1. @The Rocket I’m sorry to say that your wrong on when first use of chemical weapons was used in war.. It’s was in ww1. When articles of it’s use is a warcrime I don’t know about..

    2. @The Rocket Further more you should know about US war crimes in Vietnam.. US used biological weapons that still in present time is the caouse of baby’s are born with missing legs and arms.. You have no shame about anything your military doing in your name?? I guess not, you killed the Indians, then you become a country using slaves and now you just don’t care about the word of Christs most important message to love your follow man on so on..

    3. The war with Japan was already won and those bombs was not necessary.. They could have dropped the bombs att sea the make Japan understand that they was finished..

    1. At least they dont kill themselves with guns at the rate of 100 each and EVERY day, as Americans do.
      But you wont get a RWNJ mentioning that perspective. 🤯

    2. @Kolin Mademe 2019 Iranian government killed over 1500, injured over 4000 in protests and the generals funeral a lot of deaths and finally shooting down a plane. Seems to me Iranian are good at killing each other.

    1. I just hope Iran can find it in its heart to forgive those passengers for flying in the way of their missile. As a white person, I would like to apologise to Iran and all Muslims for allowing ourselves to be so clumsily killed. If any Iranian is reading this, please specify the amount we owe in reparations for the waste of your missile. I know that is expensive equipment and on behalf of white people I would like to compensate you.

  1. When Iran refused to hand over the black box and they quickly cleaned up the crash site, it was too obvious to continue denying their act.

    1. Don Jose Miguel Maese But they did form a conclusion. Mechanical problems. In fact the plane was turning around bc of it….Remember?

    2. they could have simple deny it and never admit their mistake, or blame USA for firing the missile, or simply say those evidence are fabricated, Iran is a country not a kid that got caught stealing a bicycle, all Iran needed to say was “we did not do it all evidence are fake , created by the west and USA, all of it is propaganda” and stay firm with the lie like USA
      USA already imposed 100s of sanction on Iran, do you think Iran cares what the west and USA thinks,
      this is simple honesty and high moral values of the Islamic Republic, liars like the West and USA will never understand such level of values

    1. @justjustjustify Not really, the proof is all there….everyone knows they did it whether they will admit it or not…they can’t deny it. Either admit and possibly mend relations, or dont admit and continue to play dumb and face retaliation.

    2. @Kal El just being honest. Most of those people don’t want to assimilate. Theyre mullah worshipers stuck in the 7th century. I’m surprised any Iranians are on here because the internet is banned in Iran

    1. I think they self detonated a nuke because there was an earthquake near the nuclear power plant in iran around about the same time …

    1. @Snake Plissken And now, it’s you who celebrate Nazism. US, Israel and Saudi Wahhabia are the real terrorist states and greatest threat to world peace.

    2. ​@Snake Plissken Yes they kind of were. US was responsible in helping overthrow the Shah back in 79 (of course because of oil) that allowed the Islamic “plaque” take over the country. Since then, Iran has been governed by an Islamic regime and USA is to blame. I love the USA and am blessed to be born here, but I can acknowledge that our countries greed for oil and power has caused so many problems for other nations

    1. @Joe Lazarus “Sure, Iran made a fool of themselves denying something they were responsible for…BUT…”
      What “but”? Theres no buts, they killed 170 people mate, theyd worked themselves up into such a fever trying to hurt America, for the umpteenth time, that they ended up killing innocent people, most of them their own long suffering citizens.

    2. @Joe Lazarus stfu clown😂😂😂what goes on is a proof of what libtards are,too funny am a Latino telling you this😂😂😂

    3. @Lieshtmeiser You can play stupid and conveniently ignore the chain of events that led up to the tragedy BUT they matter and I choose to see the whole picture.
      If you’re slow, i’ll spell it out for you…my point is BOTH Iran and Trump are responsible for the downed Airline.

    1. @Derek Mills A warship in the Persian Hulf in broad daylight doesn’t leave much room for confusion or delay.

    2. @grapas100

      Lol. Yeah, we can see that. How much more ‘revenge’ can Iran dish out, before there are no more Iranians?

    1. @Don Jose Miguel Maese You want two countries with all their inhabitants destroyed?
      That is pretty twisted.

    2. @Into The Everflow if they can’t play nice they don’t get a play at all. Those bastards have been fighting for thousands of years why should innocent people go over there and die for them

    1. I Like Food there’s still people like you living in 2020 ? Lmao grow up kid, you’re only making a joke of yourself

  2. Iran: Whoopsie, our bad.
    Also, Iran can’t tell the difference between a passenger plane & a military jet, but some how feels ready to take on the U.S. military??

    1. They should have known what air traffic will be in thier airspace in such a high tension period of time. Fucking stupid and 100% a crime

    2. @Morteza Poorvadi “don’t forget 1988 US navy downing of passenger plane”
      If youd read the story, youll see that part of the problem was that, yet again, Iran was antagonizing the US cruiser with its boats (either missile or torpedo boats) in the period leading up to the incident. Iran is a menace.

  3. Iran: Whoopsie, our bad.
    Also, Iran can’t tell the difference between a passenger plane & a military jet, but some how feels ready to take on the U.S. military??

    1. It’s even more ridiculous because Iran said they thought it was a cruise missile. You don’t need military technology to tell the difference of a passenger plane and a missile.

    2. Iran is afraid of The USA there like a small dog all bark and no bite they know America can easily wipe them out if they wanted to

    1. There is, the word is “conservative.” The Iranian regime and its supporters are rightards like trump supporters and Saudis. Majority of Iranians are great people though.

    2. all these deaths because of Demon Donald…….trump supporters are responsible for unleashing the serial killer Donald

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