In depth coverage of Ontario storm destruction | Tens of thousands of people without power

Tens of thousands of people in Ottawa, eastern Ontario and western Quebec are spending a second morning without power as the cleanup continues following Saturday's powerful storm.

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  1. All those fallen leaves. Better cancel school. Sorry, at some point we are all just going to have to realize that fallen leaves is not enough of a hazard to cancel school. Bad statement, bad reporting.

  2. WOW! Can you imagine how much worse it would be if everyone was forced to drive electric vehicles ? You would be instant prey for any reprobates lurking in the community. You’d be better off with a horse!

    1. I agree it isn’t wise to put all our eggs in one basket. Gas machines, land lines and radio can provide more resilience in surprise events. I’m frustrated that I can’t easily keep in touch with my dad right now because he has no way to charge his cell phone. There is a chance the landlines are still working and some telephones don’t require power from the electrical lines, you know?

  3. ☎️☎️🥸👀👀Vamos al mambo que tenemos hoy 📺📺🎥🎞

  4. I think of those who are in Trailer Parks where the Owners of these Parks that have these humble homes packed side by side like Sardines and just let the trees grow in mass profusion allow all of them to grow incredibly tall, very close if not beside, behind and in front of these fragile mobile homes and no trimming or maintenance of these 35 foot trees is ever done on any. I wonder how many trees fell on those places, as many who have to live like that are elderly.

  5. I lived in Ottawa for 29 years. Moved to Alberta 30 years ago. In that 29 years I lived there , I’ve seen a lot of bad storms but never imagined something like this. I lived in Nepean , then Dynes Rd in Ottawa , near Hog’s Back . Prayers to all affected and hopefully a speedy recovery.

  6. You gonna need alot of jerry cans to clean up all those trees with chainsaws as corded and battery powered tools wont even work.

  7. We went without power from Friday 4:15 PM until Monday 11 AM. It reminded me of the “Ice storm” in 98 where I was stuck in Ontario for 23 days without power.

  8. Oh paaaaleeeease………120 kms/hr is nothing compared to the hurricanes Nova Scotia gets. Imagine, if you will, hurricane Yuan in 2003 that hit Halifax with gusts up to 231 kms/hr!! That’s a real storm.

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