1. Discount Eugene Levy is right – there needs to be a federal investigation. However, there may be one and we just don’t know about it. Until the Mar-a-Lago warrant was served, we weren’t aware of a criminal investigation into the documents.

    1. He hasn’t been arrested and all these things that have been claimed that he did haven’t stuck because either 1. There wasn’t enough evidence. or 2. He didn’t actually commit those crimes and this is just posturing from other parties to make it appear he did.

      I suggest you do what you are saying you’re going to do in your comment and “go for a different perspective and wait”.

    2. Touche. You made my coffee blow out my nose. Congrats, you’re among only a handful. Damn near choked, but It was worth the pain lol.

    1. @Bruce Wagner Hey what’s it like grovelling in front of a three time loser does he make you where your maggot hat?

  2. Always a good factual and legal analysis from Norm.

    Defense offered by digital contractors:
    “We didn’t know that the Kracken woman who contracted with us didn’t have authority to make that agreement. And we didn’t know that the woman who let us into / invited us into the building and gave us access to the voting machines — a public official with state election credentials, didn’t have legal authority to do that.”

    That will be a useless whine to avoid liability. In both state and federal courts. As it should be.

  3. Again if this were black folk they’d be in jail already. Wtf is DOJ doing here? These people are a threat to our peace and need dealing with.

  4. This going on due to the failure to hold these people accountable. There will be a so-called investigation, but nothing will happen to them.

  5. So judge essentially used word salad to say, “Certain people legally get special treatment under the law”. We live in a a-hole country.

  6. No one is above the law, that’s why the Lady Justice is blindfolded the ideal that justice should be applied without regard to wealth, power, or other status.

    1. @Some Dude I guess we feel the same but from opposite view points. I’ll respect your’s and hope you’ll respect mine.

    2. They were not following the law. They’re saying they didn’t break any laws but they were doing it sneakily.

  7. I’m glad that this is being investigated seriously by state law enforcement in Georgia. Because it sure isn’t happening in Arizona.

    1. @Tony B ummmm election tampering/interference?!?
      Christ why don’t you go bone up on WHAT the DOJ does and investigates….wtf, hopefully you haven’t had ya know civics or whatever 🤷🏼‍♀️😂🤣🤣😂 good luck!

    2. Truer words were seldom spoken. Didn’t think it was a smart move at all for the prosecutor to throw a fundraiser for someone that’s running against somebody she is investigating in this. She could blow the whole thing. And NOBODY gets charged! ONE HOT MESS

    3. @Tony B If you want me to answer your question, then use the REPLY button or else I won’t be notified. It should happen at the DOJ because it concerns a FEDERAL election. Even if it were just state and local elections, it would be a matter for the DOJ because the US Constitution says states have to have a republican form of government, which means free and fair elections (Article IV, Section 4).

    4. @Wayne Grabert type into YouTube what Trump thinks about mishandling confidential information. Perhaps we all can agree?

  8. Unfortunately, our laws did not change enough when Nixon proved that you should not necessarily TRUST someone just because they were elected. Since many of the same players from the nixon era are still sleazing around the back rooms of republican politics….armed with what they assume (and appears to be) a better plan for out and out criminal behavior..…without being caught. It is going to be extremely hard to save ourselves from their evil. Partly because we tend to believe the best not the worst. Well, it is worse, but it can and will become even worse than it is now. They are watching and see that they are getting away with these crimes in full view of courts, now packed with hand picked criminal judges…..

  9. If they know there was an illegal breach, they know when it occurred. If these unauthorized people were in the building at the time… and I suspect nobody else was, given this was clandestine… then it’s pretty open and shut as to who did the breaching.

  10. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
    What part of this did Trump miss?
    Guess on Jan. 6 Trump did not remember the above as he try to stop the the election process.

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