Illegal Migration of Jamaicans | Lock-ups Unsanitary, Cops Raise Concern #tvjmiddaynews

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  1. The government put tourist and outsiders over the the citizens of the country others can come here and enjoy what we have but we are denied access. So why should the people not seek better for themselves πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ€¨

    1. Some people in the USA are living worst then Jamaican look up some of the worst place to love in the USA and you will see so who USA put over there people 😒

    2. @Keresha Murray I am not talking about the USA. I am talking about the Jamaican government who put tourist and outsiders over the citizens of Jamaica πŸ‘€

    3. I was in hellsher beach yesterday they charge $100 per person .Nice to see so many local people have some where to enjoy their self in a family friendly environment .but the place is like .a garbage collection site . Tourists have nice places to go and local attractions are akin to a garbage site where does that $100 person go..oh boy wish I was a millionair I would put money in there for free to clean up the place for local

    4. There are too many lazies in Jamaica. Too many times we think the grass is greener on the other side. That’s far from the truth. There are numerous jobless, homeless people in these other countries. “BLOOM WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED.” Life is challenging everywhere.

  2. Jamaican need house,light,water,jobs and farm land so that those without a skills or trade can try farming

  3. The parents should teach their children to read and write before they start primary school
    Or send them to Sunday school it help

  4. The education system has been failing for decades. The fact that some high schools did well disguised the fact that they were only a small part of the whole.

    In fact it’s got worse for a variety of reasons. For instance; parents aren’t focused on their children’s development, schools are under resourced and expected to be surrogat parents, lack of disciline, children spend too much time on social media and attention spans getting shorter and shorter.
    Of course there are other issues but those sprung to mind.

    1. Parents a sabotage their children when them mek them 12yrs a sleep a man yard and bother parents know. What part a that 12 yr old enough to be involved with a man… and having babies at the age. Teachers are there to teach not to be abused by these people and their unwanted bad getten pickney.

    2. @I am Mrs Ross unfortunately I know that you are correct. Jamaica as a society is promoting the wrong things as virtues. Why be educated when dem can deal drugs. It was bad enough when i was a yout in a noted bad area, now it seems to have become the norm.

    3. In my analysis the reason education system fails is the sorting system we have in place. Public schools like immaculate take the “best ” students, but these students are almost entirely from the most priveliged households (wealth is significantly correlated with educational outcome), they are not inherently or innately smarter that the kids from other socioeconomic backgrounds. By comparison most developed countries have a zoning system for schools and schools are ensured to be on equal footing. When you group up all the priveliged people in one system, those people become even more isolated, detached and self involved. The less privileged group gets less resources, less exposure, lesser networks and less opportunities. You iterate this process over many generations and you end up with the kind of society we have

  5. Illegally migrating to another country is not the answer I can tell you now is very dangerous life are death journey, the government need to put something in place so the people can have a steady income, some Warehouse/factories are something, and not just worry about lining their pockets and selling out Jamaica.

    1. Do we have a government or someone who’s just taken up the space . An telling u what he wants don’t care for the poor an needy are u blind.

    2. Jamaica is the deadliest nation on earth. Even the journey through Mexico (a 1st tier developing country, cartels not withstanding) and across the border of an unwelcoming country doesn’t compare to the dangers and indignities citizens suffer in their own country. Jamaica only continues to exist because of emigration and the remittances of emigrants

    3. @D Monk we need to change that narrative and paint Jamaica in a better light, I think if the people come together and flip the switch and unite I feel we could have a better country, blessings.

  6. Dehumanizing themselves like a runaway slave,. paying their
    way into Slavery with their own money.

  7. People from foreign that come here have opportunity we who are born Jamaican here don’t have none

    1. The ones that have money need try help those wit no training to get training for jobs hair dressing nil techs cooki,g classes sewing and things for boys too

    2. @Jennifer M Wow…what a low blow! As an educator for over 30 years, I feel this one. This did not come from a place of love! How about parents helping their kids first? Why teachers first? Just asking! All teachers are not trained the same. Special Education teachers get special training! Again, parents, parents, parents!

  8. So with all the challenges here in Jamaica that cannot be readily addressed by this administration, what can prime minister holiness do to help Haiti

  9. Like the attorney said in the video…why are people moving to live in Jamaica…if things are so bad? The work that some Jamaicans will do outside of Jamaica…they won’t do in Jamaica. FACTS!(Of course more$$$.)

    1. Is because the pay they get out side is better than what they get in Jamaica simple facts

    2. In the US for house keeping $12-$15/h minimum =$120daily in jamaica $3k-$4k daily maximum. No brainer for even a monkey. Government fi do better.

    3. @Damian Smith My question is…can the gov’t do better? Im not a financial expert and I don’t know how much $$ the gov’t earns…so, I can not say they can! Now, if they can, I agree that they should pay everyone more. Our dollar is the second weakest in the Caribbean, next to Guyana! And dat soon change! Are you old enuff to recall when the JA dollar was stronger than the US…@ early 70s? JA

  10. Whenever there is opportunities we Jamaicans tears it down and theif all we can and then blame the government or the systems for their demise, we need to different mind set,I hope when they get other opportunities they will work a honestly

  11. No, the issue is that foreigners have easier access to these opportunities than are locals, the system makes it 100 times more difficult for us, than it does for foreigners. This is in an effort to show foreigners that we are welcoming.
    The gut wrenching part for me, is that when we go to foreign, the opposite is true. I have living evidence of it, I can prove it. Smh

    1. I live in Canada and still have ties in Jamaica but the reality is the Jamaican economy is too small to accommodate every one. The lawyer’s bread is buttered. He can’t talk for the masses of Jamaicans. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡―πŸ‡²πŸ‡―πŸ‡²

    2. @Mister Lexx you are absolutely right. Those who do not have to think about where their next meal is coming from can say anything they want.
      For the majority of Jamaicans, it’s a bread and butter thing.

    3. U mean relatively speaking. Yes foreigners are not ‘welcomed’ to these developed countries, but they are more welcomed than in the country they are coming from

    4. @D Monk relatively speaking yes, but trust me, I’m in one now, and although I’m making nation building contributions they hate me (us foreigners) like poison! So much so, that if tomorrow morning my country Jamaica pay me Β½ of what I get here I leave immediately.

  12. The government should me ashamed of the state of the lock ups and police stations…they should be locked up in these same disgusting places.

  13. Naah, not everything said is true. The good opportunities in Jamaica are mostly reserved for those who have ‘links’ to put them there. While US, Canada, UK, etc. aren’t all perfect, there are many more opportunities present, as well as the chance to fully excel in your career, without a ‘link’ getting you there.

    1. True. I live in Canada. I didn’t need any links. The white man is fairer to me than any Jamaican. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

    2. You are talking facts. My experiences and education level keeps going up and its hell to get work cause I don’t have links

  14. I encourage all Jamaica to try and seek a better life for themselves Jamaica opportunities is for politicians and their friend nothing wrong with taking a chance to go to another country to better urself i did it and it work for me

  15. Excellent news program… Covering all the angles and the format n delivery… world class

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