Indigenous model Quannah ChasingHorse: Despite climate anxiety “we still have hope” /CITIZEN BY CNN

CNN+'s Sara Sidner hosts a CITIZEN by CNN conversation about environmental justice.

Dr. Robert Bullard, known as the Father of Environmental Justice, indigenous model Quannah ChasingHorse, wastewater expert Catherine Coleman Flowers and Vivek Shandas, professor of climate adaption at Portland State University, talk about access to clean air and clean water and who gets to live green.

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    1. @Douglas Reagan It’s dilettantes like you who have to have an opinion. It’s people like me who made their living in the waterway’s.
      In the last twenty years, I have witnessed the complete destruction of habitats due to careless people.
      It’s people like you who won’t realize the costs of what’s happening until it’s too late.

  1. If we all followed Native Americans,careing for mother earth and caring about each other ,we would not have this problem.

    1. We can find nobody more vicious than the American Indian. As a result of warfare women from the losing tribes were sent into sexual slavery. The male members of the losing tribe were often strung between trees with the winning tribe members would ridding past shooting arrows into them or throwing spears into them being careful not to hit spots that would cause immediate death.
      In Virginia Dale we can find the bones of thousands of buffalo that were stampeded off the cliff by Indian tribes. These tribes could only slaughter a small percentage and the remaining buffalo were left to die and rot. American Indian tribes were very wasteful and very vicious.

    1. its the excuse that begets another excuse that begets another new word. next month it will be climate hives then , climate injustice then, climate terrorism, etc, etc, etc.

  2. Unfortunately that horse bolted years ago, what we need is common sense but rich greedy capitalist don’t do common sense. The US is screwed

  3. Hey, remember that CNN producer who was featured on Project Verona’s that said CNN would be pushing Climate Crisis after Covid? That was kind of weird, huh?

  4. Surprised to hear Westchester County having these problems. Decades ago I had my horses in that county. It would not occur to me that those problems could be there. I am now 83 and live in my van with two inherited shepherds in Florida. I’ll be using the Luggable Loo soon. Golden years I’m told. Thank you for this program.

  5. Could big corporate cooperation can be accountable for funding multi mining industry which contributes towards GHG emission which have negative climate change impacts on the environment, create health and environmental impacts, environmental migration. We in the South Pacific are victims of the CC negative impacts?

    1. @NO WAY Life is far more important then materials. Current practice, we are trading life and compromise with materials. Human life is face with CC negative impacts and force greater risk.

  6. Loving the native model !! So beautiful !! I’m only 2% native and very proud of it !! From: Sheree

    1. @Smart Echo That’s what happened to Lewis and Clarke. They said hi and got jacked by the Godless heathens. It’s in the book. 😉

    2. @Old Crow TJ so secret and so hidden from the public that you somehow know about it but nobody else! 🤣🤣 no but I’ll look into it. I’m sure it will be interesting.

    3. @Rusty Shackleford I assure you it’s not a secret. It doesn’t fit the narrative. So it’s not taught. By all means. Enlighten yourself.

    1. just as good as people that have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to climate and believe it’s true. Having ignorant opinions and stating them as true is the thing to do right now.

    2. i like how RINO gets on here and try to act like they are smart even after trump said he loves stupid people.

  7. This one checks all the boxes. Nice job CNN. Would have been perfect if they were trans and provided their thoughts on the don’t say gay bill and what show they think the guy from Ukraine should be on after he’s finished acting in his current role.

  8. Self interest is for the past; common interest is for the future. D.Attenborough
    Native: Your kids can name more KPop groups than types of trees. – S.Sherman
    Trump: The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.
    COP27 needs to be held in Tuvalu or Maldives.

  9. Oh thank god, a 19 year old horse model finally weighs in on climate change… now we have a real sense of direction on the issue.

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