Is A ‘Pattern Of Bureaucratic Failure’ Hampering Response To Crises? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Author Niall Ferguson looks at the global response to crises in his new book 'Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe.'

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Is A 'Pattern Of Bureaucratic Failure' Hampering Response To Crises? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. There’s a grain of truth in his argument, but he misses the larger picture. In his pandemic analysis he leaves out the impact that politics had on how decisions were made. Of course bureaucracy gets in the way of change, that’s why we elect politicians to force the bureaucracy to enact the will of the people. The problem with our pandemic response wasn’t the bureaucracy, it was the political leadership.

    2. @ms operator Not to mention the incessant tweeting of nonsense from the supposed “leader of the free world”

    3. @J Chance True, Trump was firing people who didn’t agree with him over the actual science and what was happening in the real world.

    4. Sorry, brain fog.
      Forgot to add Trump’s administration & cohorts @Fox helped in transmission of crazy ideas and the actual virus

  1. I would say it has more to do with the long term attacks against our institutions. They’ve been stripped of funding, non political employees, long term big picture knowledge.
    When our infrastructure is just a ghost of what it once was, no surprise there wasn’t a fulsome response.

    1. And don’t forget that the Trump administration did disband Global Health Security Team in Charge of Pandemic Response Efforts in 2018. WTF !

  2. He is kinda off, there was a prepared procedure & personal that they prepare & head off the diseases. The fact that 45 & his WH threw it away & fired the experts.

    1. @David Goldman You Trump cultists certainly do have an aversion to Truth, don’t you?
      To bad you do not have the same aversion to such LIES as:
      > Trump won the 2020 election
      > Trump did not incite an insurrection
      > Democrats are pedophiles running a child prostitution ring out of Washington DC
      > The events of January 6th were no different than BLM protests
      > Kyle Rittenhouse should be a free man
      > the Proud Boys have a legitimate point to make.
      You truly are a fool and not the type of folk to be reasoned with.
      You need to stop swallowing all the lies they feed you as you suckle at the teats of Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, QANON and other Putin inspired propaganda mills.
      You obviously have the internet. It is easy to find the TRUTH if you are at all interested.
      Give it a try. If you learn enough TRUTH you will eventually be able to return to REALITY.

    2. @Lani714 a bloated un and who org that even Obama officials had grown to large and not effect nothing but a money drain

    3. @David Goldman This isn’t about the United Nations or the WHO. These pandemic response teams were run by the U.S. government. Ok, so what if they were a little “bloated”? All you have to do is reduce the amount of people, not disband the programs that helped us keep other outbreaks from becoming full on pandemics. Think about it- the reason trump’s administration had to scramble to assemble a so called “covid task force” is because they screwed up so badly by disbanding what was already in place and working.

    1. While excusing Trump.
      Trump promoted Quack Doctors, Quack meds, lights and Bleach.
      😳☠️ 😫

    2. From a guy from an institute that honors hoover, who let his people suffer, and was an failure

    3. Thats what i was thinking too lol “no no you guys are all wrong. Just buy my book and ill teach you…”

    4. And Trump is doing WHAT? Eliminate ANYONE who does not get with HIS agenda. Trumps traitors don’t want socialism… they want a fascist dictatorship. And a race war. They keep fkn around, they may get it. Don’t they realize that there are people who will shoot back and that THEIR family will be in the line of fire, also.

    5. Who would buy his book! Like the britts like to say his opinion is dribble or whatever dumb word they would use they think makes them sound posh!

  3. Why? Because ignorance is bliss (temporarily) it’s also easier to blame others than work harder to be better yourself

  4. no we wouldn’t be kidding ourselves it’s true you have to work in order to solve a problem

  5. Did the plans not work or were they not implemented? 🤔😐😑 This feels a bit like revisionist history. 😒

  6. Niall Ferguson, I will not be reading your book. 🤣🤣

    We literally have emergency powers for crises. The great cheeto did dic all with it.

  7. Part of why the planned response didn’t work, is because Trump actively removed the playbook when he arrived in the White House. Let’s not kid ourselves about that either.

  8. I guess Niall decided to totally ignore the Chinese response, which starting =form patient zero and with the world’s largest population did very well, and used technology sooner and on a greater scale than Taiwan or Korea. But then, Niall is British and they have a box of axes to grind that stand in the way of objectivity.

  9. “You can always trust Americans to do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else”. Winston Churchill

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