"Iron Man" jet suit tested for mountain emergency response 1

“Iron Man” jet suit tested for mountain emergency response


An air ambulance service in the U.K. has taken its first test flight of a new jet suit intended for paramedics working in remote locations.

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    1. Modern humanity cant even balance an economy, which is literally just numbers set to serve a purpose. I highly doubt consumers will ever be allowed to fly around with these for long before being banned for falling through peoples homes and burning children with jet engines.

  1. I can see the Navy Seals and the special Forces wanting to take a look at this technology. Come in close with a MH -60G Pave Hawk, the operators jump out close to land for the ground effect to start, and travel closer to the target, then exit out before a reaction force can cover the distance. If they can also adapt the jets for quieter operation all the better.

  2. yes, a great idea, if only you didn’t need a full pilots license for each medical responder, if only we created a system that could compartmentalise the piloting to someone else and let a medical professional sit along side them, and also have the capability to carry the patient… Oh wait, why don’t we use a helicopter?

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