Inside Iraq's crippling crystal meth crisis 1

Inside Iraq’s crippling crystal meth crisis


Iraqi authorities have been struggling to control the flow of highly potent drugs like methamphetamine from neighboring countries, especially Iran, and drug use in the country is on the rise among youths. CNN's Arwa Damon interviewed Iraqis at the center of the drug addiction crisis. CNN agreed to protect their identities, given the stigma that remains.
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    1. Just like Vietnam spread Heroin. Iraq spread Meth, War on Drugs. More like Rush M Ore.
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      ADA M EVE, Soul Kitchen

    2. Bush, Obama , Biden and the Clintons are all the same Globalists who love this kind of thing. At least they’re well spoken as they kill and displace millions, right?

    3. Syria is the same thanks to well spoken globalist. But yet people think they are the” resistance” when they vote for them

  1. Heroin & Methamphetamine; America’s true legacy in Iraq. There’s your freedom. Your welcome.

    1. Why do we keep electing globalists like Bush, Biden and Obama? We vote for these monsters and then complain about how bad we are. It’s really not necessary. Syria is the same way because of globalist politicians

  2. Our country was safe and we know nothing. About drugs, unfortunately, my country has become a hot market for these toxins.

    1. I’ve had to make this comment before on another video: That emoji means you are sleepy or sleeping. It is not the crying emoji.

    2. Well, it would be nice if some people made “sober living” homes. That’s how a lot of ex drug users live out here. Addicts preventing each other from doing drugs helps, but they have to want to quit

    3. Exactly my country’s daughter
      I’m a medical student and researcher in drugs when I started to search and read in the topic I found that Before 2003 we were the one of the cleanest countries in the World without drugs but the American’s invasion to Iraq and Afghanistan made all these disasters

  3. Can we turn back time, and America promised us safety after the fall of Saddam, and here the people are falling into a bigger crisis

    1. America got rid of Saddam, but america can’t fix all your problems. What can america possibly do, when they have their own drug problems? No one forced or gave them drugs, it’s their choice when doing them.

    2. @Everythingsleeps The people of Iraq prospered under Saddam, why don’t you go and educate yourself instead of living your life as a intellectually challenged buffoon.

    3. Torture chambers under Bagdad was a great motivation to stay off drugs. I wouldn’t call drugs worse tho

  4. It’s sad we live in a world where many people think all there is to life is sex, drugs, and alcohol. There is more to life. Take a step outside and examine the world around you. Thank you CNN for posting something non-political.

  5. Iraq’s lack of security, nefarious groups in the government, they said. Well who brought all this to them?

    1. @trainwreck told ya Only because there’s a huge demand in the US. The US exports most of the guns used by Mexican cartels. .

    2. @gparker productions no, him a Obama bombed the f out the poor in the middle east with drones. Biden wasn’t born yet in 2003 ,silly

    3. @trainwreck told ya Lmfao, you actually think Obama’s drone attacks compare to Bush’s Shock and Awe in Iraq? were YOU even born in 2003? Did Obama’s use of drones destabilize Iraq and the Middle East like Bush’s invasion did?

  6. This is really terrible! Prisons don’t stop the drug trade , they learn bad stuff locked up then when they get out, a whole new group of dealers and users to deal with is their get out of jail card!!!

  7. God bless you Iraqis, Christ El Meth is a very addictive and destructive force. I hope you all get better.

    1. First if all this is just a 10 min video , and it is the U.S who created this horrible mess in iraq.

    1. They don’t , Iran is the one to blame for at least 50% of the drugs in ME only second to Afghanistan , but in iran the cartels are the iranian gov itself !

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