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  1. I wish all the best to my British brothers and sisters!!

    I hope you guys stay strong! 💪

  2. Please stay safe. God bless England

  3. I am in Tier Three in Greater Manchester… Pubs are still open so long as they serve meals , schools are still open and unis are still open . It’s the same in Blackburn .

    This will not get the infection rate down .

    And they refuse to help the lowest paid workers , who therefore have no choice but to break the rules as they still have to pay the rent and the kids .

    Some people break the rules on purpose but some have no choice in order to live .

    The joke was Greater Manchester wanted a Canada style lockdown .

    You know what ?

    We would have taken that .

    To everyone in the UK , follow the rules , stay safe and look out for each other

    Edit and Feed the kids

    • Janet Browning | October 28, 2020 at 5:41 PM | Reply

      My friend, I hope your country, like ours, finally does something RIGHT, to end this pandemic…much of the same things are happening in our country, the US…you are not alone…Blessings to you, your family & all of the UK! 🙏💌

    • 👍 Coronavirus has a 99.8% recovery rate for healthy people and well over 90% recovery rate for elderly with underlying conditions. This is going to be with us for decades so everybody better get used to this as it is going to be as common as the flu. And the vaccination is going to be as successful as the flu vaccine is, if you call that success. It will come down to herd immunity in the end.

    • ☎️ Whole Biden family corruption. Joe and brother and wife and son. Iraq. China. Russia. Ukraine. Rudy Giuliano summarizes what was found in Hunter Biden laptop. When a reporter asked joe biden about this, he didn’t denounce it. Not the same way Trump denounced the tax leak and white supremacists.


    • @Mike Albert If the UK had the same system as the US 98% would die

    • @Mike Albert A lot of Amercian victims never see their doctor . Your death rate is underestimated

  4. Spike again? This needs to come to an end. The 2020 tragedy has overstayed its welcome.

  5. At least in the UK they don’t add insult to injury and throw a huge hospital bill in your face while you’re mourning your loved one.

    • @Freedom & Liberty Bot and you have Trump 😂😂😂😁

    • Christa Loftin | October 28, 2020 at 5:31 PM | Reply

      @S T23 I am an American and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said! @rollback is one of those loony ingnorants who only believe what comes out of Fox News or their cult leaders mouth.

    • @ rolback If only we could have the US system where health care is so good and yet so inexpensive, and where everyone has access to the very best care and where the people love their insurance providers. But, alas, we can only dream.

    • ☎️ Whole Biden family corruption. Joe and brother and wife and son. Iraq. China. Russia. Ukraine. Rudy Giuliano summarizes what was found in Hunter Biden laptop. When a reporter asked joe biden about this, he didn’t denounce it. Not the same way Trump denounced the tax leak and white supremacists.


    • @urbanimage yea right 🤣🤣🤣

  6. India Alpha November | October 28, 2020 at 8:15 AM | Reply

    Lived in Blackburn for a few years for College. Genuinely upset by this. Stay safe and stay strong Blackburn. Thinking of you all.

    • Don’t be this is horse sh!t. The hospital is empty. I’d be more concerned about the mass of cancer deaths we’re going to have in 18 months.

    • India Alpha November | October 28, 2020 at 5:12 PM | Reply

      @Matt x69x huh?

    • @Russell Bury I lived round ere all my life al tell u now they in the 2nd worst place, 1st being burnley general.

    • Corpse Grinder | October 28, 2020 at 8:25 PM | Reply

      @Matt x69x unfortunately the threat is very real be concerned about it or die from it the choice is yours. The problem is people in hospital with cancer are getting covid whilst in hospital and as a result the cancer doesn’t get chance to kill them. Covid gets there first

  7. CNN you forgot to wear your MASK.

  8. No comfort whatsoever in seeing COVID-19 willful ignorance manifested outside U.S.

  9. It’s shameful that these healthcare workers are being abused by the public. So sorry to hear this. These healthcare workers are hero’s working on the frontline. God bless u all. I know you must be so tired. 😢

    • @Thomas Haas Just because the ER in your area may not be busy , it does not mean that there aren’t areas that are overwhelmed. Instead of talking sh** , count yourself as fortunate that if you need to go to the hospital for any reason you are less likely to be turned away.

    • mohammad sarfraz | October 28, 2020 at 5:16 PM | Reply

      Nurses and lower staff specially have very very difficult job and dangerous as well. I think their pay should be at least 25-35% more.

    • @mohammad sarfraz go ahead and give them your money then. Very simple solution.

    • mohammad sarfraz | October 28, 2020 at 7:11 PM | Reply

      @3dsmax rocks There is huge injustice if you look around how can pay for few at top of the organisation are paid 100s time more than these people who work under them. If I have money or power I will pay them because I have personal experience of using the services many times.

