Is Jamaica Ready to go Cashless for Only Digital Banking? TVJ Daytime Live

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  1. We don’t need cashless in a 3rd world country. This is nonesense… most jamaicans don’t even have cash much less fi go cashless. 😏😏😏

  2. It is amazing how Mr. Holiness feels that we ‘must’ be ready to go digital. This is a democracy. You as the Prime Minister have no right to dictate to us what we must or must not be ready for, or must or must not embrace.

  3. El Salvador as a country, adopted Cryptocurrency and unfortunately lost a lot of money when the crypto market crashed. Well, I suppose that ” easy come, easy gone”.

  4. So what when jps turn off the internet,like they always do, so what if a storm come and tears down the light post, and no lights, so what happen to roads vender or small shops

  5. Where I’m from light go out like everyday and sometimes for two days so how things going to be then

  6. Jamaica don’t ready for this system at this moment give it sometime before fully implement it

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