Inside the urgent manhunt for Texas shooting suspect

The FBI released a new wanted poster for Francisco Oropesa, accused of killing four adults and one 9-year-old child in Texas with an AR-15 style rifle, CNN’s Ed Lavandera reports. CNN’s John Berman breaks down the latest in the investigation with CNN law enforcement analysts John Miller and Andrew McCabe. #CNN #News


    1. The sheriff has a good heart but needs to investigate the people who should have investigated this before they were murdered.

    2. True that.
      Let’s see how widening their scope they have now while manhunt continues.
      We need intelligence for his whereabouts.
      Caught lying will face criminal charges as well.

  1. First, they were HUMAN BEINGS my goodness!! Looking at his pictures & knowing he’s been deported 4 times already … I would venture to say that ppl are afraid of him. Sending prayers for comfort & safety for all involved . I’m also praying that he is found before he disappears into Mexico .

  2. No one had bothered to show up after 5 911 calls, but after the crime they’ve decided to come in hundreds. Texas police logic keeps surprising me

    1. Well they literally will not enforce the laws against reckless discharge of a firearm or disturbing the peace around this area….. I gave up calling and complaining about the people shooting guns off all night long some years ago already the police wouldn’t do a damn thing about it. SMH!

    2. No, not just Texas. That’s just how it is in general all across the U.S in rural places.

  3. If this dude was deported 4 times already he’s already back in Mexico – clearly it’s not hard for him to go back and forth

    1. Some of the people in rural areas say this is what people do for entertainment…shoot off guns….Really? That’s acceptable?

  4. Texas police need to be completly purified they are scared to do their job.
    Quite a few times they were called and nobody responded, same thing happen at
    Uvalde school.

    1. Why did Republican police ignore 5 calls in one day? Who is really worthy to be murdered?

    2. ​@Kayaphus I live in New York… This happens weekly! Should I blame Democrats! 😂😂😂😂

  5. Hesitation, and as much resistance into this probe more than the Uvalde epic.

  6. They should announce in Spanish that anyone aiding and abetting this criminal will be held accountable!!! He’s got to eat so someone is either helping him or he’s holding someone hostage!!!

    1. My money is on him already being dead, killed by his own cartel so he can’t talk about them.

  7. Can someone have the police to check the trains in that area that left around the time after all this happened an check hotels/motels specifically customers that have been unusually quiet in there rooms

    1. @Sean the United States send guns over there and drives up the drug demand too, how proud you must be

  8. They called the cops 5times seems like they did the right thing, but the cops never responded like always in Texas. So to me sound like negligence from the police department. Shame on them! would be consulting an attorney so that police department learn to answer to their responsibilities and duties.

    1. The US is racist country. Russia Russia needs 0.05 nm chip from China and India. Bangladesh may provide supper carriers to Russia. NK may provide 20 million soldiers.

  9. Deported 4 times and the police were called 5 times that night. Law enforcement is worthless!

  10. One way a lead may be generated is by checking the meta data of all cell towers in the vicinity of where his old cell phone was found for new, or barely used cell phones that were powered up and a signal generated near that location. Dirtbags like him often keep a burner phone on them or in their residence for quick retrieval if they have to bail. I would be willing to bet he had a fresh burner phone on hand. They should check his residence for phone card packaging, or packaging remains for any cell phone products. (Chargers, cords, covers/cases, etc, etc. ). If they can identify what burner phone brand he possibly has it will make it easier to identify it’s signal at the towers.

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