Is Mary Trump Concerned About Whether Trump Will Accept 2020 Election Results? | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. Of course he won’t accept it. Trump has the most fragile ego I’ve ever seen. How his supporters see him as strong is so comical.

    1. I H I mean people like you don’t exactly help the case for all of Trump’s supporters not being stupid. Especially considering a demographic he did well with in 2016 were the non college educated😂

    1. doesn’t mean he won’t try…we’ve been watching him for 4 years now, and what he’s been able to get away with defies reason

  2. Shouldn’t you guys be investigating Trump’s assault on the Post Office regarding Mail-In Ballots???

    1. He just installed his guy as the head of the USPS. Be ready to “lose” those mail-in ballots from Democratic areas.

    2. @sealand000 They should throw them in the trash like the dems do for the military ballots just about every time!

  3. It won’t matter if he accepts the results or not. He’ll have to decide in January between walking out with some dignity, or being dragged out like a toddler.

    1. @Soma Yukihira that video will be on my phone and will show it to my children, grandchildren and grandchildren’s children whiles telling the story of the worst president in the USA history😂😂😂😂😂

    1. We’re all Trump experts not wondering what we could have become experts in had we applied our cognitive energy elsewhere.

  4. I’m pretty sure there are many thousands of Americans that would gladly kick the trumps out of the people’s house…..

    1. @Randy Couch Really then you must be listening to fox news and oann only. 45 is on his way down never to come back up again. 54% of us Independents have pulled away from trump and all the republicans against trump, by the thousands, are moving away from this fool. Get over it , you’re just another loser .

  5. Trump is first and far most, a moral and physical coward. So I don’t necessarily believe that he would refuse to leave office. I do believe that he will definitely threaten to stay in office,  but that will turn out to be a bluff.  I actually believe there is a chance that Trump would resign before election night. Especially as his numbers start to plummet. I say that because as we all know, Trunp is an extreme narcissist, with a very fragile ego. So I’m not sure if his ego and pride could handle officially losing in the election. I can definitely see him bowing out before that happens, just so he can say that he never actually lost to Biden, because he resigned before the election.

  6. He can’t refuse. If Biden wins by 1 vote Trump is no longer the president as of Jan 20th 2021.

    End of story.

    1. Will he force Melania and the rest of them to drink the Orange Koolaid in the White House bunker??

  7. *Stop asking if he’ll accept it! HE HAS NO CHOICE!*
    *Continuing to act like he does is merely empowering his idiocy!*

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure. They might try to dispute the results and de-legitimize the whole election. He has the entire senate basically pandering to his every whim. Don’t forget how Barr is acting a pawn too. They will employ any underhanded tactic they can to stay in power.

    2. @Sairvous Literally everything the dems have been doing, lol as always, you project your actions on others.

  8. Albert Einstein- The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing.

  9. I read her book which was spot-on in describing her uncle’s pathology. I think he looks at Putin as his father and will sell out the country for him to receive approval.

    1. Remember how he was in Helsinki? Like a beta male. I couldn’t believe it. I kept expecting him to drop to his knees and unzip Putin.

    2. James Flynn Putin has something life-altering hanging over Trump’s head. He’ll do whatever daddy Vladdy tells him.

    3. @Connor Kenway I totally agree. White house bugs? Kickbacks or percentage from the bounties? Perhaps he’s related to Melania? Things that make you go hmmm

  10. They have security details to remove ‘Squatters’ from the White House! Don’t be too gentle with those criminals!

  11. Mary is not stupid. Glad to see that not all of the family are strange and out of “bounds”.

  12. Trumps grandfather Frederick, started the Trump family fortune with hookers and alcohol in the Alaska gold rush, Trumps have been dealing in dirty deeds for generations.

  13. The bigger question is: are we the citizens concern whether he’ll leave or not? My answer is NO, we get rid of him “by any means necessary”.

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