INSPORTS Fraud Case Transferred to High Court | Listen to Excuse Why Teacher’s Pay Delayed

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  2. Why is it taken so long for the teachers to be paid, it’s disgraceful, don’t those in charge know teachers have families to feed and to live. it’s utterly disgusting.😟

    1. From aeon joseph Rose , those the taxes government collect ed is the amount of wealth to paid all government workers and carried out government duties,. If not government needed to review and make sure the taxes that collect ed it’s enough.

  3. JPS, NWC, NCB, BNS & credit unions dont delay in their collection. Bills are owing and as such these institutions are always ontime

  4. All I can hear from the government are excuse after excuse. Totally pathetic. I would strike if my pay didn’t arrive on its due date. It’s a breach of contract and a valid reason for a strike. The teachers should sue the government for any costs they incur due to this negligence.

    I can understand the non-working on Sundays. It all depends on where this is happening and if its negatively impacting the surrounding area.

  5. Why are these goons in power this is unbelievable teacher not being paid the persons in charge should do the honourable thing and stepped down despicable 😢

  6. So, what I need to ask is there legislation stating that no construction work must be undertaken on a Sunday or is a KSAMC thing.

  7. The 43 million that was used to finance the ill fated attempt by Kamina Johnson-Smith plus the 99 million USD could more than fund the payments to teachers. This out of order the teacher should have been paid long ago, why all the excuses. Disgusting abd disgraceful behaviour from the Government.

  8. This is foolishness enu. I teach for a whole month and cannot be paid. Kmt! Mi never know my first class honours degree was in community service. Jah Jah

  9. A lot of people paying for water they don’t get
    The reservoirs are filled with sediment and they don’t clean them
    No wonder there is always a water problem

  10. Everybody in Jamaica embezzling money. I too need to fly in and join in. I need to build my place in Portland 😂

  11. Government who sits on their asses not doing a damn thing never delay their own pay. Why let our educators suffer??? Pay them!!

    1. The country that gave you the bible works 7 days a week. Shops open til 5-6pm, motorways are repaired etc.

    2. @Blue_orchid 
      You know the country that gave you your Bible. My Bible’s Author is God! He worked 6 days & rested on the Sabbath. The same One who says He’s Lord of the Sabbath who arose on Sunday & is now a day set aside in His honour as a day to worship Him!

    3. @Charmaine Russell 
      For your information, Jesus said He is Lord of the Sabbath. He arose on the first day of the week. That’s why we worship a risen Savior on Sunday!!

    4. @Bb Hjh Please ask God for wisdom when reading His words said,For as Jonas was three days n 3 nights in the whales belly, so shall The Son of man be,in the heart of the earth, tell me how you get that from Friday 3 PM to Sunday morning ?read John 19verse 31 to end, Daniel 9 focus on verse 27,which tells Christ died in the midst of the week.and Matthew 28,tells, in the end of the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, Genesis 1,tells darkness was first the evening n the morning were the first day, which means its night n day,John 11v 9 tells twelve hours in the day, and I could go on n on,but read for yourself and I pray God will open your eyes.

  12. Can Jamaica become independent under this condition when they cannot afford to pay their teachers in time it a shame

  13. Only Saturdays work should not be done, with the exception of essential workers like health care etc. Not my opinion, that’s biblical. Saturday (Sabbath) is a holy day.

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