‘I’m the wrong guy right now’: Florida mayor quits in middle of city council meeting #Shorts

"I'm concerned where the city is going…this is simple math and we're not doing very well on the test," Mayor Frank Hibbard said as he resigned.

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A Florida mayor quit in the middle of a city council meeting Monday. Clearwater mayor Frank Hibbard packed his bag and said he's the wrong guy for the job, calling the resignation one of the toughest things he has ever done in his life.

"I'm not the right leader for this council anymore," Hibbard said. "I'm concerned where the city is going because this is simple math and we're not doing very well on the test."

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  1. Holy smokes. What got this guy to stand up and walk out? What happened before that? He probably watched my video on Africa, then changed his mind. hahahahaha

  2. No context? I’m pretty sure he’s not a democrat, based on the coherence, lack of virtue signaling, playing victim, or randomly bringing up race.

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