1. In case anyone is still (I said this from the day or so after the invasion) wondering what the ultimate outcome should be on the “autocratic maniacal and heartless oppressor” and those who support him (not the Russian People), the ultimate outcome or what needs to happen is:
    1. this misleader not be recognized by any world leader (those who do, need to be noted and remembered for this) and that he is to be held personally accountable and responsible for every life lost (both Russian and Ukrainian).
    2. reparations be exacted upon him and those who support him (this holds until such time as every penny has been paid) for every building and other physical structures that he has damaged or destroyed
    3. that no world leader communicate with him for any other purpose than to make right what he has made wrong. (as I said a day or two ago, if he can not pay, hand him a broom and let him personally sweep up the rubble of every city [this goes for Chechnya, Syria, etc.] that he has destroyed in view of its citizens to exact upon him the humiliation and shame that he deserves—if in this process he comes to recognize the harm that he has done and the lives that he has destroyed, then let’s talk about forgiveness)…
    In the end it is not about cost of money but justice.

  2. I’m pretty sure Maria is a paragon of having a good attitude after something horrific.

    This woman is pretty awesome.

    1. I’m sure Maria would be one of those great friends you have, that no matter what, they just happy to be alive, i’d like to be friends with maria! in her words ” no im not mad, russians just go away, this is ukraine”!

  3. Man in world where it’s so easy to have anger and swear vengeance this woman takes the high road in terms out attitude. The world would be a much better place if we all shared a fraction of her attitude.

    1. Cat looks just like mine and I wouldn’t let him go either. I hope they all get to a more comfortable place soon.

  4. I’m glad the cat survived too. I was very worried for these pets as well, hoping and praying for the humans and pets’ safety.

  5. Is everyone from Ukraine an undiscovered star? These people are so charming! No wonder the entire world is behind them.

    1. 我的英文水平非常差,但LGB让拜登去吧是一句贬义词,那么你帖子里的让乌克兰走吧!这一句是褒义词还是贬义词呢?

  6. She is beautiful. I pray for her and her family. I can’t imagine waking up one day to this. May the universe bless them all and may the Russian army leave Ukraine in peace

    1. It’s the animals — seeing refugees escape with their little Yorkies and kittens and other pets, that makes it hit home for me. These are normal everyday people who have families and jobs and household pets, just like here in U.S, and they’re being attacked. How awful.

  7. Maria what a upbeat of a person you are stay strong and show the Russian’s people they can blow up your building’s , but they can’t take your spirit’s. AMEN SLAVA UKRAINE AND THE FREE WORLD.

  8. God bless Maria, her family and Mushka the cat. I am South African, and I stand with the wonderful Ukrainian people. Putin the terrible is evil!!! 🇺🇦🙏

  9. OMG. This is heartwrenching. I have a lot of anger right now. She is beautiful and upbeat and positive. I don’t know how she is able to be so amazing, but maybe some day I will be as good a person as she is.

  10. So heartbreaking! I’m glad Maria and her family and cat are okay! Praying very much for Mariupol and all of Ukraine! 💛💙

  11. Maria is so sweet I hate to see this happen to Ukrainians and my thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of Ukraine. I stand with all of you. May God watch over you all. 🇺🇦🇺🇸🇺🇦🇺🇸

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