Iran vows revenge after U.S. assassinates a top general


    1. Trump pulled out of that deal because it was done in Obama’s term. Iran isn’t that far from building nukes and they were honoring the treaty until the Trump stunt.

    1. Trump was a fool. He pissed off countries that can destroy NATO in a week conventionally.. Russia and China.
      We will be part of the retaliation… its inevitable.

  1. America has always deserved any and all that comes at them for their years of meddling in the Middle Eastern countries.

    1. They will now reap what they sowed. Canada will as well. Cant stop it. It always will spill over to the closest neighbor

  2. Some will say justified, some illegal, some will say Iran can’t hurt/strike back, some say this is retaliation for attacks that Iran already carried out. Welcome to politics, posturing and the 2020 election. Welcome peace, and Armageddon. No one will notice this even happened in a weeks time as the story will die, and be supplanted by the next narrative. The only reliable information, is disinformation. When there are no secrets, there can be no lies.

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