Impeachment Triumph: Rep. Who Ran Against Pelosi Hails Her The Dems’ ‘FDR’ Of 2019 | MSNBC


    1. You said it. Being the President isn’t what it used to be thanks to Schlump. But I’m in – NANCY FOR PRESIDENT.

  1. The man can actually admit that he was wrong. He’s not blithely pretending he never said it, but now admits he changed his mind. I can respect that.

    1. Me too. Tim is doing the right thing because so far the DEM’s are in the driver’s seat because of Nancy.

  2. CottonMouth Nancy is a hero of MSNBCannibals !!!! Andrea ‘chainsaw’ Greenspan will chainsaw mutilate some poor Illegal alien to honor CottonMouth Nancy!!!!!!!

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