1. they’re a disorganized organization, if that makes any sense, but they have their marching orders, make memes and posts, don’t repost memes, make new memes. the whole thing is fanatical

    2. Shame they are mostly Americans on Vlads payroll. You seppos have no morals and sell out for cheap.

  1. Ali Soufan is an American hero in post-9/11 counterterrorism. He was able to maintain his moral compass amidst terrible circumstances. If MBS tries to take him out, some serious and scary s%^ is going to go down.

    1. Mr. Kelloggi greatest American hero ever. But stupid stinky Trump supporters who buy smelly clothes at Wal-Mart too stupid to see how he big American hero like you say, and definitely not a CIA backed asset involved in shady business gone awry. Only media who dont like Trump is honest media. All others Operation Mockingbird media and everyone ignores. Vote Biden Joe to save American of United States and be smart like me!

    1. @Gooey 911I felt so hurt about his death, because I knew he was set up, and the way they killed him was horrendous. I hope once Trump is removed he is held to account for this and for all the rest of his crimes.

  2. Trump doesn’t care about human lives. He’s only interested in huge weapon deals with the Saudi.

    1. @wgooetrik Do you know how many kids died out of the 130000 people. Do you know how many people has the virus at Liberty University

    2. @Tommy Westbrook pack every school in the US! I’m sure you were the one saying it was going to dissappear right? Even if it was 1 death. It would be worth it? What if your child died? What it have been worth it for politics? Why so eager to get back to school? It will be just like reopening our economy. Now look at the numbers!

    3. He has already brought down many human trafficking rings with many more to go. Guess you’re just not paying attention.
      Trump 2Q2Q! WWG1WGA!

    4. @DAVID JACKSON I have been watching the U.S.A. and I’m still baffled by the fact that republicans are only xenophobic. The entire world is suffering from COVID-19 but getting it in some kind of grip. Building walls seems to be the only thing that republicans are interested in. I don’t understand why parents should be forced to send their children to school. Trump is a nacicistic troll with the vocabulary of a seven year old. He has no empathy and is abusing COVID-19 to have people spending money that is going to Trump’s organisations.

  3. you all better pray that trump is not going to get reelected because just like before he will not do anything about it. if it happens again

    1. People need to wake up and now.Keep playing around and who ,s faults it gona be when they throwing us in jail because we dont fall in line with them.Vote blue.

  4. Allies. They won’t even let us in their country. They laugh at him. We are alone for the first time in 200 years. The home of most of the 9/11 terrorists is our ally? They’re laughing at him too.

    1. @Todd Cahill Actually, I read. Try it sometime instead of tuning in to Russia Today West (Fox) for your daily affirmations and nutjob talking points. The Constitution would be a good starting point for you, you un-American skidmark on the underpants of our republic.

    2. @Todd Cahill And I’ve read your comments which are based largely on known Russian narratives, so sue me, Comrade Runnystools. 🤷‍♂️

    3. @Todd Cahill it’s like talking to a child, seriously. If leaders had of done absolutely nothing, no restrictions, there would have been millions of deaths, can you understand that? If the administration had of been responsible like other countries, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, you would have 99% fewer deaths, these are facts, can you understand that moron.

  5. “Saudi Arabia, I get along with all of them. They buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much.”

    1. ralph colerick yes, money over country and ethics seems to be his mantra. Good post,Ralph. I agree.

  6. Trump doesn’t care about our allies, he has made enemies with most of them! Trump is as corrupt as the Saudis.

    1. @Damian Draven Do you know that you’re pushing a false narrative? Of course you do, that’s your job isn’t it? Try earning an honest living for a change.

    2. Trump decided to go full Fascist and has released the Secret Police in Portland. I remember when the Secret Police were called “Gestapo”.

    3. @Shawn Corbin what was false about what I said? And I am a former veteran who is a paramedic. That doesn’t get too much more honest than that.

    1. You broke the case. Have you submitted your info to the FBI? I think you may be the one to bring down the whole Trump administration – you will be just as loved as Robert Mueller! I agree with you – this really is like one big giant scooby-doo plat gone awry but on an international level. How can people not see this? I guess they aren’t brilliant like us democrats.

    2. @Gooey 911 Why should people submit to the FBI something they have long ago? And boy, your last sentence in the commentary … what are you trying to do? Incite hatred against Democrats? No need, you’re late. Trump is dismantling the Republican base in front of our eyes. So yeah, pretty lame and not so clever comment 😉

    1. @Enrique Ordaz Jared Kushner, tRump’s son-in-law,
      is in bed with the Saudi’s, he has been for many years!
      I don’t understand why news medias are not publishing
      more about this. They’ve known about it for years!
      I guess news medias are so focused on tRump & his
      shenanigans, they’ve forgotten about Kushner’s role
      in all of that!
      Of course with Kushner being in bed with the Saudi’s,
      tRump also has a lot of money to gain by being in bed
      with them, as well.

    2. @real american We are commenting regarding the life of a US citizen at stake and how this government already traded off justice for money once (Kashogi murder in Turkey)

    3. @real american Kashoggi was a US citizen, fuckstain. Does that not mean anything to you?
      Oh, wait. This is the administration that ignores the Russians paying ISIS a bounty on US troops.

  7. And trump condones violence against our citizens. He’s ok with foreign government s killing our citizens and he could care less. May trump reap what he has sown on our citizens .

  8. Saudi’s … USA’s greatest allies. Apart from Israel, ofcourse (because why not have a little apartheid in there).

    1. I bet MBS and Netanyahu are very concerned about the election, they’ve had a free pass and now Netanyahu is annexing the West Bank, his latest war crime.

  9. What’s another American citizen’s death on Trump’s watch, he’s already got 140.000 and counting? A little less than 4 months to vote Biden/blue, save our Republic for which it once stood, take friends, encourage relatives, this guy and his enablers have to go. Biden’s no angel. But he’s not stupid or mentally ill.

    1. @Paul Wilson who cares? Trump’s 44 months into a 48 month term and he’s co-opting case numbers next week instead of using the CDC. Thanks for the side trip down “but what about” . Buzz off.

    2. Citizen ? No one is voting for your incompetent senile clown Biden.
      Google dementia and Biden , see what most stories say .

    3. @Joseph L …..every time I see President Trump I say to myself, “Finally a President who watches over the Quiet American People.” A President who has rebuilt the US MIlitary, reset fair Trade Deals with many of the US trading Countries, reset second chance for Prisoners and allowed free choice for all ethnic and Disabled groups to attend schools of their choice.

  10. We are literally seeing the destruction of our once great nation right in front of our eyes. We might not even make it to November. God help us.

    1. Yes, I agree, but it’s too bad most didn’t catch on until it was too late. Afraid of speaking out in our “politically correct” smothering bag. Confrontation is a must to preserve democracy!

    2. The problem is waking more people up to this immanent danger. It just boggles me that ~30% or Americans are just A-Okay with trump! How can that be??

  11. Trump is making money off the Saudis, so he won’t say anything.

    Morals and ethics mean nothing to a sociopath like Trump.

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