Impeachment Case Concludes With Questions For Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Impeachment Case Concludes With Questions For Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin concluded the case Thursday by posing the questions managers would have asked Trump had he agreed to testify. Aired on 2/12/2021.
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Impeachment Case Concludes With Questions For Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Miles Susans and you know this because Tucker CARLSON said it??? your sources are idiotic… even his own network in a lawsuit said he is not credible… he’s not NEWS. he’s OPINION. show the report you reference. i want to see it. i want to research it myself. it’s one thing to not believe ANY media, but if you don’t believe the main media but you DO believe TUCKER CARLSON that says something about you that is not flattering.

    2. @Rob Dine “Billionaires will pay millionaires to explain to the middle class that it’s the poor’s own fault.”

  1. How can any patriotic American watch the three days of the House managers’ powerful presentation and not only want to hold Donald Trump responsible for inciting the insurrection, but demand he be held accountable?

    1. They have their heads so far up into the former dipper in chief, that they can’t see the truth about him, or don’t want to see it.

    2. @Y H Yes! And you can see the formula being played out in how Marjory Taylor Greene responded to questions about her actions when she tried to back pedal and say all of her ‘Q-ie’ comments were from before she was in congress—She just attacked the media again!

    3. I am not a fan of the concept of patriotism, but that’s another topic.
      The question implies that Republican Senators are patriotic, and most of them are not. The majority hold their positions out of self-interest, nothing more.

  2. Adam Schiff warned Trump would continue to abuse his sacred oath in his closing argument – Trump 1st Impeachment.

    1. @OldSouth 69 if Trump did nothing wrong, then why did he obstruct? If your not guilty then you should have to obstruct.
      By obstructing it means your hiding something.

      Those closest to Hitler’s thoughts desires bitterness and conspiracy theories against Jews had a chance to speak out against what he was doing. They had a chance to rebuke him, but instead they looked away. They wanted all the perks he offered instead. This is that.

    3. Turns out the 6 corporations who own mass media outlets were spreading lies about the police officer who died at the march, Brian Sicknick. He was never beaten with a fire extinguisher or anything at all. Coroners found no assault or violence to his body, and the chief of capital police surmise he died of a stroke. Fake news is amplifying louder and louder, and they are not correcting their mistakes. Sources that I know of: glen greenwald, twitter; revolver news, 2/10/21 tucker carlson show where he analyzed the 5 capital deaths.

    1. I feel there is an important statement Trump made and is being over seen . He said “I will be with you walking towards the capital ! So as a president he is in fact saying “He” is leading the charge towards the capital.

  3. Republicans like Lindsey Graham have one thing in common with the Nazis: They are no longer aware of wrongdoing!

    1. @Jon Calling 70 million voters or a whole political party Nazis is hate.
      All voters are sycophantic to their leaders.
      These last 4 years is NOTHING new

    2. @TheNextTurn “All voters are sycophantic to their leaders.” YUK! Speak for yourself… I can’t even believe people say they “love” their president. I find that to be bizarre behavior. I can have deep respect for my president but would never say I love him…

    3. Sadly no one in Washington is aware of their wrongdoing, Democrat or Republican. Does not matter. All of their actions contributed to these sad moments in American history.

    4. @TheNextTurn the nazi party itself was a political party, learn your history. I’m not saying every voter is guilty, but I am saying that the power structure of the party is rotten to the core, many of the voters are low information and don’t know better but I do judge those who should know better.

    1. @Eric Wood It is well known that Democrats and Pravada news supported the summer riots. They financially backed them as well as vocally including Kamala kneepad Harris.

    2. @Mark “It is well known” among people who consume propaganda instead of real news. Also, good job betraying just how far removed from reality and sense you are with that “kneepad” crap.

  4. None of this has anything to do with Democrat or Republican. At this point, a vote not to impeach is a criminal act within itself.

    1. @Fred I am happy to accept China is a massive and highly diverse country. Sadly though, I would say they aren’t behind the failures of US high speed rail. Those failings are all on greed and a blind commitment to the oil industry.

    2. @Ignoranceisbliss I know, I was joking. I applaud you for having an open mind. That seems to be pretty rare in the US.

    3. @Ignoranceisbliss Seems like the US “government” is more interested in selling weapons to other countries rather than doing something good for its people.

    1. @Cynthia Neighbors
      Trump is ALMIGHTY GOD..and the 2nd Coming of Christ…he has changed politics and the World forever…just like he did when he first came to Earth as Jesus of Nazareth.. ..🕇🕇🕇

  5. I would also pose the question to Trump, why did he Tweet what he did about Pence when he did, knowing pence was in danger.

    1. @Daniel Morse You give stupid a whole new level.. there is no E-mails here…. this is all video and audio evidence.

    2. @Landon R you think they’d figure it out by now. Only the dumbest at this point are still believing this crap.

