Is a mandate a law? How will Biden's vaccine mandate be enforced? | USA TODAY 1

Is a mandate a law? How will Biden’s vaccine mandate be enforced? | USA TODAY


Republican governors have threatened lawsuits, but the employers affected by the mandate hold the most ground to sue.


President Joe Biden initiated a nationwide mandate to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic on Thursday, ordering American employers with 100 or more workers to ensure their workforce is entirely vaccinated.

Biden's six-part plan to counteract the delta variant is his most aggressive action he's taken yet, as it is expected to impact nearly 80 million Americans, including government employees who also fall under the mandate.

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    1. @Pinkie Love good luck getting the one that is approved (Comernty) only one available is the Biotech which is still under EUA

    2. @JR Porter I don’t stay glued to the fda website… I don’t have TV and don’t use any social media outside of youtube.
      What is it that you do in the medical community? Please enlighten us on the expected laboratory and radiologic findings of a covid pt in ARDS… I’ll wait and listen to the crickets.

    3. Bingo!!!
      No accountability and certain government is exempt from the mandate!?!?
      how much more of a punch in the face do you need to understand that one?

  1. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. – Abraham Lincoln

    1. @Jill Oh my god, do you have the mentality of a child? “IT HAPPENED TO ME SO OBVIOUSLY DAT MEANS MASKS DONT WORK” is legitimately an argument someone with brain damage would make.

    2. @DREEZ According to the Biden administration over 70% of the United States population has been vaccinated. Why do you think there will be any change if it were 100% when we’re not seeing any improvement now?. You need to stop blindly following and start thinking.

    3. @Pan-Da studios Maybe you should ask the ones pushing the vaccine to explain. I don’t know their motives or intentions, but it certainly isn’t to protect you.

    4. @Jack Slater You clearly don’t understand how pandemics work. Also, cute avatar. You think you’re a patriot? You probably justify the January 6th terrorism, too.

    1. Their is a lot of people in this country that wants it to fall. And it is. Better we swift and root it out. I could hel

    1. @Andros C By your syntex I can even tell you are a Russian or Eastern block troll comrade, try not to give yourself away so easily..I see you commies are still trying to prop up the Orange Clown

    2. @Leonidas The Great Comrade, you are not alone. The world also cannot deal with the stink of the §hit permeating from Amerika. . The Paris Accord must expel Amerika.

  2. So visitors to the White House still don’t need to prove vaccination, but the worker on a boat in Alaska does? How is this at all legal??!!

    1. If you read up on The District of Columbia it is not actually part of The United States and has its own seperate set of laws that are quite different from the rest of us. This is partly why they get away with so much that would have the rest of us buried underneath the jails.

    2. @Between Two Comments they’d actually have a legitimate reason to try to impeach but you know rules for the not for me is the game they play

    3. I remember the Federal law about the Marijuana being against Federal law for decades but states like CA had pharmacies that would sell it to customers because the State law was relaxed and did not go by Federal Law…So I think states can go by their own laws and Mandates or they sure did all these past years ! Humm?

  3. Why is it that men who lie to the world on so many occasions, become angry when they utter words that reach ears of disbelief, and people refuse to do what it is they say? You know the old saying…fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  4. When he and our leaders call out China for this virus, and get into what was researched with Fauci involved in China, then I’ll take the ventriloquist voice seriously

    1. Biden winning the election was crucial for China. They will never be held accountable now. So what part did China have in this election?

    2. This is a great point that I suspect most Americans would agree with. I doubt most people enjoy that they automatically assume the gov is lying to them. At least they might try to believe what they’re being told if it seems like the gov is being reasonable and pursuing all avenues of interest.

      Another one to add to your two suggestions would be seriously talking about and studying natural immunity.

    1. Contact trace who is earmarked to get richer from mandated PCR testing.

      People stigmatised as anti-jabbers aren’t anti-jabbers. These people reject being jabbed. They don’t reject people who want jabs taking them.
      Junto politicians and others are planting animosity to fuel a novel global conflict between people who feel vaccines are necessary and people who reject subjecting themselves to vaccines.

    2. @Shane We are done with the Opium since there is no longer demand after the opoid crisis. Which is why we pulled out t let China in for hte minerals.