    • Not all of them are good people

  10. Posting from the Uk here, we have lost the battle to change people’s behaviour. Post lockdown, we had a chance to embed behaviour. Make mask wearing as a condition of coming out, what did we do , promote going to restaurants and eating out. We have a government who are constantly behind the curve, and ignore scientific advice. We had time to get a track and trace in place but have spent huge cash , on a process that at best works 60 percent of contacts . Test times went from 48 hours to days and week and in some places you just cant get one. Then add into this Cummings breaking rules with no consequences, its a mix for disaster.

    • @Christina Jefferies stay safe 🥰🥰 I’m sorry to hear about your other illnesses this is exactly why we need to follow guildlines to protect people like yourself.

    • Christina Jefferies | October 28, 2020 at 6:13 PM | Reply

      @J_ Kerr nor did I….by the way, I confused a comment about the Midlands by someone else, so please ignore the question I asked in my last novel…🤦 I’m really going to bed now, too old for all this excitement…g’night, Mr or Ms Kerr.

    • @Christina Jefferies I’m from Scotland

    • Christina Jefferies | October 28, 2020 at 6:42 PM | Reply

      @J_ Kerr I realised that after posting! Sorry..

    • Adrian Fôrrest | October 28, 2020 at 7:49 PM | Reply

      I work full time in a pub and I’m an arsehole but there is only so much babysitting of adults I can do. The amount of people that don’t know the rules, the tiers, the simple basics is astounding. This winter is going to be horrific.

  11. God bless the doctors & nurses in England. Hang in there.

  12. Good Life Funny | October 28, 2020 at 12:58 PM | Reply

    God bless the doctors & nurses in England. Hang in there.

  13. fourthqtrplayer | October 28, 2020 at 1:30 PM | Reply

    Europe, this what happens when MAGAS go abroad!!

  14. So it ok to let the Journalists in with PPE on but even after begging to let me see my dying father one last time the cries fell on deaf ears.
    Stupid Laws.

    • It’s because they’re not dying of Covid. And they don’t want you getting suspicious. They want the camera crews there to film this nonsense. When and if it ever comes out what these people have done, there will be hell to pay.
      And I have an overwhelming feeling that the truth will certainly come out soon.

    • @B 81 Oh, give it a rest.

    • Because it is all a hoax, virus is nowhere near as deadly as they say it is. https://youtu.be/LrRijSa8494

    • Yeah that is really sad and i feel for you BUT you have to admit that letting press in is quite important so people see and understand that this is dangerous, which hopefuly lead to them behaving and there beeing less tragic stories like those.

    • @corni wo lol, if it was so dangerous we would know ourselves, we would be seeing ppl we know getting sick and ppl dying but nobody is seeing that so therefore the media has to CREATE that fear anf sense of danger

  15. God bless ❤ the BRITS ! BE Well and safe.

  16. I work in this hospital, along with my mum and my boyfriend. We had no idea how bad this really was!
    The full picture isn’t being shown on the UK news, or even through our work internal communications! It’s quite sad how we’ve had to find out this information from a news station at the opposite side of the globe.

    • @Tracy Muckle There is no way she would be oblivious to what is going on in this hospital if it was as bad as CNN is making it out to be. So either she is a) telling a lie or b) CNN is.
      I would choose option B given this networks track record.

    • Adrian Fôrrest | October 28, 2020 at 7:45 PM | Reply

      Was thinking the exact same thing. It’s seems its slowly getting buried here in UK.

    • Adrian Fôrrest | October 28, 2020 at 7:47 PM | Reply

      @Rodney Watson guessing you voted for Trump then 🙄

    • @Rodney Watson ​ @Rodney Watson I would usually agree but I’m in Scotland and my sister is in Blackburn so I know for a fact she’s not telling the truth. Apart from that, I’ve never worked in a hospital that doesn’t have a very healthy gossip mill, if she even works at that hospital there’s no way she wouldn’t know.

    • @Adrian Fôrrest What do you care, you got your own problems with Big Brother in the UK.

  17. And yet there are also people there who don’t want to follow the recommended scientific guidelines.

  18. I have children living in two different countries. They have seen photos of me in full PPE and they follow the guidelines. Please, nurses all over the world, stay safe.

  19. HeartDoc Andrew | October 28, 2020 at 5:53 PM | Reply

    “Inside an ICU in England’s hardest hit area” motivates us, the people of America, to redouble our efforts to rapidly find out at any given moment, including even while On-line, who among us are unwittingly contagious (i.e. pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic) in order to #ConvinceItForward for them to call their doctor and to self-quarantine per CDC guidelines in hopes of stopping this pandemic instead of having more #MourningInAmerica

  20. Can’t believe joe Biden and The Democrat party of the US has turned its back on Britain over the UK leaving the European Union especially in these times of crises!!!

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