    1. They’re pretending to be stupid, it’s a strategy to discourage their opponents in attempting to do anything. The goals are always power and money

    2. Erik Raudr
      “Stupidity” is such a kind word to describe terrorists and traitors. Many of these people have no qualms about committing murder.

    3. Not really. Poland, Turkey, etc used to have secular governments with democratic elections, just a few years ago. We still have both of those & we MUST turn out in every election, to make sure we continue to.

    4. @Patrick Anderson In my 40 years in Austin I see I believe the coldest stretch ever, so global warming (who shows sense?), lockdowns hurting education and you claim to be the party of science

  6. It’s insane that there wasn’t a third party to conduct this trial. Impartial jurors should have been picked just like in the real world. These people are not in the real world! It’s sickening.

    1. The best one can say is that Trump has exposed unintended consequences and weaknesses in the U.S. system of government, that had laid dormant and untested for the last 200+ years – in this case, the fact that the three-way “checks and balances” system _can_ become too closely interrelated by party/personal loyalty to be impartial or just. This is the sort of structural weakness that might need a Constitutional Amendment to fix – if _that_ process ever becomes possible again. Then again, there _is_ still the possibility for Amendments to be proposed and enacted by sufficient majorities (propose:2/3, ratify:3/4) of the State legislatures, without any House or Senate vote, even though it’s never been done before…

    2. @Angela Halliwell yeah was looking this comment because you hit the nail in the head. Unfortunately, majority of his peers are snakes in the grass and just as corrupt as him. It’s like having a mob boss on trial with members of his own gang as jurors and defense team

  7. If members of Any party are not adhering to their sacred oaths they need to be removed from their office, period. What other job can be held while demonstrating gross negligence & incompetence? We the people ARE their employees…

    1. “We the people ARE their employees” – no we’re not. They are civil servants. We the people pay their salaries, and they work for America and Americans. They are the employees of “we the people”.

    2. @Mike Collins
      I think the OP may have meant ’employers’ – that was the gist of the rest of his post. Nevertheless, the rest of your comment is correct.

    3. Sadly, those in power (whether the public or private sector) rarely are held accountable for incompetence, abuse, negligence, theft, assault, and many other crimes and offenses that would land any of the rest of us in jail or with lost jobs/careers. Heck, common people are ‘let go’ for making simple mistakes on the job (including the apparently absolutely horrid crime of not helping the boss cover-up his/her incompetence), but not if you’re a manager, executive, president, or another person with authority, regardless of how you received it.

  8. OMG, this is what we are leaving our children and our children’s children! Another unlawful President that can do anything they want during his/her last days in office!!! Shameful…the whole world to see!!!

  9. Green eggs and ham: Like Ted Cruz filibuster, Trump’s lawyers could read, “Green Eggs & Ham,” for 3 hours, and the GOP would still acquit him.

    1. Trump could have taken the stand, bragged about causing the attack, and the GOP would still acquit him.

    2. This portion of today’s events on Capitol Hill was excellent. The Democrats claim that because President Trump used the word ‘fight’ in his speech on January 6th in Washington D.C. However, what every Democrat in that room forgot was that they too had used the word previously in political speech. The montage went on for 13 minutes. (The video montage of ranking democrats hate filled speeches.)

    3. @spymaine89 What your saying is the same as taking the word “murder” out of context, using two different scenarios.

      A: “the unfortunate victim died as a result of murder.”
      B: “I told him I would murder him, if I saw him here again.”
      Same word, different implication.
      It’s about implication, context and intent.

      The point has been securely proven, Trump incited the insurgents leading up to the Jan 6th attack on the Capitol, and the words out of the insurgents own mouths confirm this, “Trump told us to come here, and stop the steal”

      Disinformation has led to your country’s internal fractioning, and the individuals who propagate the lies and thus the violence, of that disinformation.
      It appears that the “hate” is on the other foot.

  10. There is no such thing as an “alternative reality”. There is “one reality” and there is “delusion”…

    1. Hey Jean F…trump was expecting these people to have been killed on his command. Then emerge and take over as dictator!

    2. @Rob Dark So? I was just commenting on what the lady said starting at the 5 minute point in the video. I do not believe that a conspiracy theory is an alternative reality. It is delusional. Of course, Trump expected to become a dictator, but his stupid plan failed. That’s the reality. Hopefully, his conviction will be a reality too… Unfortunately, there are currently too many pathetic clowns in the GOP.

    1. this is such a good thought but such a naiv one, nothing will happen and they all will sing nanananaa nanananaaaa we got away with it we got away with it

    2. @James Miller He’s literally already in hot water in N.Y isn’t he? like….he’s definitely a criminal…….

    3. @Gration No actually he isn’t. Just cause they are involved in malicious prosecution does not mean he is in hot water at all.

    1. @Bubert Rose I heard it had been set for a later date, but Trump interfered and had it arranged for the 6th.

    2. @penny sommers
      No, Trump definitely arranged for it to be the day that the electoral votes were counted. He made that clear.

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