Incident with JDF & West Kingston Residents #TVJSmileJamaica

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  1. Interviewer: Do we need to look into how citizens interact with the security forces?

    Interviewee: I just not gonna answer that question and instead mi a guh talk bout other things that is totally unrelated to your question.

    1. It is about time that these citizens stop nuff up themselves when the security forces are conducting their lawful duties. All now I don’t hear the PM, MNS, JFJ, OPD or any of these persons say anything about that. When criminals are carrying out their criminal acts everybody blind but everybody can see when the security forces are doing their jobs

  2. Why are we taken the position against law enforcement. As she indicated “why would pregnant woman even want to be involved in confrontation with law enforcement officers who is protecting these same people from these deplorables . Why would she even try to put her unborn child in jeopardy in the first place . She fi than ah her yard .

    1. Bro same thing i say to what she doing on the road .its people send her there to do that .if you talk against law enforement they are criminals themselves .im sure the soldiers never drag no one out them house. so why them on the road preventing them from doing their duties .its tactics to get the soldiers remove .yes we are citizens but we must all respect law and order too

  3. Them people need respect r feel pain the prime Minister warn them to stay away from the law man when they r working but them not understand

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