Infection Rates, Hospitalizations Rise As States Begin Reopening | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Infection Rates, Hospitalizations Rise As States Begin Reopening | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @dan mac No,i love it when bunker boys words come back on him. It happens all the time because he cant remember what lies he tells.

    1. Only America allows it to happen!!!!!!!
      They have NEVER held their leader accountable for ANYTHING!!

    1. @Crystal Giddens you still there? Yes! Now I do know someone who just contracted Covid-19 crystal. My neighbor, Poor thing, she’s a waitress for a famous eatery here in AZ. Her and 4 customers, Now the company have closed their door’s again until further notice. Covid is killing people. Wear a MASK.

    1. Freedom & Liberty Bot dam bro you mad af that trump has failed πŸ˜‚. It’s ok you won’t be te first person trump has conned into believing in him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. @biggavelle11 Probably should go easy on the tRumpturds, they’re still sad about their orange grandmother not being able to one hand a glass of water, or walk down that long steep slippery ramp at West Point.

  1. Worldwide cases are still rising, America is averaging 20,000 cases a day and now makes up 25% of worldwide cases. We never made it out of the first phase.

    1. @Nikki Cahill yep and everyone you know had it too. #whylie? folks reading this are thinking the same thing.

  2. Trump couldn’t wait long enough before opening up: he’s the first US president who would fail the Stanford marshmallow test.

    1. @Stone Men ROFL. So you are telling us nobody listens to Trump, not even the Republican governors of US States:. That tells us everyone – on both sides of politics – recognize his incompetence.

    2. @Crystal Giddens Experts like Anthony Fauci. Fauci is not in the minority – except in the alternative universe Trump fanboys imagine themselves to be in.

    3. @Andrew Mitchell No it means your statement is a lie……I live in a democratic governed state and we are open……so that’s another lie peddled by you

    4. @Stone Men There’s one liar in this argument and its you. Now, I am going to have to talk to you like you are a child: I am sorry about that, but your last post is so infantile its the thing to do. Here goes: if you want to refute somebody’s argument just saying “no” does not cut it. That’s about as useful as sticking your fingers in your ears and crying “neenah neenah”. So when you post “No it means your statement is a lie” all I can think is that you are so stupid there is no point reading anything you write: so I will block you.

  3. Can someone convey to Trump and his administration that they can save millions by NOT building the wall and use the money to provide decent health care for its citizens.
    In view of the latest lunacy by opening up a sick America and not learning the lessons or heeding advice from the experts..No tourist or immigraant is going to risk coming to America. Either they will get shot, or caged, or sick. it’s a ‘no brainer’

    1. With our scatter-brained response to covid, Mexico might build the wall WILLINGLY to keep us out.

    2. @photonicus you want a lock down and open borders at the same time? Put the citizens in house arrest and let the illegals run wild. Huh. You’re a pure

    1. @Kevin Lopez Have texted you 2 responses that have mysteriously disappeared! Here is my 3rd try. Like the rats led out of Ireland into the White House

    1. Different than almost all of us, he will have the best medical intervention on our dime. It is odd that as much as the politicians circulate without masks, there are no reports of hospitalizations or deaths with them or their families with the exception of Maxine Waters losing her sister. I have though that thought worthy from the beginning. I do sympathize with Ms. Waters and her family.

    2. I hope he AND all the idiots that go to his rallies get it… and THEY can be the new death toll. But I have a feeling both Trump and Mike Pence have already had it… I think they got it when those people close to them tested positive. I just think they hid it because of the embarassment it would be. I think that’s why Mike doesn’t even bother wearing a mask anymore… because he already had it and believes he can’t get it again.

    3. We should never have gotten to this point. Many people had to compromise their integrity and a system breakdown put us here. I digress . In prison, trump contracts several viruses and survives for ten years while watching his wealthy go to the people he hates fade to black, credits .

    4. Petunia Luna Very true, when Johnson caught the virus he was given the best treatment, he had two nurses 24/7 attending him. I bet the ordinary Covid patient didn’t get this attention.

  4. NEVER in American history has there been a President that has been so divisive and has caused so much turmoil and hatred . MY GOD He needs to be voted out , American can NOT survive much more of this .

    1. N 827 are you not getting enough attention at home? You have to come onto a thread and be antagonistic to get some attention? Don’t you have anyone you can call?

    1. @King OfTroy
      Go outside after cleaning up your mother’s basement. Or are you practicing bunker tactics.

    1. I saw that. It’s in Florida and mandatory waiver of rights to sue waved. No mask allowed. Social distancing not relevant πŸ™„ it’s like a death rally

    2. Kevin Lopez it’s highly contagious, remember. So many innocent people will be in contact with these fools!

    1. @Ricky Spanish Hope you get to Tulsa for the Fuhrer’s big rally ….don’t forget to take the family…they will love it! By the way don’t forget to sign the Covid 19 waiver form before you all go inside.

    1. @Green Leader You act like we all have the same immune system as you. FYI – WE DON’T! THIS ISN’T JUST ABOUT YOU!!!

    2. @sunrize601 I haven’t seen my Dr since October. And only nurse I see is my girlfriend. not sure what Drs and nurse’s I’m killing. But I’ll stop.

  5. America is getting stupider by the minute thanks to their leaders. Putin’s investment in Trump is paying off better than he could ever had hoped for.

    1. @PKay Gray Nah, not talking about them. I’m talking about the untold millions that they bring it home or work to. The ones who followed the rules and still suffered due to another’s negligence and selfishness.

    2. @PKay Gray Essentially, I’m just disgusted that people think their _privilege_ to make money supercedes my _right_ to be safe and healthy. Sorry to go off on you, it’s just a hot topic for me. Take care, stay safe.

    3. @Brian C I think if our GOVERNMENT did what Canada’s did – give everyone $2000/mo. until we could open the economy safely, it would have (maybe) changed the way (some) people thought and it would’ve been easier to stay home.

    4. Some business owners in Texas are re-closing. Not because they want to, but because they physically don’t have enough staff. They’re all in the hospital.

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