Impact of Strike on Jamaica’s Airports | TVJ News – May 12 2022

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  1. I’m definitely on the side of the workers. They need to start paying the Jamaican workers better, we’re NOT SLAVES.

  2. Majority of the businesses in Jamaica are NOT owned by Jamaicans which means MAJORITY of the money LEAVE the Island. They need to pay our people better WAGES. Stand up for your rights my people.

    1. Just keep in mind that these business people can pack up and go elsewhere. They might be able to pay more, but it is not that simple. They can go to Mexico, Cancun and other destinations in Mexico. And believe me China is not that far away. We destroyed manufacturing in Jamaica and especially the garment manufacturing. We need our people to be very protective, and wildcat strikes must be done with. We need to own the means of production in the country. That’s what the design must be, but keep in mind that the recent wildcat strikes is by public service workers. Those vital segments of the country must not be allowed to strike at all.

  3. Everybody apologizing to the tourist nobody apologizing to the workers and their families for the low wages.

  4. Sigh I feel bad for them but I’m happy they return to work because I’m coming on Monday 😢

  5. Jamaica is not a real place. This is a total disgrace. So, management could not handle 45 flights? Jamaica endemic incompetence on full display!

  6. Mi BC $500US, I had my flight canceled in canada and I had to sleep at the God damn airport.

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