“In the Heights” Brings Latino Representation To The Big Screen

The majority Latino cast in the film “In the Heights” stands out in a moment when Hollywood actors of their background have very little visibility. Maria Hinojosa, President and Founder of Futuro Media Group joined MSNBC’s Maria Teresa Kumar to discuss what the blockbuster film could mean for the future of Latino representation in Hollywood.

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“In the Heights” Brings Latino Representation To The Big Screen


  1. Shout out to George Floyd on thirteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals 🖕🖕

  2. SAD PART and lesson to future latino filmmakers. “In the Height” BOMBED at the box office. Was it because black latino/ blacks was not represented in the movie?

    1. @UC3PIn-e4HzfOQmvXgls6oow I’m a bit confused by your comment because “minorities” are flocking to the Conservative party especially in Florida and Texas

    2. Graffiti Pete is black latino as well as Leslie Grace (Yes she is light skinned) but both are Afro-Latinos, & dasha too but I know what you mean you mean amara la negra black (not necessarily Leslie)

    1. Many of us wish this was true but in our nation, it does. Especially when WE are vastly under represented in all media. This must change and WE are ready to change it

  3. So….whatch because of race, not if its good or not….and if you don’t like what you watch, you’re racist. Got it

  4. They really heavily promoted this movie and it still failed. I guess many Latinos decided to stay home and watched it on HBO MAX instead of spending $15 to ‘support ‘ so-called Latin representation.

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