enough. At long last, sir, have you no shame?

    4. @Roland Turner It’s pretty bad when some lowly atheists have to struggle so hard to try to get a shred of honesty out of a Christian. It’s harder than pulling teeth with a pair of needle nose pliers.

  5. Without that video the sneaky brutes would have gotten away with it. God bless Darnella Frazier. I didn’t know she stood her ground and kept recording the murder, even when Chauvin threatened to mace her. There is bravery for you.

    1. @mightymissk Fact, Floyd was committing a crime at the time he was stopped by the cops. Fact, he was high as a kite on fentanyl. Fact, he had a heart condition. Fact, he said he could not breathe while inside the car before Chauvin got on top of him. Fact, his trachea was not damaged. Fact, all you people on the side of Floyd are RACIST against anyone who is not black. Enough said .

    2. @nova00boss no it is not, I saw the video from the other 3 cameras that were on the officers present at the time and Ben Shapiro, who knows way more than you stated that the doctors agreed that his trachea was not broken so he was getting air but because of the drugs in his system he could not breathe. The only person guilty of Floyd’s death are Floyd himself and his drug dealer.

    3. @mightymissk OMG,What video did you watch? I saw the video and Floyd was already saying he could not breathe before he was taken out of the car, and yes, the so called victim was committing a crime, was high as a kite on fentanyl and was resisting arrest at the time of his death.

    4. @Al Notterbot The feeling is much more the other way around because you cannot even define looting. So you believe it’s ok for people to smash up somebody’s livelihood and steal their merchandise?

    5. @crikey47
      No, he’s going to call YOU a racist and or deflect, they ALWAYS do that. Blatant ACTUAL racists call others racist when they get caught and called out for racism.

  6. They lie like this everyday of the week before breakfast across our country, Standard Cop procedure. Thanks to this one brave young lady they got caught this time in their lies and got nailed. Nice!!

    1. Even in broad daylight…even knowing they were being recorded…they STILL LIED on their official reports. That’s a level of comfort and hubris and arrogance that everyone should take note of. These are the same people who testify in court, under oath, and whose sole word can lead to convictions.

    2. Yeah, it seems unlikely that this is rare. Why would it be? Not saying they are always trying to cover a murder, but if they would do this, they would surely fudge on less serious incidents.

    3. Oh, you know the thousands of cops? How?
      Is it standard procedure to believe someone like propaganda puppets on cable?
      Sadly, for some, yes.

  7. Darnella Frazier….
    True Character shows up in Times of Crisis…
    Yours Is Extraordinary!!!
    Thank You for Your Bravery & Courage!!!

    1. June James
      Agree with you so glad justice prevailed, to think if it wasn’t for Darnella Frazier …chavin would have walked away a free man…no accountability no nothing….I’m crying tears of relief Darnella you are a hero , God bless you lots of love from Scotland… hold yr head high.

  8. My God, how they lied on that police report. Beyond shameful!!! They believed they’d have the last word — Thank you Darnella.

    1. @Number Nine like anything you’ve said or will say is important enough to be taken down. What a joke.

  9. It scary to think that if Darrnella didn’t record this murder Chauvin et al could have gotten away with this murder. God Bless this Young girl. and all the other bystanders that did what they could in attempt to help Mr. Floyd.

    1. @Inquisitor Biden you know china have millions to trump for empty office space
      That trump harmed farmers because his failed chinese policies
      He praised china for its actions with corona and its transparency over 15 times and sent tons of PPE to them and made American doctors wear garbage bags

    2. @Inquisitor Biden funny how china is failing with businesses, empty high rises
      Funny how trump’s kids got special treatment after his election

    3. @Sagi Lyonheart listen i dont think anything i say can convince you… So how about you check out this channel called China Uncensored i think you will be able to agree to atleast a few things i have said if you were better informed on how the chinese have been operating against the USA

    4. @Sagi Lyonheart moreover US literally gave away most of their manufacturing capabilities to China so correct me if am not wrong at the start of the virus US did not have the ability to even make medicines since everything was being made in China, not gonna say Trump did a good job or anything, but you can hate Trump while also hating China.

    5. Listening to their testimony is heartbreaking, you know this is going to be with these witnesses for a long time. It was almost as awful as the video itself.

  10. In this day and age, police body cams and citizen’s cell phone recorders are exposing the truth of police-citizen interactions.

    1. @Chase Austin I believe you are a ignorant person. I am not here to spread hate but I have worked and earned the right to express my opinions. I even protected intellectuals like you.

    2. @Grammar Police – You are correct. There needs to be a national standard for the deployment of body cams and the release of the cams during high profile incidents.

  11. Thank you so much Darnella for being so courageous and steadfast as you bore witness to that horror. If not for you, George Floyd would have been forgotten. If not for you these difficult conversations we are having now would still be silent. May God bless you and aid in your healing from the trauma you endured by bearing witness.

  12. Never travel alone, never leave your cell phone at home, never allow your cell phone battery to die. This young lady who recorded the video is a hero and should be financially rewarded by the Mr Flloyd”s family.

    1. Good point! She could not have made her historic and heroic recording if she had left her phone at home or let the battery die! She kept her phone in a state of readiness and secured the evidence the whole society needs to stop murderers hiding behind a badge!

  13. Darnell Frazier is a hero, nothing more and Nothing less. Her family has so much to be proud of and she did such a great job on the stand. She was so strong, she is an example to us all. May she find and live in peace

  14. I remember her post terrified because she had posted the truth. She videotaped the police cars outside her home. People didn’t listen to her at first. She was brave beyond her years. RIP George Floyd. Kia Kaha Arohanui from New Zealand.

  15. That’s honestly one of the infuriating things about this situation…everyone knows if this hadn’t been recorded, this would’ve easily been swept under the rug and written off as a death by “natural causes”.

    1. Yeah, Schlagel (sp?) shot a man in the back in broad daylight then calming walked around staging the scene. Lied in mulitple reports. He would have gotten away with it but for a random person who took video of the shooting and subsequent police activities.

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