Iran’s Past Suggests Range Of Potential Threats To US Interests | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow looks at how Iran has expressed aggression toward the U.S. and U.S. interests in the past as a way of framing what Americans might expect in terms of the new threat provoked by Donald Trump, not the least of which is extensive cyber capabilities. Aired on 01/03/20.
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Iran's Past Suggests Range Of Potential Threats To US Interests | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Idea Man you said that 20 years ago about Afghanistan, yet the war there is lost and Taliban is ruling most of the country 🙂

  1. Does a reelection campaign justifies such a reckless and stupid act contrary to any notion of international law and civilization?

    1. @Day Off “This was not a random act of war by the US.”
      Not random, planed toward the upcoming election as a smoke screen on everything this dysfunctional and incompetent government is doing.

  2. Let’s send the “stable genius” to Iran so he can hold a “rally” and tell *_them_* he’s “God” – I’d bet the Iranians would just “love him to death”! ☠

    1. @Dixie Ten Broeck well, trump decided to pick on Chrissy teigan because he’s a bully. Ms. Chrissy is someone of note on Twitter I guess. After 2 or 3 insults and attacks from bully#1, Chrissy ended the attacks by calling trump a PussyAssBitch. PAB, trumpPAB never sent another tweet in her direction

    2. @John Kurtz Thank you! I missed this, somehow. There are SO many acronyms nowadays I suspect some people have given up using words altogether. It’s so sad; I love words, especially when used correctly. (As did you – bless your pea-pickin’ heart – and an extra 10 points if you can come up with the person who made “pea-pickin’ a common phrase! 🤣 )

  3. America lost a drone and tanker I tell you what really happened America put them there to provoke and attack because if you fly drones over America they would get shot down same way

    1. It is a little more complex than that. We actually turned off our firewall to allow them to hack the codes to land our drone so they could have the technology. They did not shoot it down, they landed it themselves. Why was this done? Because the government pays companies like Raytheon trillions of dollars in contracts to come up with new death toys, and in order to keep securing funding, they need to make sure that we are not too far ahead of the enemy. This was leaked and shows that it is all a racket, which is also proven by ‘Fast And Furious’, where it was exposed we were giving Isis weapons, money and first aide: we do not fight enemies, we simply create them so the crooks in charge can get more money. It’s all a racket and are Rothschild Hegelian Dialectic )oo games that have been played for centuries now.

    2. But it was flying in international waters this this Commander suleimani has killed hundreds of American troops inside Iraq and many say he has ordered over 6,000 military strikes in this region he has killed many of his own people these Elite Iranian Army Personnel not only threaten lives across the region they threaten people in their own country Trump had the balls to hit Top Iranian commanders not hospitals and wedding parties like Obama did what are you been happier if Trump did like Obama in order hundreds of drone strikes throughout the area killing thousands of civilians

  4. Remember when Iran was restrained with an international agreement and then Donald violated the agreement without a legitimate reason?

    1. Idea Man Finally someone who can say, I was wrong and accept the truth. We need more people who are prepared to do that. Well done.

    2. Simple Truths It was a great agreement all parties were agreed to except of course the filthy, lying, not to be trusted American government. Now you have no agreement and an escalation towards war. Well done, I hope the families of Trump supporters and these politicians are first on the battlefields.

  5. Would Bonny Donny in a straight jacket air -dropped over Baghdad, or perhaps republicans , one at time, appease the situation ?

  6. why you think like this?!
    I am Iranian and I love my country I now that you love your country too
    we just want to be free.
    without terrorism
    without war!

    1. This woman is only concerned with ratings. People are more susceptible to advertising when they’re scared or angry so she orchestrates those emotions in her audience to make more money for herself. She used to be a journalist.

    2. @Bobo The Duck Or we could not illegally and occupy sovereign nations, killing thousands of innocent civilians that want us gone.

  7. Since that impeachment started I’ve been saying to myself the only thing that it will save the president I would have been a war and looking out what’s happening just let the man finish this time and pick another President we don’t have time for this b*******

  8. STUXNET was a U. S. assault on Iranian nuclear labs. Resulted in deaths of scientists. U. S. has dirty hands.

    1. Trump already said this would happen…only he said it about Obama and said and I quote “he will do it to get re elected”

    2. @Laughing Dog … All Over Again!!! Lmao, funny how his own words, circle back again and again.
      His BS is getting so deep.

      Global geopolitical chess…who has the *brains* to win that match? Certainly not the 🍄🍊💩!

  9. *Imagine if this assassination was another way around, we would start WW3, the world is the less safe now with this act of Trump for US Americans than it has been ever before*

  10. This is a war instigated by the US. It all comes down to oil. Nothing to do with that general was a bad guy or not.

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