‘I’m Searching For Truth’ Blumenthal On Being Impartial In Senate Impeachment Trial | All In | MSNBC

‘I’m Searching For Truth’ Blumenthal On Being Impartial In Senate Impeachment Trial | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. Good call out. Moscow Mitch makes sure the Senate does absolutely nothing and gets paid tax payer $ to do it. Get rid of Mitch Kentucky!

    1. Ann Leslie … Please volunteer to work with Amy McGrath
      It’s important McConnell is removed from office,
      It’s difficult to understand why Kentucky has supported him for so long

    2. Laura Drake … don’t forget McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chou,
      She has an import office in US.
      She’s been investigated more than once for illegal and unethical abuse of her role

    3. I am a Kentuckian and I donated to Amy’s campaign we are working hard to get rid of Moscow Mitch!! It’s just these poor “white” hillbilly’s here in Ky that make up most of the state that believes everything Moscow and the president says they are like cattle even if it’s against their own interest like health care and a lot of their supporters are in the Appalachians of Ky and have black lung but will still vote for these clowns!!

    4. I’ll be happy when that Lush Pelosi is out of Congress the woman has no business being there anymore her agenda was obvious and she did not lead a fair Hearing in the house. Funny you all insist that the Senate be fair

  2. I knew the truth about Donald Trump in that he is a no good, criminally corrupt, clown, from the 1st day he stumbled into the White House & even further back in his NYCity days.

    1. Glynis, trump says he is the most transparent president ever, not really, ONLY WHEN HE DOES”T WANT TO BE!! I had to cap that, because if we notice his pattern others do too!! He lays off the tweets when he is scared, he even has the sense to know when he goes to far with his vile tweets, unless someone is telling him, because he is quiet then for awhile, maybe he thinks in a couple days we’ll all forget it! Like when he denies he knows someone, like Lev Parnas, he doesn’t want to know him at all right now, not even a, “I barely knew him!! (when I watched Stephen Colbert tonight to see trump’s denials of knowing Parnas, he had the exact expression on his face, in the doorway of his airplane and a reporter asked if he knew about the payment to Stormy Daniels, and he said, “No.” I am surprise his forehead doesn’t read, “LIAR!!”I think trump looks scared when he is denying Parnas, this situation is an overload on this pathological liar’s system!! trump is going to have to come up with so many lies, all at once, he just may not be able to keep them all straight!!

  3. Can we freaking have some justice here, or the obstruction of justice by the WH and the gop will carry on??? 😡😡😡⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸

    1. Justice appears too much to ask from our current politicians. I’d settle for asking, as Marvin Gaye sung, _“Can_ _I_ _get_ _a_ _witness?”_ Let’s get all the facts out.

    2. We didn’t get any from the Democrats, don’t expect any from the Republicans. The result of a hyper-partizan debate will be no surprise to anyone.

    1. @otto skorzeny Ok let’s entertain your master plan,the enemy is so weak you let them know.You forgot one thing,even if they are weaker they can call out for help,thanks to the moronic idiots that let them know they are coming. Help comes because the idiots leading the rebellion are stupid enough to let them know.Yup again exactly the stupidity I expect from Trumps minions.

    2. @philosophicalreason there aint nobody to help the dems ,theyre on their own. Bunch of weirdos with no way of defending themselves. I guess they could borrow moms dild0 if they need something to fight back with

    3. @otto skorzeny Did you go to trump’s university to believe his crap, Parnas has given over documents,e-mail ,voicemail , phone records, photo gallery, Devin Nunes, has a lot of questions he needs to answer, Bolton book deal is more important to him , and if trump was so innocent why hasn’t he sent documents plus blocking witnesses ?

  4. This presents an opportunity for Roberts to replace Citizens United as his legacy. Hopefully he will not preside over a liars’ circus.

    1. wagas, I doubt he will have any affect on Citizens United even if they are the most despicable organization in the world other than the government of Iran.

    2. Fine do away with citizens united, however unless you do away with the opportunity for labor unions to donate billions to Democrats then no deal the corporation is not a person a union is not a person

  5. If Trump doesn’t resign, it only means democracy has failed. This is not about politics, and it only means there’s no morality in the USA.

    1. And keep in mind Jeremy, “horse face” made him “rise to the occasion” Is anybody really so naive as to think he didn’t do it with her…& bareback, leaving wife and newborn at home?? And didn’t pay to keep it all quiet…… .how many things do you still believe? If the dentist takes out a tooth, do you put it under your pillow?

    2. Or he only lies about topics you tell him he can lie about? Hmm? Did he only call her horse face because he’s guilty and *absolutely hates* the topic?

    3. J, you may go….
      maybe read two Corinthians & watch horse face. You can do both simultaneously, since hypnotist & hypocrit aren’t in your dictionary.

    1. somebody needs to play his constant denials of knowing Lev Parnas, and play the video of them together, I think at his trump Hotel, laughing and talking, like I just saw on Stephen Colbert!! I think it would be so funny after every comedian on TV, and others, making fun of poor Lev, if he was the one who brought this corrupt man down!! I could see it, if Parnas had only one picture taken with trump, but he’s practically got a scrap book!!

  6. Truth? The truth:
    “The outstanding negative quality of the totalitarian elite is that it never stops to think about the world as it really is and never compares the lies with reality.”
    “Totalitarianism in power invariably replaces all first-rate talents, regardless of their sympathies, with those crackpots and fools whose lack of intelligence and creativity is still the best guarantee of their loyalty.”
    “Factuality itself depends for its continued existence upon the existence of the nontotalitarian world.”
    ― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

  7. The line in the sand of history has been crossed. Will there be consequences? The future of this republic depends on the answer

  8. Meanwhile…. Republican Senators are shouting, *“THE* *TRUTH!?* *WE* *CAN’T* *HANDLE* *THE* *TRUTH!”*

    1. @Debbie Packard I agree! Hate goes both ways. It’s called politics. I’m a independent and when I see Democrats high fiving, smirks, over joyous over a impeachment I’m completely disgusted. I’m embarrassed for my country.

  9. US is already a Dictatorship.the House has NO authority any longer. Wake up. Parnas…will be killed, watch what happens. The WH Mobster is a Mafia Boss

  10. This is simple. Trump has been impeached and refuses to cooperate. That is a dictator. He should be removed.

    1. @that wasn’t.chicken No, he hasn’t cooperated one bit with the house investigation. That is unprecedented and gets smacked down everytime it makes it before a judge. You obviously don’t understand the process.

    2. Sort of like the way Hillary Clinton Barack Obama cooperate with a republican Congress over the server and classified emails yeah they were real cooperative

    1. The stench from that basement where Republicans were not allowed to speak or ask questions or call witnesses the one that Adam Schiff presided over is far worse

    2. @russell pearce
      funny, I heard Republicans speak. It appears Trump is the one refusing witnesses which is odd if he’s innocent as he claims.
      I have no side in this circus of lies, what I see is the complete disintegration of what little is left of democracy and the rule of law in the US. It really is a dirty corrupt shithole country.

  11. Senator Blumenthal should have pointed out why the senate is so uneffective now: #MoscowMitch
    This corrupt POS has elevated himself above the will of the American people by deciding what legislation even gets debated, solely based on his own opinion.

  12. Politicians selling out America for personal gains. Looks like another forty years of failed policies from politicians in Washington.

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