Impeachment Triumph: Rep. Who Ran Against Pelosi Hails Her The Dems’ ‘FDR’ Of 2019 | MSNBC

Congressman Tim Ryan, a moderate Democrat who ran against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House, makes news in the wake of impeachment by hailing her leadership. Ryan says she was underestimated and now hails her skills as on par with Democratic Party legends LBJ and FDR “in their prime.” Ryan made the comments after MSNBC anchor Ari Melber played Ryan’s past criticism of Pelosi, and pressed him on it, given her recent success uniting the caucus on impeaching Trump. Aired on 12/19/19.
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Impeachment Triumph: Rep. Who Ran Against Pelosi Hails Her The Dems' 'FDR' Of 2019 | MSNBC


    1. You said it. Being the President isn’t what it used to be thanks to Schlump. But I’m in – NANCY FOR PRESIDENT.

  1. The man can actually admit that he was wrong. He’s not blithely pretending he never said it, but now admits he changed his mind. I can respect that.

    1. Me too. Tim is doing the right thing because so far the DEM’s are in the driver’s seat because of Nancy.

  2. CottonMouth Nancy is a hero of MSNBCannibals !!!! Andrea ‘chainsaw’ Greenspan will chainsaw mutilate some poor Illegal alien to honor CottonMouth Nancy!!!!!!!

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