In New book, Bolton Says Trump Asked China For Help With Reelection | The Last Word | MSNBC

Bolton’s book reveals a long list of Trump’s misconduct, including that Trump solicited China’s help with his reelection like he did with Ukraine. Ben Rhodes tells Lawrence O’Donnell it’s “absurd” that Bolton refused to testify about Trump’s corrupt conduct during impeachment: “The extremity of how far the presidency has fallen is on display in this book… and on display in Bolton’s conduct itself.” Aired on 6/17/2020.
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In New book, Bolton Says Trump Asked China For Help With Reelection | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Eco Geek He’s running a disinformation campaign and it’s failing. 😅

    2. @Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD It is hilarious how desperate they are becoming as they realise Trump is going to lose and be a one-term mistake.

    3. @Andrew S Now watch tRump will launch a million dollars worth of missiles at some air field in China to show how tuff he is, and the crowds will ohhhh and ahhhh

    1. @Andrew S There’s the damaging information you where asking for about Trump. 😅😅

    2. @TheChiefEng Sanctions / tariffs, whatever, if Chinese good become more expensive then consumers must look elsewhere, short term pain is worth the long term gain. Meaning a long term increase in US manufacturing and a long term decrease in reliance on Chinese imports. Try not relying on mainstream media fro your economics ”education”.

    3. Anybody who believes this is doing so because they want to or because they do not know any better. Million tickets to a Trump rally is driving them over the edge.To think he would do something like this at this time is beyond ridiculous.

  1. If not for Bolton, Trump would have been impeached and removed from office…. who am I kidding, Mitch and the compromised Senate would have still acquitted Trump even if blood was dripping from those tiny hands. Drain the swamp!

  2. Did anyone ever really doubt that trump wants to turn USA into a Covfefe Republic and reign as the Supreme Dictator forever?

  3. Trump: “I do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully desecrate the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, pervert, negate, and offend the Constitution of the United States. So help me Putin…or Jyna….if you’re listening.”

    1. ​@Andrew S, did you have dementia? Biden is NOT president right now. Your bunker boy is a president, he said I alone can fix it. Pay more money for Chinese products. That’s REALLY GOOD DEAL for Americans. LMFAO.

    2. @Il Was The President exposed the Chinese threat versus Biden said there was no Chinese threat. President Trump wins. Bring on the Live Debates !!!

    3. Andrew S You do realize that China has counter imposed sanctions that have hurt US businesses or doesn’t that play into your narrative of Tough Love Trump?

    4. ​@Andrew S, LMFAO. DON’T embarrass yourself. Americans have to pay MORE money for Chinese products. You called it the bunker boy wins. Did you always see and understand things backwards? Go check your brain son. You can NOT Debates on comment. Do you have the vocabulary of an eighth grader and the emotional stability of a 3rd grader? Are you the bunker boy?

  4. Why do all these Rich people running for office always ask us for money. we need to get money out of politics

    1. Ikr. Some of these Rich people are sad examples about how to live life. They should be held accountable.

  5. Trump is laughing at all of us who trusted to do what he said he would. He’s making his own deals and only cares about himself getting richer.

    1. @Andrew S So when I said it in 2016, you just expected it to happen in 5 minutes?
      You’re going to love Dr. Mary Trump’s book.

    2. @Marilyn Reallon You believe a war lord who was fired lol because he couldn;t go war lording the world again

    3. @Andrew S You are the only one not buying it. you trolls are pathetic, time to get a new job because you failed at this one.

  6. America puts children in concentration camps. From the Natives, to Japanese, to South America. America we need to have a long hard look at ourselves.

    1. @Francyne Lane two sides of the same coin, unfortunately. I suppose one could take solace in knowing there will also be a cabinet change. Why is it if I give money to an elected official in exchange for a political favor its illegal. However, if I money to a lobbyist to give to the official it is legal. Why is it always a choice of the lesser of two evils? Sorry I am not being confrontational, I do understand your point but nothing is going to change if nothing is going to change.

    2. America is a hypocrite that commits crimes but accuses other countries of the same thing. USA is phony and just wants to bully other countries.

  7. Bolton could have, and should have, done more. He’s probably telling the truth.
    To Adam Schiff: “He will not change”. You were wrong. He did change. He’s so much worse after the repugnant senate gave him a free pass.

    1. bb Let’s try to take the focus off of Bolton’s oviously capitalistic virtues with this book and instead focus on what has been revealed in this book. My concern is people will focus on Boltin’s ulterior financial motive which will detract from what the book reveals NOW. Trump’s obvious pattern of criminal and antethical behavior is most important for the public to know at this critical time 5 months from the election.

    2. The main problem was that when Bolton DID say he was available to give evidence in the Senate hearings, Moscow Mitch and the ENTIRE GOP, save for Romney, protected Trump and refused to hear from witnesses!! THIS is all on the GOP and ALL OF THEM should pay dearly at the ballot box. Blue tsunami in November people or its all over for the USA. Period.

    1. Any world ….trump is too stupid to lead anything. Maybe on TV, but not in real life.

    2. He should be in Federal prison. That’s where he should be. And….that will be taken care of, in late January or February of 2021, right after his Federal trials.

    3. @humanforotherhumans yep it would be like asking William Shatner to sit in the cockpit of a 767 and ask him to take off while saying “come on man you can deal with a spaceship then a plane is not a big deal”.

    4. Congress is the real leader. Trump is just a public relations position. I like trump’s craziness. Makes life interesting.

    1. Money. The only God that Trump worships. He’ll roll over like a dog if you wave a few million at him.

    2. they don’t. That what CNN and MS-DNC are peddling in a desperate attempt to keep ratings. They’re at the bottom for good reason.

    3. felix u So are trumps poll numbers. There is record turnout for absentee ballots. The blue wave is building.🌊😂💙✋

  8. Everybody is not lying! Mr.Can’t get right (Chump)is the one who’s lying! I don’t trust that clown to run a circus!

  9. Why does Trump think everything that comes out of his mouth is classified? I can’t ever imagine him having an intelligent, informed, serious conversation with anyone. Never thought I’d believe John Bolton over anyone but…

    1. Bolton is traitor to our country. witness all terrible acts an saying nothing is just like a regular citizen doing nothing when they see criminal behavior happening. It is sort of like seeing a person drowning and ignoring them.

  10. you know, we say that we don’t like concentration camps, yet we have them on our southern border. We should certainly lead by example.

  11. Mr. Trump knows that he could go to prison if he is not reelected. He will do ANYTHING to stay out of jail.

    1. pretty much wishful thinking if you think Trump is going end up in jail. This country to worried about image instead of justice. Look at what happened with Nixon.

    2. @Richard Reddick the Nixon precedent is not what Trump will be facing. He will have a new Administration following him and they are unlikely to Pardon him for his crimes.

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