Increased taxes on carbon and alcohol

Associate business professor Ian Lee speaks about the tax increases for carbon and alcohol and how it will impact inflation.

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  1. Oh no, a beer that was gonna go up less than a penny is now gonna go up…..less than a penny. LOLZ. Bunch of maroons.

    1. Will go up more than that, just like every other thing that requires ‘carbon’ to be manufactured and/or transported

  2. Sin taxes on optional luxury and pleasure purchases is a noble idea but inflationary taxes on essential fuels and goods will wither the economy and further erode funding for grand ideas and philosophies.

  3. I am a small business owner in Toronto, I offer higher than minimum wages to my employees. My understanding is a successful businessman won’t try to make money by cutting down his/her employees’ income. Minimum wage is hard to make a living in Toronto.

  4. Of course they have to Raise Taxes ..after all, they all just Gave themselves a Raise in Salery including the Mayor of our Town ….and they don’t even need our permission for that.

  5. *for every dollar they earn in profit, a percentage of each dollar should go to reducing the prices for the things that matter. lets vote for that*

    1. It already does. It’s not the fault of businesses that the massive taxation they are forced to pay in Canada is misused.

  6. Won’t be spending any money in this country that isn’t absolutely necessary. Pretty sure I’m not alone. Here comes the recession.

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