Internet Trolls Jammed Iowa Caucus Hotline For Reporting Results | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

The phone number to report Iowa caucus results was posted on a fringe internet message board on Monday night along with encouragement to “clog the lines,” an indication that jammed phone lines that left some caucus managers on hold for hours may have in part been due to prank calls. Aired on 02/06/20.
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Internet Trolls Jammed Iowa Caucus Hotline For Reporting Results | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. Paper ballots and at least two ways of reporting. Technology will never work when ya need it.
    Interfering with elections is a federal offense and a felony, so if the Justice Department does do their thing, Bubba is getting lonely.

    1. This did little damage, to an already damage voting method in Iowa…Part electoral college + plurality voting. Even now, if they crown Pete or Bernie…they will have won in a plurality at maybe 27%. That means the MAJORITY of 73%, did not want them to win. WE will never know, who Iowas would truly support. APPROVAL VOTING, or SCORE VOTING, would have worked beautifully, and simply in telling us, who Iowas really wanted.

    2. Did you know the app was developed Shadow Inc. Which is owned by former Hillary campaign managers? Did you know the federal government offered to check the app for make sure it worked and was secure but the DNC said no thanks. Of course not because you watch this propaganda network.

    3. @Doug Hilton yep, if I was Barr I would say don’t investigate too. They made this mess, let them stew in it.

    1. Then senate should have dismissed.

      By not dismissing,
      they acknowledged the validity of the case.

      Then disallowed a REAL trial.

      They even tried to bar the evidence Procured IN SPITE of republican suppression efforts,
      at the outset of the “trial”.

      Both sides have nothing to lose and MUCH to gain,
      IF their assertions are true.

      Only one side Suppressing all evidence.

    2. @jeremy tee oh yes they did. One of the questions asked during the trial was “could using the Steele report be considered foreign intervention?” Jeffries said no because we purchased it.

    1. @Young Lee The media just reports facts lmfao !!! Ok buddy if you think that you must believe in Santa clause still ya? The media is biased and lie to achieve there own agenda . They are all owned by the 1% lmfao .. please…

    2. @Young Lee uh huh, sure. The democrats screwed up an app. Pure and simple, they couldn’t run their own primary.

  2. Fun Fact: In 2016, for the first time, precinct chairs used a smartphone app built by Microsoft to relay results to party headquarters, enabling faster reporting than communicating via telephone hotline. This year, with the state party promising to disclose more granular data than in the past, the job of coding the app went to *a fledgling tech firm run by veterans of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.*

  3. Blame the internet when Pete’s app was used as a fail safe to steal media hype that the considerate campaigns were waiting to hear the true results.

    1. Robert it was not petes app not that the app matters now they are using paper backup, that story is bs you should do some research don’t play it like the trump team with misleading conspiracies

    2. @timandsue legere you’re talking to a bernie supporter. Too many of them prefer conspiracies, and do not know how to listen.
      Bernie seems very good at attracting small minded paranoids.

    3. Well it is not a conspiracy that the app developer is married to Pete’s senior strategist Michael Halle. Pete’s group has offer some funding to develope that app as well as a couple of groups mostly tied to establishment democrats.

      With all of that said, it does not prove Pete is cheating but it just looks suspicious. That is about. Conflict of interest at most.

  4. 4Chan=far right. Keks for 4 more years I suppose. Hey, fellow progressives, you too can throw your souls into the reactor 4 fire that is 4Chan.

  5. When you put your trust in electronic devices that put your data online, you’ll find your trust and data shattered online.
    When will they ever learn?

  6. Question. Historically, how long did it take to report final results in the days of no internet, when everything was paper and pencil?

    1. interesting question. You could go and do a web search, and let us know what you find out.
      Like, when Abe Lincoln ran.

    1. caucuses are fun. I was part of one in Maine and became a delegate to the state convention for Jackson.
      It’s purpose is for neighbors to discuss this issues with their neighbors.

    2. honeysucklecat Maybe caucuses are fun. And watching football is fun. But choosing the government is too serious to screw up. And people have weeks and months to discuss it with friends. Keep it simple and ACCURATE! And honest

    3. @James Lade don’t knock it until you try it. Caucuses are designed to be more democratic than primaries. 
      And for some reason, Bernie always does better in states with caucuses than primaries. 
      I don’t like Bernie – he’s a huge fraud. 3 decades in Congress with nothing to show for it, except helping to elect trump in 2016.

    1. @Steve Bollmeyer this is probably true but overall 4chan is very mixed. but yeah it has shifted more right in the last few years

    2. @Astro Apollo it shifts everytime the establishment are out of line, for example 4chan as a whole on average were Democrat voters during Bushes Iraq war. It is the home of counter culture online, that’s it, that’s all it is. Plus racism

    3. @SneakyFox exactly, you get it. anonymity means catharsis, and 4chan has been, and always will be, counterculture as a result of that

    4. @SneakyFox actually it was founded in 2003 for anime fans, but please rewrite history to hide the right wing nutjobs…😂😂😂

    1. They always blame a board of color. If it’s name was 4Smith or 4Jones they would give it the benefit of the doubt. It’s always a 4Jamal or a 4Chang that takes the blame…

  7. Why didn’t they email, the results to the Party HQ and all candidates running?
    This deflection just points out even more incompetence.

    1. rflair
      Yep. They enslaved blacks, started and lost the Civil War, killed Lincoln, started the KKK, started Planned Parenthood to eradicate blacks, opposed Civil Rights, lynched blacks and Republicans, instituted Jim Crow all over the South, opposed Reconstruction, locked up blacks as “Superpredators” in the 90’s and support communism/socialism and killing 9month old babie. Why would ANYONE expect these ppl to bring anything other than chaos to whatever they put their hands upon?

    2. @Hunter Nightblood Worse phoning in, do they have a secret password when they phone each other on these public lines or something?

      Pretty sure they are using .gov email accounts.

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