In Battle Over Bolton Testimony, Does Mitch McConnell Have The Votes? – Day That Was | MSNBC

In Battle Over Bolton Testimony, Does Mitch McConnell Have The Votes? - Day That Was | MSNBC 1


    1. Looks like Trump might get his wish: witnesses, witnesses, WITNESSES! The whole spectacle he was hoping for. I wonder what he’ll do if _he’s_ subpoenaed. I wonder if he is aware that _both_ sides get to question witnesses. I wonder if he’s aware that the House’s witnesses will all testify first. I wonder if he will block certain witnesses and all documents again… adding to the current article on obstruction. I wonder if he’s aware that if the Bidens and Schiff are forced to testify, it may well blow up in his face. I wonder if he’s aware that if Roberts does his job the way he _should_ do it, his lawyers will NOT be allowed to carry on the way Republicans do during Congressional hearings.

    1. @Mike Ray
      I had the list, but youtube doesnt let so many words in 1 comment.
      Eduacate yourself, poor soul !

    2. If I put on blinders and earplugs, I wouldn’t know his lies either.
      If you want to know the lies, go look them up yourself…. it’s ok…I won’t tell #3 you doubted him–I promise!

  1. Kushner’s so-called “peace” plan — a sure-fire recipe for maximum conflict — isn’t just stillborn, it’s infanticide!

    1. Just another campaign stunt by moron who actually believes he can usher in the 2nd coming for his cult, while he takes their soc. sec/medicare.

    2. Kushner’s “peace plan” is just a well-timed canard thrown up in a vain effort to deflect from Moscow Mitch’s sham trial in the Senate.

    3. @Rich Greene ~Not when Kushner worked with three right-wing Orthodox rabbis coming up with the plan–with no Palestinian involvement–then attempted to shove a proposal totally unjust to Palestinians down their throats. The result was preordained, never meant to be accepted, just like all the other Israeli proposals that screwed Palestinians, while being touted as somehow “fair.” This is all so they can claim it is the Palestinians who don’t want peace! We’ve seen this scam way too many times before, and it doesn’t get any less sickening.

  2. Why would any same person have to be convinced that Trump is lying? That’s his signature move, he lies. Plenty of evidence has been presented to show his abuse of the office of the Presidency. If it were you or me, we would be in jail.

    1. @Cynthia Kohler , remember there’s no one greater than Trump at any thing he dies. So, he would be highly offended that you say Schiff is the greatest.

  3. The American people want a fair trial with witnesses who heard Trump.
    Call John Bolton and Trump to testify.

    1. The Democrats change what “fair” is, as it suits their agenda. Americans (with brains, and INTEGRITY) see this.

    2. All of us want huh? I can see you grasp on portions and percentages is tenuous at best. What’s this, episode 7 or 8 of “Donny’s going down!!”? These tv personalities stay beating you hopeful morons with that stupid stick. Donny’s not very bright, I’m guessing that stick keeps confidence skyhigh though lol.

    3. Giovanni Soave Why? Schiff had 17 witnesses (he didn’t allow Republicans to call any). House Democrats impeached Trump because they said “the evidence was overwhelming”. So why more witnesses?

    4. @Rod keep repeating that lie. I’m sure someone out there can be convinced. Just no one with more than two working neurons.

  4. Call trump before the senate, what he says he is willing to, and let him read (if ncessary with help) the complete ‘perfect’ transcript, as it was put on the secret server, and it will all be over.

  5. darlings.. keep waiting for one of them to break out a .. “DISCIPLINE”.. and start “SELF FLAGELLATION”.. that would get our attention ..

  6. Let’s see the manuscript in full then ask Bolton to explain his comments…….why not? Trump can not plead exoneration if Bolton is gagged.

    1. @M Mouse Sorry, I can’t respond to your first question, as it is incoherent. What legal arguments are you talking about?
      From what I wrote, please show what you consider to be an insult.

    2. Holly, I’m against using the manuscript in this case. Somewhere, in a whole book, there is bound to be some obscure, trivial mistake about some irrelevant issue, or perhaps some wording that can be deliberately misconstrued. Republicans will comb through the book looking for these so they can cherry-pick and try to discredit the entire work and Bolton’s testimony along with it.

      Just like how Glenn Beck had a conniption fit over Schiff’s trivial mistake of (justifiably) thinking “Mr. Z” in a text message meant Zelensky. To listen to Beck, this is something Schiff should be drawn and quartered for. That’s exactly what Republicans will do if they get the manuscript.

    3. Astrobrant2
      I went back and read our messages again. I’m sorry–i was being sarcastic to you about sprint’s “great comeback” message to you. I’m sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusion when you said that I was being incoherent.

  7. With Nixon it was audio tapes. To be clear, Trump upgraded everything to digital, including audio AND video!

    1. yeah, but the people back then were outraged by his crimes. That’s why the senate would’ve removed him if he hadn’t resigned. Politicians only give a hoot when there’s votes and power to gain. Trump delivered, for the GOP. Decades of judges and policies…

      Underestimating the Tea party and its rise, trying to mock it, was one of the dumbest political moves of the last few decades. Someone did recognize it, but the Orange monster of Bannon got the best of him…

      At any rate, the GOP and Trump voters still don’t care. Most of them despise democrats and this whole circus is simply wonderful for them.

  8. Now that the spotlight is shifting to Mitch McConnell, the world will see, if not fully understand, just how utterly corrupt the U.S. has become.

    1. no it doesn’t. it goes to show who the corrupt people are and who we need to remove forever from our nation. If you hate this nation please leave before you are thrown out! Trumpoons hate law and justice and they are scum just like trump!

    2. @NinerEmpire pfft..that bubble opaque?
      Or willfully blind?
      Perhaps your glorious leader has room for u in his escape-pod..

    3. @Wado Waleli I think your icon looks like a pterodactyl flying right to left, about to eat some lesser flying thing… Just shaking up the thread.😄

  9. McConnel’s disappointed grumpy grandpa look puts fear into the hearts of Republicans… 👨🏻‍🦳🐢

  10. Tell Trump that there is nothing worse than a perpetual victim, we don’t like victims just like he doesn’t like soldiers who are POWs.

  11. Trump is refusing impeachment this is a constitutional crisis. ESPECIALLY since his #clowndefence is not presenting evidence

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