Iowa Dem Party Chair: 'What Happened Last Night Is Simply Unacceptable' | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Iowa Dem Party Chair: ‘What Happened Last Night Is Simply Unacceptable’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Iowa Democratic party chair Troy Price apologizes for the breakdown in vote counting during Monday nights Iowa caucus, and details what went wrong. Aired on 2/4/2020.
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Iowa Dem Party Chair: 'What Happened Last Night Is Simply Unacceptable' | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Kathleen Dunlap Bernie is not a Democrat. Why would a Bernie supporter watch democratic channels? Democrats are fascists to leftists.

    2. @staudtj1 I don’t see Republicans beating people in the streets or silencing free speech. Its all lefty fascists. You Democrats are National Socialist scum, slave owning, KKK founding bigots.

    3. staudtj1 Because they support more individual freedom and less authoritarian policies, but take issue with killing millions of children, bureaucratic rule of various areas of our life, and support the first 2 amendments in the Bill of Rights. Super fascist.

    1. Reforming our campaign finance laws, making gerrymandering illegal, making elections a holiday, and making sure every state has early voting will strengthen our country.

    2. @Jeffery Jones You harp on Antiquated systems haha and then want direct democracy haahahah a system that has failed for thousands of years!!! You realize our constitutional system is still like one of the most modern governments in the world (Spain is newer but modeled on our system)?

    3. @Free HongKong And all of those systems have problems as well. Some of them are better than others though.

    1. Yep. And the stupid voters will just eat up whoever they put in the race regardless. And the process will repeat itself. Hoping Trump smacks em down for this.

    1. Alpha Fairfoxs Apologies. I’ve heard of that fair. But maybe going forward, ditch the caucus and don’t demand that your state goes first in the nation. #friedtwinkie

    2. And they still end up electing a woman whose only real claim to competence as a US Senator is that she has some expertise as a pig nut ripper offer.

    1. Democrats are always rigging their elections and when they lose elections they accuse others of rigging them. Lmao

    2. Lmao They tried to screw trump over. The entire Republican party was against him as well as the DNC.

      Bernie should take a page out of Trump’s playbook. He took down both parties. Even during his presidency you saw the Reps screwing him over. Like when McCain promised to overturn Obamacare entirely, but turncoated the deciding vote last second?

      You are correct it was rigged. Against Trump though. He won when nobody thought he had a chance. They laughed at him until the election results rolled in. Nobody saw it coming.

  1. What happened last night is that Bernie clearly won, and MSM, DNC, IDP all want to stifle his momentum from it.

    1. Idk, pete looks like he won pretty solid. Every youtube video has one of his ads here. Bernie will be close most certainly. I doubt any foul play happened inside the core of the iowa democratic party.

    2. @Free HongKong And Trump is not a Republican and never has been, but that didn’t stop that party from nominating him.

    3. @Shakura That is true. Trump is actually a Liberal. He has destroyed the Republican Establishment. Democrats are not trying to repeat mistakes made by the Republican Party.

    4. @lll•A_German_Ewok•lll They will get the same number of delegates regardless so its a win win for both Bernie and Pete.

  2. A candidate named Pete teamed up with Hillary’s staffers to fund a dark super pac, that funded shadow ( the voting app used).
    Definitely a conflict of interest, is that even legal?


    2. Mayor Cheat funded and supported a rigged app!!!!!! The DNC promoted coins tosses for dividing the delegates!!!!!!!!

  3. Stop allowing Iowa to go first and ban the Caucus its not fair to million of people who don’t have time to hang out for hours. You do not have ballots.

    1. the democrats and republicans are one party.. they work together against the public. your votes don’t matter

  4. The one good thing out of all this is that the Iowa caucus system is now clearly over and done. How anyone could defend this overly nonsensical and antiquated process after last night is beyond me.

    1. Don’t fall for that crap. The caucuses are the only place where this is done face-to-face with the people. By write-in ballot. They want to do away with the caucuses. That’s why they’re doing this crap! Don’t fall for it, please.

    1. Quid Pro Joe Blowden will be the nominee of this crooked gang of tax pirates. They are in cahoots with the GOP because they’re all dirty, double-dealing democrats. This is a Constitutional Republic.. not a Democracy!!

    1. Hey Max. Careful with that. If it were corrupt I would not expect either Sanders or Mayor Pete to lead. Occam’s razor says that this is just a stuff up – a bad one, but a stuff up nonetheless. Fears about the integrity of the 2020 election are already guaranteed to leave citizens doubting the legitimacy of whoever wins and the fact that ‘no content’ trolls like Free HongKong have jumped in on it clearly suggests an intention to feed that doubt. Wait for the facts. The data is reviewable and independent analysis will show one way or another what happened. So, it’s certainly an eye roller and one that should put to bed the whole ‘Iowa First’ nonsense, but it’s probably no more than that. Now if Biden came through as a distant first I might be more suspicious, but he didn’t, so keep your powder dry.

    2. Idk, a lot of bernie fans just say that because bernie is a point or two behind. I agree that in 2016, it was totally rigged against him in as high up as the DNC. But I doubt a couple coding errors are automatically corruption.

  5. A Dem says “Simply unacceptable” – Then, accepts it. No changes made. Applies the exact same process to the next thing. Good times.

    1. It wasn’t really hid f*** up it was a Computer f*** up. Lots of republican troll bots on Social media trying to make things worse for us as Dems. We must stay united and pay no attention to the trolls trying to divide us. Remain focused. We need to, in order to defeat trump, that’s our goal..

  6. Everyone laughs at “old school’ methods, like PAPER BALLOTS.  I say he who laughs last; laughs best.

    1. Nancy Selzer it is good to have paper work for back up b/c so many crooked can happen in technology with Internet and computers also many things can be hacked like they did in 2016.

    2. Paper trail is security. In Australia and New Zealand where I’ve voted for over 50 years, we use nothing but paper ballots. We have no difficulties or errors. In Switzerland every piece of Legislation is voted on by the entire electorate by phone, email and paper. In a true democracy we would vote on every law passed by our servants the government employees we elect.

  7. Bottom line: foreign interference is unnecessary because we can undermine electronic voting systems by ourselves.

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