  5. USA starting to look like nazi Germany more and more by the day. We’re a month away from “SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS”
    You’ve all got barcodes on your phones

  6. “”Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
    – Benjamin Franklin

    1. @JOYA MAHAN And how exactly are you going to get them to do that? You talk like you have all the answers but yet I don’t see you making speeches to the masses. All talk on the internet is what you and thousands of others are

  7. Biden just killed a US aid worker in Afghanistan by drone strike by mistake… can’t wait to see how they try and spin that.

    1. @Tiny Goat Jesus does not have a color. No race is superior. Anyone who believes that a superior race exists is either miss informed or delusional.

    2. @John Adams revaltions 1:15 “His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters.” You reject the teachings of the bible I knew you weren’t a Christian

    3. @Tiny Goat Questioning my beliefs, accusing me of being a fake Christian, accusing me of rejecting scripture; how far you have fallen from Grace to behave like this to your fellow brother. So, here you go, I hope you learn something.
      Some argue that Jesus must have been of African descent because the book of Revelation compares his hair to wool and his feet to “burnished bronze.”​—Revelation 1:​14, 15, The New Jerusalem Bible.

      Fact: The book of Revelation is presented “in signs.” (Revelation 1:1) The description of Jesus’ hair and feet uses symbolic language to illustrate Jesus’ qualities after his resurrection, not to describe his physical appearance when he was on earth. In saying that Jesus’ “head and his hair were white as white wool, as snow,” Revelation 1:​14 uses color, not texture, as a point of comparison. This represents his wisdom due to age. (Revelation 3:​14) This verse is not comparing the texture of Jesus’ hair to that of wool any more than it is comparing the texture of his hair to that of snow.

      Jesus’ feet looked “like fine copper when glowing in a furnace.” (Revelation 1:​15) Also, his face was “like the sun when it shines at its brightest.” (Revelation 1:​16) Since no race has skin color matching these descriptions, this vision must be symbolic, showing the resurrected Jesus as the one “who dwells in unapproachable light.”​—1 Timothy 6:​16.

    4. @Tiny Goat
      When Jesus was human, he was born and lived in the Middle East. He was brown. I have no idea what color he is in Heaven and it makes no difference. What does make a difference, though, is people trying to bring race into everything, even the earthly form of Jesus Christ! I don’t care what color anyone is. IT DOES NOT MATTER. What I hate is when people try to MAKE it matter.

  8. We’re drifting away from the central point of the matter: There cannot ever be a one-size-fits-all medical procedure that is suitable for every human being of every age range, body weight, pre-existing health issues, current drug prescriptions, and however many infinite other variables being ignored by this blanket vaccination program.

    1. @Musical Artist Again, that’s not substance. Just because it’s cheaper than the alternative doesn’t mean they’ll continue to cover them. In fact, insurers are having the costs waived less and less for workplace testing as it is. The money we’ve set aside to pay for testing isn’t always going to be there. Perhaps you should check YOUR math on that. And again, stop assuming.

    2. @Musical Artist
      Has it really not yet struck you odd that news agencies sound alarms day abs night about how horrible it all is, but then when it turns out a reporter number of cases was falsely high they barely mention it in passing? Do you not find it strange that literally none of the natural preventative measures for illness have received even one one-hundredth the emphasis of an experimental medical procedure? Is it not odd that news agencies will broadcast elaborate interviews with teenagers dying of Covid, then ignore the hundreds— possibly thousands— of vaccine-related deaths and injuries?

      All of this has me about as suspicious as I can possibly be. It stumps me how so many people are okay with what’s going on. Famous celebrities recover in two days from a proven medical handling, yet they get mocked. Celebrities who have been vaccinated wind up in the hospital with Covid, and no point is made regarding the obvious inconsistency.

  9. “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.”–Joe Biden

    I say to you Mr. President, our patience is gone.

    1. @K J What are these high fatality rates you speak of? Who is implementing these shutdowns? Which specific hospitals are overcrowded?

      Do you have any idea what you’re talking about, or are you just parroting?

    2. @K J You obviously don’t really get what’s going on. This will never end even if 100% of the population were vaccinated they are leading us into a darker place and dominion It’s called New World order where we all will be enslaved if we survive as these shots were designed to shorten your life span in less than 10 years. Nothing will ever go back to normal prior to 2020.

    3. @K J If hospitals are being over crowded they are being over crowded with you vaccinated people. You just F**ked up your health.

  10. Love how democrats just threw their “my body my choice” and “healthcare privacy” arguments right out the window.

    1. @The Death Twitch Yup. Even studies have shown liberals are far, far greater then conservatives to have a mental illness.

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