Infectious Disease Expert Looks To When Delta Variant May Slow

UCSF Infectious Disease expert Dr. Monica Gandhi joins Morning Joe to discuss the spread of the delta variant and when she believes the transmission of the variant will slow its pace.

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  1. “Speedy diagnosis Doctor.” Hope she’s right. It sure doesn’t feel that way when we see crowded bleachers full of people and few are wearing masks over labor day. 🙄 This is a hard way to go, allowing the virus to burn through human beings destroying 👪 families, businesses and peace of minds. It’s like lives are expendable, no biggie, right Doc? 🤔

    1. This lady is a doctor. A well respected one at that. She is just expressing reality of what is going to happen and trying to give it in a positive light without shaming anyone or going into the emotional rabbit holes we seem to be stuck in these days. She is not telling us that this is the way to go but telling us the way that it is going. I think she has a strong reverence for life. It is a “biggie” to her and is why and where she is. San Francisco could have been really bad and this lady is one of the reasons it was not.

    2. @Elffirr Design like Fauci??

      “NEWLY RELEASED documents provide details of US-funded research on..coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology..The Intercept has obtained more than 900 pages of documents of..EcoHealth the Chinese lab..”

    3. @Elffirr Design San Francisco also have very strict rules on gathering indoors. You have to show proof of vaccinations in order to get into a club and you still have to use a mask when you are inside. Also, vaccinated people are getting infected outdoors. My roommate caught COVID from going to outdoor concerts, and he was vaccinated. Masking is necessary in groups over ten both inside and outside if you are in quarters. Any vaccinated person can be a silent carrier. Use your mask!!

  2. Who is the little guy” who shows up at the bottom right of the screen? He is there during most of the news broadcast.

  3. Watching today show right now,they have doctor on talking new mu variant,flu shots problem thought CDC said everyone even vaxed ware mask no one on show waring mask how bad is this new strain

  4. Never ever gonna get it
    No, you’re never gonna get it (ow!)
    Never ever gonna get it
    (No, not this time)
    No, you’re never gonna get it.
    – En Vogue

  5. 9/11 required literally ZERO inconvenience or altering of behavior for the average Americans daily lives and the parts that did were made into laws thus ppl had no choice but to comply if there were a bunch of “inconveniences” that we were asked to do to protect our fellow American it would have been the same as covid . A bunch of selfish idiots would cry “freedom ill do what I want how I want no matter who it affects cuz I can.” Coupled with the leader, aka Trump, saying and modeling said behavior, is totally fine and acceptable, falsely claiming it American. So comparing the unity then to covids division is a ridiculously false irrelevant comparison.

  6. So according to this Dr, it’s not going to affect the whole West . Someone needs to tell OR that. Lol. I’m glad it’s not going to hit my state as well. In all seriousness I’m pretty sure we kinda knew this information already,

    1. It’s been here in Oregon for awhile now. I live here. We now have the National Guard’s help to relieve the stress of the overwhelmed doctors and nurses. Delta is everywhere.

    2. @Lizablue
      We also have a Governor strong enough to resist the idiocy displayed by Republican states, despite the whining of her conservative opponents.

  7. It may happen just before thanksgiving and another uptick until January 6 or so,if the uptick goes down still get the vaccine,and get the phyizer booster shot if you’re eligible but no vaccine mandates.

  8. When every other specialist has a different, even contradictory, message about the near future, it’s time to conclude that there are too many unknowns to confidently predict anything. What we can do is protect ourselves and each other as much as possible, while cautiously doing the things we need to do to keep society functioning. I missed medical appointments for 1 1/2 yrs due to covid, and ended up catching some serious problems in a recent check up exam. Multiply that times the number of people who avoided check ups, and there’s great loss of health due to isolating. On the other hand, when I see young people partying at bars and clubs, etc. I think that is completely reckless. The ideal, imo, is to avoid *unnecessary* crowds indoors, esp. when you don’t know who’s vaccinated. Is it necessary to send unvaxxed kids to school right now? Not sure. Time will tell. I think a few months of home education pending the children’s vaccine would have been wiser, but I’m no expert.

  9. Did anyone at “Morning Joe” bother to pre-interview this guest? Respectfully, her non-stop equivocating and vague answers are not providing any value to viewers, one way or the other. Can anyone explain her conclusion? Did she say that “natural immunity will be the avenue out of the pandemic?” Because it likely won’t be, if additional variants develop.

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